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Review: Jennifer Lopez X Inglot

When I saw that JLO was collaborating on a collection of makeup with INGLOT, I was seriously impressed! :O INGLOT is a Polish makeup brand, known quite well in different parts of the world for creating high quality makeup products targeted towards makeup artists and makeup aficionados. They release seasonal collections, but from what I’m aware, they don’t do the whole celebrity endorsement ‘thing’. I think they always wanted to focus on the makeup and it’s quality, and I can see how a celebrity endorsement can take away from the product and it’s performance (instead, people focus on the name of the star and adverts and not the makeup itself per se…). However, I am seriously impressed that this ‘little home’ brand of mine has recruited such a massive star! And not just any star -but someone who LOVES makeup with a passion. I remember reading JLO’s opening in Scott Barne’s first makeup book and she even graces the cover of the book 🙂 She is also undoubtedly known all over the planet, so on all fronts I think INGLOT has hit the jackpot collaborating Jennifer to create a collection that still reflects their quality but also JLO’s aesthetics. She certainly hasn’t plastered her name on a few token products, but has put together over 70 pieces in a mega collection.

At the same time I was excited for the brand, when I saw the collection online it looked a little… ‘meh’. Lots of neutrals and ‘everyday’ products that didn’t surprise me. There was also almost no swatches ‘out there’ so I parked it in my mind ‘for later’. Then comes along Maxineczka (my favourite and most trusted Polish Youtuber) who does a test of the products in a video. And boy did these ‘everyday’ products not disappoint! She looked so polished and literally had this ‘JLO’ glow about her, so I took the bullet and ordered some things online (I thought I would be to overwhelmed in store). I bought pretty much all the products Maxi had used, because it helped me to navigate the collection.

After decades serving as a muse for the makeup industry and a beauty inspiration for women all over the world, Jennifer Lopez is now stepping behind the scenes and debuting a limited-edition collection in partnership with global beauty brand Inglot Cosmetics. the extensive color line will bring Jennifer’s and Inglot’s shared vision of strong femininity to life and offer women diverse ways to express themselves through beauty. Finally, everyone can now achieve their own authentic “J Lo Glow.”“The capsule collection we created with Inglot is filled with all my go-to products in my favorite colors. We have everything from mascara, lipsticks, eyelashes, blush, eye shadow and of course…bronzers” said Lopez. “What I think is unique and exciting is our Freedom System Palette—which allows you to create your own personalized palette with the specific colors and products that you need. Now you no longer have to buy that 5-piece eyeshadow kit to get the one color you really want!”

Translation of video title: How to Look Like Jennifer Lopez. First Impressions.

I should also mention that I have quite a sentimental spot for JLO 🙂 She reminds me of high school and the ‘good ol’ days’ (yes, I know she’s very much still active and singing, but it’s her first couple of albums and songs that tug at my heart strings!). I also like her way of talking and attitude when she gives interviews. She does seem like she could be the girl next door and your best friend. Anyhoo, that’s just my perception of her. I think she’s very likeable and immaculate when it comes to presentation 🙂

So what did I try from the collection? Let’s take a look!

How young does JLO look on the cover of her first album ‘on the 6’! :O 

There’s so many pieces in the collection, thanks to INGLOT’s ‘Freedom System’ which lets you pick individual powder pans/products (eyeshadows, blush, contour and highlighter) to create your own palette (of varying sizes). What I love about this collection is that they’ve taken regular Freedom System palettes, kept them matte and then embossed this gorgeous geometric design on the cover. JLO’s name is embossed in gold in the centre of the palette and it looks sophisticated and just beautiful… All the powder products from the collection are also embossed with the initials ‘JL’, which is a nice touch (why not!) 🙂

Freedom System Eyeshadow

I bought four eyeshadows (from top to bottom and left to right); Pink Satin #J301, Taupe #J329, Cafe Au Lait #J311 & Olive #J309I believe there are 10 shades in total, in this collection.

