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Review: Kai Perfume Oil

I am back from my holidays beauties and I have so many goodies to share with you! I thought I would start off with the Kai Perfume Oil, which I bought especially for my holidays to the Cook Islands 🙂 I figured that if I use a new scent on holidays, when I use it anytime thereafter, it will remind me of my holidays and have a relaxing effect on me 😀 It’s also small (portable) and you applies with a roller ball (this means you have a lot of control when it comes to application – it won’t accidentally be sprayed on someone standing next to you). Perfect for holidays and for work!


The Kai fragrance was developed by a lady named Gaye Straza. She wanted to find a perfume that smelt like her summers spent in Hawaii. And I think she succeeded 😉 I think for this reason also, it was developed to be simple and not to complicated. Island life isn’t meant to be complicated and stressful!

The perfume oil combines the scents of gardenia, jasmine, plumeria and pikake. Because it is an oil, it is very concentrated. So this little 7ml bottle, should last you months and months and months…. It does leave the skin a little shiny after application (again, because it’s an oil) but because of it’s concentration, applying sparingly is recommended.

To me, it smells very much of gardenia, with maybe a touch of jasmine. It’s not a ‘complex’ perfume, so it won’t suddenly change on you throughout the day because the top notes of the perfume have worn away. Apparently it does still smell different on everyone, because of our skins own chemical composition and heat. My boyfriend really likes this scent on me because it smells so fresh and clean. I know scents are very much personal (and if you don’t like gardenia or jasmine, this will not be for you) but the simplicity has really stolen my heart!


The 7ml is expensive… At Mecca Cosmetica is retails for $70. Because it is long lasting and so concentrated, I think they get away with it 😉 Kai also now does different body products and a more traditional parfum, all containing the same scent. They also do the cutest travel minis, containing body products! I will be keeping this guy in my work and uni handbag, daydreaming of far away places 😉

So what do you think beauties? Is this a scent you would check out? Have you used a perfume oil before? 🙂 Let me know down below!

Catch ya next time,

Beauty Bee~

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