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Review: Institut Esthederm L’Osmoclean Gentle Deep Pore Cleanser & Osmoclean Lightening B

Ahhh pores sigh… I remember the days when they were all invisible. I wondered back in the day, why everyone would go on about pores and why they were so problematic *scratches head. Now I get it 😅 I’ve mentioned before in my acne updates, that with the reassurance of acne, my pores became more clogged up and noticeable. But even with my acne under control, I think my skin is more sluggish when it comes to exfoliating itself (thank you age 😩) so my pores become clogged more easily and thus noticeable. My exfoliating routine using acids hasn’t changed much and is working for me for the most part, but I needed some oomph 👊 In comes a deep pore cleanser and exfoliating mask! Institute Esthederm is a French salon brand (think Payot, Thalgo… etc.) which you may have never heard of. Well I hadn’t here in Australia but I am one person I guess lol… I heard about the brand and these two products from my favourite Polish Youtuber, Maxineczka, who was raving on about them (raving positively haha!). I had to try them and found a great website to purchase them from. So let me tell you more about these exotic products and whether or not they are worth trying if you have issues with blocked pores 😉😅


This ultra-technical cream embodies Institut Esthederm’s cleansing skincare expertise. An utterly gentle and uniquely effective ritual that cleanses the skin and eliminates impurities deep within the pores. The skin is instantly cleaned to reveal a fresh and radiant complexion.


The cream’s texture brings a unique quality to the product: when the skin is massaged, this supple cream thickens, resists and clings to the skin. Respects the balance of the skin flora. Truly lifts impurities from the skin. Plus Point : absorbs impurities deep within the pores under the effect of massage (deep cleansing emulsion).FOR WHO

All skin types :

– Sensitive or reactive skin : twice a month – Normal skin : once a week – Oily skin, impurities, blackheads : twice a weekHOW TO USE

Apply small dabs over the entire face, including sensitive areas. Massage without pressure using circular motions until the cream thickens and whitens. By “clinging” to the skin it lifts impurities from deep within the pores. Rinse several times.RESULTS

With regular use, the skin’s texture is refined, blackheads are less visible.

This is a really intriguing cleanser. I liked the sound of it because we have moved away from the old school rough, physical face scrubs (think apricot or walnut shell face scrubs) which can damage the skin thanks to the scrubs abrasive, un-symmetrical and rough particles. I’m guessing that the cleansers ‘Osmoclean’ name refers the the cleansers ingredients being able to ‘draw out’ impurities and dirt from pores. I don’t know how they do this precisely because they don’t explain it anywhere in detail but I really do think the cleanser works and does what it says! Just don’t quiz me on the process of osmosis – remember that from your high school science class?!? Barely? Me too 😂😅 There are no grainy particles in this cleanser – it’s totally smooth, so you won’t damage skin by accidentally tearing it (a horrifying thought… 😰😧).

The cleanser has a thick, white cream texture. You apply the cleanser to dry skin and massage it into the skin until it thickens under your fingers. You will start to feel the cleanser turn pasty – so much so, it becomes difficult to spread/massage over your skin. I would say I massage the cleanser into my skin for about 30 seconds until it thickens? Once the cleanser has been rinsed off using lukewarm water, skin is left feeling super clean and soft. I’ve avoided deep pore cleansers in the past because they can be harsh on your skin and leave it feeling stripped. Cleansing is generally very damaging to the skin because it can disturb that very important protective moisture barrier on your skin. I would say that this deep pore cleanser is definitely more gentle than any other one I’ve tried in the past. Yes, it’s no where as moisturising as a cream cleanser, but my skin doesn’t feel like the Sahara after use – it feels supple and soft. It’s a hard balance to find if you are trying to ‘suck out’ all of that gunk that could be in your pores (sorry for the imagery!). The L’Osmoclean cleanser does a wonderful job at finding this balance I think. The cleanser includes oat amino acids in the formula, I also love that it’s suitable for sensitive skin, it just needs to be used less often. I try and use it about twice a week in the evenings so I can apply nourishing skincare products afterwards. I don’t use it to remove my makeup of course as it just wasn’t designed to do that – so definitely use a seperate makeup remover beforehand if you have been wearing makeup. I also don’t use it with my Foreo cleanser, because I can’t imagine that would be pleasant (you need to feel the texture of the cleanser under your fingers so you know when to rinse it off).