Pink satin is a super smooth light pink, ‘pearly’ eyeshadow. Taupe is a medium neutral brown, that has the slightest sheen to it. In the pan it looks like it contains glitter, but this glitter doesn’t really transfer to your eye (it buffs away) so it only leaves the slightest sheen on the skin. You could easily get away with using Taupe as a crease colour or to darken eyeshadow looks without making your eye makeup look too ‘flat’. Cafe Au Lait is the only matte (and one of only 4 matte eyeshadows in the collection – but don’t quote me on that. I think there’s only 3 or 4 mattes eyeshadows in the collection). It is a warm brick brown. Olive, is as you guess it – an olive, khaki green shimmer. The shimmer is subtle though and very, very fine (just like Pink Satin). All the eyeshadows are super buttery and soft. The eyeshadows build upon each other beautifully, so you can create complex eye looks if you desire. If not, even one or two shades will blend seamlessly together. Sometimes with high quality makeup artist focused brands, eyeshadows can be so pigmented that they are hard to blend (and almost stain the skin). You don’t have to worry about Inglot eyeshadows being like this. They blend beautifully and easily, so you always feel like you have a lot of control when you using them (whether you are a pro or not!). That should appeal to a lot of Beauties!

They are incredibly high quality shadows and I can see myself using these for ‘everyday’ makeup looks, as well as more special occasions. You receive 3g of product in every pan, and one eyeshadow pan from the collection will cost you $15 Australian dollars for 2.7g in each pan.

Create show-stopping eyes like Jennifer Lopez with glimmering shades from the Freedom System Eye Shadow DS. Enjoy an extraordinary combination of a matte base and an ultra-sparkling finish. Blend shadows freely and play with buildable colors to achieve a spectacular effect. Created with treated pigments, these eyeshadows boast rich color and a silky touch. The addition of tsubaki oil in our DS Eye Shadows takes extra care of the delicate eye area. Application is effortless while the effect lasts for hours. Try out with other shades to create exceptional looks inspired by Jennifer Lopez. The unique Freedom System allows you to mix and match products and colors to customize palettes of any size.Special Ingredients:• Vitamin E • Tsubaki Oil: Provides long-lasting hydration and protects skin against excessive moisture loss, improves skin elasticity, flexibility and tension

Face Blush

The blush shade I bought is #J121 Blush. There are two other interesting shades to boot, #J127 Rosie (a plum shade) and #J129 Cinnamon (a tan colour, with red undertones from what I can see). I took the ‘safer’ more boring option I admit, but I was going for the ‘sophisticated look’ ok?!? 😛 I just didn’t know if the other two colours would suit fair skin (that I would have to check out in person, to check the undertones). When it arrived I wasn’t all that excited, as it looked like a totally flat warm toned pink blush. I don’t usually go for warm toned blush shades, as they can make me look ‘muddy’. To my surprise, the blush leaves a very subtle sheen on the skin, making skin look healthy and ‘bouncey’ without noticeable shimmer. It’s also not very dark. It looks darker in the pan than it does applied to cheeks and… I really, really like it! It’s definitely more suitable for fairer skin tones than I initially thought. The blush pans cost $22 Australian dollars and contains 6g of product.

Bring out your inner Jennifer Lopez with beautifully emphasized cheeks. Whether you’re going for a romantic look, or choose a pop of color, the formula provides a smooth and blendable application. Touch delicately for a charming blush, or build the color for 3D effect. The matte finish will leave your complexion looking absolutely flawless and fresh with a healthy looking finish.Special Ingredients:• Vitamin E • Sponge Gourd Oil: Moisturizes and smooths, preventing skin from excessive moisture loss thus improving skin elasticity • Treated Pigments

HD Highlighter Trio

There are two colour versions of the ‘Highlighter Trio’, a pinky/champagne/bronze pan (#J141 Gold Dust) and a gold/champagne/bronze (#J143 Silver Dust). I have ‘Gold Dust’. All three colours have a gold pearl/shimmer running through it. The highlighter shades mixed together, retain a pink undertone. I like it, but it’s probably the product I’m least excited about when it comes to all my purchases/products. It’s a subtle highlight (sophisticated) but I think it’s the colour combo that just isn’t winning me over. The highlighters retail for $36 Australian dollars for 7g of product.

