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Review: Hand Creams!

I wanted to show you beauty bees three hand creams which been helping me out a bit during this winter!


The newest addition to my collection is Avon’s Clinical Luminosity Hand Cream with SPF 15.  This one really intrigued me because you don’t often find hand creams with spf in them (even though it makes sense to add it in!) and it also happened to be on sale 😛 I bought mine for $15 reduced from $30. Not bad eh? It’s a really good alternative to Clinique’s Even Better Dark Spot Correcting Hand Cream SPF 15 (which retails ay $45 Aus by the way!)

From what I can understand of the ingredients, it contains glycolic acid (great for cell turnover and renewal – so it will exfoliate all those dry crusty bits of skin off – sorry for the imagery! ), glycerin (great for hydration), shea butter, soybean seed extract & soybean oil, silica, pomegranate juice, carrot root extract (sounds exotic), sunflower seed exract, retinol (it doesn’t say how much, but its quite far down the list so probably not much, but hey at least it’s something), grape fruit extract, beta carotene and L-Aspartic Acid which Avon claims to even out discolouration. Couple of random ingredients thrown in there but it doesn’t sound to bad at all!

It has a ‘medium’ texture, not to light but not to heavy. The cream sinks in rather quickly and doesn’t leave your hands sticky. It also has a subtle smell which is quite fresh smelling, nothing to overpowering (I’m terrible at describing smells). I obviously don’t have a problem with discolouration on my hands so I can’t say if it works, but the spf and other ingredients can’t hurt to keep all of those things at bay! My mum really like the hand cream as well. Remember, the skin on your hands, neck and decolletage is very thin and can get damaged easily. These areas a lot of the time are also neglected, so sun damage (like sun spots and wrinkles) becomes very prevalent and visible much quicker.


The second hand cream is Avene Cold Cream Hand Cream. It is said to nourish and protect. As with all Avene products, the star ingredient is their thermal spring water. The ingredient list is all in French so I’m not going to be very helpful there (I bought the product from France) but I can make out that it also contains beeswax, paraffin, glycerin and that’s about it from me in terms of the ingredients…

It also has a more ‘medium’ texture but it has a very distinctive smell… It’s not the nicest scent ever created in France I can tell you that, but I probably can’t describe it very well to you. It does linger a bit also, so if you are sensitive to smells you probably won’t like this. My boyfriend absolutely hates the smell of this, so I only use it at home so I don’t offend anyone (my dogs don’t seem to mind lol). It seems to leave quite a decent protective layer on your hands (but isn’t greasy or sticky) so it would probably be perfect if its super cold, rainy or snowing, especially if your planning on wearing gloves. I probably won’t be repurchasing this as I think Neutrogena’s Norwegian Formula hand cream would work in a similar way but without the smell (now that hand cream leaves a more noticeable protective layer on your hands, but if you are going out in extreme weather that’s what you want I guess!).


The last hand cream is Bioderma’s Repair Hand Cream for dry and damaged hands. I really like this hand cream. It’s pretty light considering it’s a hand cream for dry and damaged hands but it still feels like it sinks in and nourishes/moisturises your hands well.  I’d actually say that it is the lightest of the three hand creams in texture. It also has a very faint scent, but it smells pretty fresh which is nice. It has similar ingredients to the Avene hand cream (all the ingredients are in French again, so from what I can make out) glycerine, paraffin, and brown algae extract (random – I googled the latin name in the ingredients list so I didn’t just make that one up!).


I definately rate/like the Avon hand cream and the Bioderma hand cream. I would and probably will, repurchase both. I won’t bother repurchasing the Avene hand cream because why would I? The other two do a great job at moisturising my hands without leaving a lingering unpleasant smell. I want to throw a hand cream into my bag and not worry that the smell will offend the person sitting next to me (whether its in the office or on the train). I’m not very sensitive to smells, but I do agree that this scent is very strong. Now if it smelled like strawberries than maybe I could get away with it, but its way to strange to get away with it.

Have you tried any of these? What’s your current or favourite hand cream? I post up my current beauty favourites on Facebook , so join me on there to!

See you next time beauty bees!

Beauty Bee~

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