Because I use this cleanser sort of in tandem with the Buffing Mask and because I introduced the  two products into my routine at the same time – I will tell you about the effects of these products on my blocked pores/blacheads at the end of the review 🤫😊

OSMOCLEAN LIGHTENING BUFFING MASK 75 MLThe cleansing power of a lavish cream mask and grain-free scrub in an incredibly gentle formula. Helps to lighten and even out the complexion.ACTIONEliminates dead cells, refines the skin’s surface, tightens pores. Respects the balance of the skin flora.FOR WHOAll skin types.HOW TO USEApply in a thick, even layer to the whole face, neck and décolleté. Leave on for a few minutes, then use the scrub, rinse and dry. Once or twice a week.


The skin’s surface is refined. The complexion is visibly lighter and more even.

An exfoliating buffing mask! What is a buffing mask? After applying the mask to your skin and leaving it on for a few minutes to do ‘it’s thing’, you don’t just rinse the mask off. Instead, you first ‘rub’ the mask and product around your face. The mask should be kinda dry and chalky when you do this. The mask doesn’t exfoliating beads, so again, it won’t damage skin. It also isn’t a ‘lightening’ mask in the traditional sense where it’s designed to ‘lighten your skin tone by a few shades’. No, no, no! It’s ‘lightening’ because when your skin is freshly exfoliated and the circulation in your face has been boosted, your skin tone is more even as a result of this. Dead skin cells and dirt can make your skin look patchy and uneven.

The buffing mask is designed like the Gentle Deep Pore Cleanser, in that the mask ‘draws out impurities’. The mask also contains kaolin clay, which is brilliant for drawing out impurities. To offset the dryness of kaolin, it also contains glycerin which is smart 😉 It also contains boldo, an exotic plant from Chile! I have no idea what it does for our skin, but I wanted to mention it 😂😅

The mask leaves skin feeling soft and exfoliated. I probably leave the mask on for about 2-3 minutes before rubbing it off and rinsing. I still use acids even after using the mask, because the mask is gentle. I don’t use the mask and the Deep Pore Cleanser on the same night because I feel like it would be too drying for my skin. So I use the mask on an alternate night, about once a week. I originally thought both products are an identical texture and consistency, but then when I was comparing them side by side for this post, it’s clear that the cleanser is a much thinner consistency. The Buffing Mask is thicker and more yellow.

I’ve been using both products for about a month or two now and I can confidently say that my blocked pores have reduced by a minimum of 50%. That’s massive!!! 🙌🙌🙌 Especially when you are trying everything and anything but nothing makes such a significant difference. It happened slowly but consistently. I really love these products. In the beginning because they are so similar in consistency and how they work, I thought that maybe one product out of the two would do the job but now I’m convinced that they both balance and complement each other. Sure, if blocked pores and blackheads aren’t a big issue for you – one product out of the two would suffice, but I see the benefits of each product. Remember also that consistency is key when it comes to skincare and seeing results. You really need to give products at least 30 days of use to decide whether or not they work for you.

I bought my two Institut Esthederm products from Cocoon Centre, a British French pharmacy. You can pay in lots of different currencies and they ship via courier, but it’s not incredibly expensive. I have also just found that Beauty Bay also sell Institut Esthederm products! Cocoon Centre is a little cheaper, but Beauty Bay offers free worldwide shipping if you spend over $50 AUD. The Gentle Deep Pore Cleanser retails for about $37 AUD and the Buffing Mask around $43 AUD. I would love to try more Institut Esthederm products, so stay tuned and I’m sure you will hear about anything that I try soon 😊

Would you love to try these two products Beauties? Do you struggle with blocked pores? Let me know in the comments below!

Catch ya next time,

Beauty Bee~

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