Blush, tan, glow! Enhance the natural radiance of your skin by adding highlighter to strategic areas of your face using the Freedom System HD Highlighter Trio. Take advantage of three luminous shades either individually or mixed together for a multi-dimensional luminescence. Build the color to create a dramatic mirror-like effect, or touch lightly for a romantic glow – either way, the radiance lasts for hours! Perfect for adding a final touch to your look, or highlighting a tan. Available in two shades for all skin types.Special Ingredients: • Highlighting Pigments • HD Pigments: Reflect light and hide imperfections • Enriched Mica: Modified to ensure a better adherence with highlighting properties; provides a soft-focus effect to hide wrinkles and imperfections

Swatches from left to right: Eyeshadow Pink Satin #J301, Taupe #J329, Cafe Au Lait #J311, Olive #J309, Blush shade in Blush #J121, HD Highlighter Trio Gold Dust #J141 (shades swatched individually).

Pure Pigment Eye Shadow

Out of the 5 pigment shades available in the collection, I picked Cosmic Glow #J409. It looks like it has a neutral brown base and then gold flecks of glitter. There could also be the slightest lime green pearl in the mix also. It is a beeeeautiful shade and gives you a SUPER glow without a doubt! I absolutely love it and think that most people would be thrilled with the colour. It is not on the subtle side, that’s for sure 😉 It packs a punch and is just… cosmic!

Steal the spotlight with the luminous Pure Pigment Eye Shadow. This highly concentrated loose colored powder consists of almost 90% pure pigment for high-gleam glaze. The formula allows you to customize intensity of the coverage. Try out a delicate romantic shine with lightly shimmering particles or go bold by building the color for a hypnotizing effect. Mix and match colors to make your eyes pop.Special Ingredients:• Sponge Gourd Oil: Moisturizes and smooths, preventing skin from excessive moisture loss thus improving skin elasticity

Livin’ the Highlight 

There are two loose powder illuminators, that have been designed to be used on the face and body. I have the shade Radiant #J201 and it’s a pale gold. There is  one more shade available, Luminous #J203, a bronze illuminator. When Maxi tested Radiant in her Youtube First Impression video, she stated that it was a bit OTT to be used on the face. And I’d probably agree with her. The shimmer is fine, but there not quite as fine as most face highlighters (the pressed highlighters in the collection for example, are more of a fine pearl) and being a loose powder, it’s hard to control. It looks amazing on your collarbones and chest area, so it’ll be a hit in the summer time! I love it.

Above: The ‘bottom’ swatch is the Pure Pigment Eyeshadow in Cosmic Glow #J409 and the top swatch is (the one that looks finer and lighter in colour) Livin’ the Highlight in Radiant #J201.

Am I glad that I bought some pieces from this collection? Yes! Sure, the colours and so forth are probably all colours you’ve seen before (except for maybe the pigments, you may not have something so shiny!) but you will use the shades with delight because they are such great quality.

A makeup look using all products mentioned above, except for the Olive eyeshadow and HD Highlighting Trio (I forgot to apply it! D’oh!). I wish the photo did the eyeshadow and eye pigment justice, but it doesn’t.

If you don’t have an Inglot store near you, don’t fret, you can buy the products online 🙂 A few years ago, the Australian Inglot website didn’t have an online store, but thankfully things have developed in that department! It’s harder in a sense buying makeup online, but you will find a lot more swatches of the products and collection online now that it has been out for a while (and on the website actually, when looking at specific products!). It is a limited edition collection and it was released a few months ago, so if something has caught your eye, I’d suggest getting it before the year ends. I am really happy that they’ve made it available for a decent amount of time. If it were released with seriously low stock and for a short period of time, I wouldn’t have tried anything. I’m so over the hype and the constant limited edition collections we are pushed down our throats. It’s also unfair to not give everyone a chance to try a genuinely good if not amazing product. So kudos to you Inglot and JLO!

Does the collection spark your interest? Have you every tried INGLOT makeup products before (or skincare, I see that’s a new development for them!) In the meantime, I leave you with a little tune 😉

Let me know your thoughts Beauties! And if you were ever a JLO fan (or still are!). I might get a few more pieces from the collection when I can 🙂

Catch ya next time,

Beauty Bee~

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