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Review: Kai Rose Perfume Oil

I didn’t plan on doing two perfume/fragrance reviews in a row on the blog, but it just happened that way 😀 It’s been a very deliciously scented week so far 😉 Today I have Kai’s newish perfume oil to review for you Beauties. Kai’s original Perfume Oil, was inspired by Hawaii. It’s a simple, just beautifully fresh floral fragrance, with a strong note of Gardenia (read the full review here). The original perfume oil has great sentimental value for me as I bought it right before my holiday to the Cook Islands, so now whenever I wear it, it reminds me of the tropics (just like the Kai’s owner Gaye Straza, intended!). I love anything rose scented, so when this perfume was released in 2017, I didn’t doubt I would love it even before smelling it. And yep, I was right! <3

Transport yourself to an English country garden in summertime with this intoxicating perfume oil, composed of essential oils. Recalling the classic notes of the iconic Kai scent (read: gardenia wrapped in jasmine, lily and tuberose), now layered with a soft and ultra-feminine rose absolute. Housed in a sleek glass vial with a roller ball applicator for fragrance refreshers anytime, anywhere. 

The first thing you notice with the Rose Perfume Oil is that yes, it smells deliciously of roses! However, it’s also a more complex scent compared to the original perfume oil (in my eyes). It also contains notes of magnolia & gardenia, which you pick up if you love the original perfume oil. There is also clove leaf oil, geranium oil and cedar wood oil in the mix. The gardenia stops the perfume oil from being too spicy. It’s a difficult scent to describe, because whilst being ‘fresh’, it is also warming. It warms the heart! There’s millions of rose perfumes on the market, but not many of them actually envoke the feeling you get when walking around a rose garden… to me this scent reminds me of the roses in my mums garden, and the warm sunshine that hits my face when I am walking around and admiring the garden.  For me a perfume should evoke a memory or feeling – a lot of rose perfumes smell like they are trying to convince you of what a rose perfume should smell like. When I’m in a garden, yes you might be smelling a rose, but the time of day and the climate will also impact your senses (and any flora surrounding you too). Plus, there’s thousands of rose varieties, so it really does have to be a personal preference.

The perfume oil is teeny tiny – but – the 7ml will go a long, long way. It’s incredibly strong, so using the roller ball to apply the perfume oil on your skin is perfect. You don’t apply to much and you can control the amount you apply. I have not run out of my original perfume oil and can see one little bottle lasting you months and months, even if you wore it everyday. Is it worth the $70 price tag? I think so 🙂 One application of the perfume oil is noticeable on my skin for hours. It’s as strong as an EDP or perhaps even a touch stronger. An EDP should be noticeable on the skin for 8 plus hours. 20-30% of a perfume is pure perfume oil. I think Kai’s Rose Perfume Oil fits that brief.

The range also includes a traditional Rose EDP scent, Rose Body Lotion & Rose Body Wash. You can find the whole range including the Rose Perfume Oil at Mecca. 

Tip There’s so many perfumes on the market, it be overwhelming and confusing. I try and go into a department with a plan – I have one or two perfumes in mind that I want to test out (after reading about the notes and new releases online). I may try a third new perfume on a whim, but I wouldn’t try and test more than three perfumes in one visit. You need to test the perfume on your skin, to see how your own oils and skin reacts to the fragrance. You would run out of skin very quickly if you wanted to test more then 3 or 4 perfumes, and after a while your senses can become overwhelmed since scents linger and change over time. Plus, can you imagine how many perfumes get sprayed and tested in a confined area of a department store?! It’s not the best place to let scents linger and to make an informed decision. I go home after spraying the perfumes on my skin and by the time I get home, I usually know which perfume is the pick of the two or three and which perfume is ‘seducing’ my mind (I am thinking about it more than the others). Your heart will point you in the right direction, as the scent for you will put you in a good mood put simply! That is how you know what perfume is the winner! 🙂

Is the Kai Rose Perfume Oil one that you would like to test? Do you like traditional rose scents? I love how small the perfume oil is – it is soooo travel friendly, it  is perfect to go on holiday with or to stash in your handbag!

Catch ya next time Beauties,

Beauty Bee~

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