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Review: Hair Supplements (Blackmores Nails Hair & Skin Health)

I have naturally very fine hair. While this has some positives (like styling and drying my hair takes no time at all) it also has some (or quite a few) negatives. Growing my hair past my shoulders is really difficult. The ends of my hair get damaged very easily even though I don’t put them through to much pain (I colour my hair, but only at the roots and I don’t style it using heat to often) anything to make my hair stronger and healthier is a winner in my books! The other thing I notice, as many of you would, when I’m under more stress then usual my hair becomes weaker and falls out more easily. Ruling out any major illnesses etc. I decided to take some supplements to help the issue. I already use good shampoos, conditioners and treatments (including a scalp treatment – the new Kerastase Initialise Scalp and Hair Concentrate) so this I thought would be an extra bit of ka-pow!

Now I chose Blackmores Nails, Hair & Skin Health. Most hair supplements share the same core ingredients (for good reason) – Silica, Horsetail, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Zinc, Betacarotene and Biotin. I chose this hair supplement because it had all the core ingredients known to be good for hair growth and nutrition. It also had a decent amount of Silica, which was a plus for me (25mg for anyone who is interested). I didn’t want to take silica on it’s own as I figured that taking other micro elements and herbs would be more beneficial and comprehensive. I take two a day and have just started my second bottle (one bottle lasts you one month if you are taking two tablets a day as prescribed on the bottle).

Now here is some interesting information you may not know – the full cycle of your hairs growth lasts about TWO YEARS. So to see the effects of all these treatments and especially the hair supplements  takes a while. Who am I kidding, it takes months! You should start to see a difference in about 3 months. However, the bigger improvement should be noticeable from about 6 months. A dermatologist told me that you should then stop taking the supplements for a month after you reach the 6 month mark and then take them again for 6 months. This advice is more for those that have really big issues with hair loss, however I think that advice is worth noting for everyone, as you are not going to see the results you expect (stronger and luscious shiny healthy locks) after only two months. If there’s no real improvement after 6 months and definitely not after 12 months (and you are still experiencing a concerning amount of hair loss) then you really should go see your doctor as you could have hormonal issues or some other medical problems.


All in all, I’m hoping to have stronger and healthier hair. I think that even a small improvement would be a big difference for my hair (mind you, it isn’t completely destroyed or ratty but I know that everyday stressors and environmental damage don’t help) so I’ll be in it for the long haul!  I’ll update you on my progress again later on down the track. I actually also really wanted to try the L’Oreal Inneov Hair Supplements as they have a range that is for weak falling out hair which is also coloured (bonus! Unfortunately from what I know you can only get these in Europe but I’m sure that you could order them online from a chemist based in Europe) but I decided to hold off on it as it has some of the ingredients already listed in my Blackmores supplements (I don’t want to overdoes on zinc or whatever) so if I get bored I may try them after I hit the 6 month mark with these. We will see. I discovered an online Polish chemist which ships to Australia, so I am eyeing off some products as we speak :P.

Have you tried hair or skin supplements before? I also take Fish oil, Flaxseed oil and Rosehip capsules on a regular basis if anyone is interested!

I will be keeping you posted on my progress, until next time! Keep touch with me on Facebook!

Beauty Bee

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