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Review: Invisible Zinc Tinted Daywear Light SPF 30+

I received this 15ml sample with an issue of Marie Claire a few months ago. I’m most definitely a fan of mineral sunscreens for everyday use on the face (to find out why, check out my sunscreen 101 post here!) so a tinted version is a great idea for slapping on quickly when your in a rush or if you want a low key look.


Everyone knows I’m not a huge fan of BB creams – one of the reasons being because of the shade ranges. I love that this light tinted moisturiser is actually ‘light’ as described and is yellow toned (and not orange). I have quite a neutral skin tone so a light yellow shade blends out nicely, without leaving any major tell tale lines. The texture of the tinted moisturiser is like that of what you would find in a mineral sunscreen – quite a bit thicker than a regular moisturiser. The thicker texture doesn’t make blending out the product with you fingers more difficult though, so that’s a major plus!


The coverage is minimal, like you would expect from a tinted moisturiser. Because I’m used to mixing my regular foundation with as much moisturiser as I need (to get the level of coverage I desire for the given day) I do like sheerer coverage, but this even surprised me with how sheer it is. Below is my before and after shot (how glamorous huh? 😉 ).



Makes me look less pale to, doesn’t it? 😛 The major plus of this product is the tone of the shade, the SPF of course and the formula of the product. Some mineral sunscreen products can be difficult to work with (because of their thicker texture – sometimes almost paste like) but this tinted sunscreen definitely isn’t one of those. Now for the negatives – this tinted sunscreen leaves incredibly shiny. It’s not visible in the photo above, but it is very noticeable after wearing the product for a little while. I like a dewy sheen over matt textures – to me dewy bases look more healthy and youthful. This shine though is way past that natural dewy sheen – it just makes my skin look very very oily. It doesn’t break me out – it’s just the shine of the product. I don’t have very oily skin otherwise. The other big minus is that once applied, it leaves your skin quite ‘sticky’. You would most definitely need some powder over this product to help with both those problems (the shine and stickiness). I was hoping it was a product I could slap on when in a rush (when I’ve slept in for example) but I’m not sure I could forgive the shine and the stickiness (I kept touching my face to see if the stickiness would disappear and I was also just fascinated or stunned that my face could feel so sticky for some reason lol). Would I purchase the full size of the product? No, probably not. It is a superior product in comparison to other mineral sunscreens, but I’m not sure the tinted version as the whole tinted aspect of the product down pat. I will be sticking to the original Invisible Zinc Environmental Skin Protector 🙂

You can find the Invisible Zinc Tinted Daywear in Light on Adore Beauty. They also offer a medium shade.

Have you tried any Invisible Zinc products beauty bees?

Catch ya next time!

Beauty Bee~

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