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Review: Gorgeous Cosmetics Prism Powder Highlighter

I loooove highlighters. They just bring so much light and magic back into your skin, I almost feel like they are magical* But at the same time, a lot of highlighters can be garish and instead of making your skin looks healthy from within, they make your skin look unnatural and harsh – so not what we want.


I wanted to try the Gorgeous Cosmetics Prism Highlighter because it looked so soft, pink and delicate. I had never tried anything from Gorgeous Cosmetics before this highlighter, so my hopes were high! As an Australian, higher-end makeup brand, they aren’t super well known and I think this is because they only have a few stand alone (flagship) stores and aren’t sold in many retailers – however they been around for a while and are branching out – not only can you buy their products from their own official website, but other e-retailers have also taken them on board (like Adore Beauty, where I bought my highlighter from!).


Here is what Gorgeous Cosmetics say about their Prism highlighter:

Prism’s multi-dimensional reflective properties give you a sophisticated shimmer. This transparent and pearlised, luminous powder gives skin a gorgeous subtle sheen. Prism’s soft particles are so finely milled that they reflect and diffuse the light, reducing the appearance of imperfections. Use as a highlighter to create catwalk cheek bones and backstage brows, by sweeping delicately along cheek and brow bones. 12gms.”


 The black rubber packaging feels nice and sturdy. I like that the packaging is simple, yet well made. I love the embossed ‘Gorgeous’ in the pan – beautiful simplicity! The powder itself is indeed, super finely milled. You can see really teeny tiny sparkles in the pan, but nothing scary. The light pink colour of the powder itself should work for most skin tones as there is some translucency to it. The sparkles do show up on the skin, but because they are so very fine and because the pink shade is almost a translucent neutral pink – the highlighter is very subtle in regards to it’s effect. The powder doesn’t have a strong reflective quality to it, I would almost describe it like a ‘diffuser’ of light rather than a ‘highlighter’ in the traditional notion of the word. Because of it’s pink tone, I wouldn’t use this as an all over powder, but if you are very pale or fair, you could get away with using this guy as a blush.

Those of you who are scared of highlighters and all that can go wrong with them, would love this powder so much, because it really is fool proof. I tried to pack on the highlighter in the photos below, but it doesn’t build up after a certain point. Not all highlighters need to be super reflective, and it does give you that sophisticated, ‘expensive’ skin look which many beauties will love!


 Above: A swatch of Gorgeous Cosmetics Prism Highlighter.

 I think it’s worth having a more subtle and natural looking highlighter in your kit – I personally don’t think that all highlighters have to sparkle (lighter shades of powders or cream will also highlight the high points of your face) and with Prism, you get the best of both worlds, a very subtle shimmer, which is still totally sophisticated and almost undetectable. It all depends on what mood you are in and what look you are going for. Prism is perfect for day time looks and even work. The other highlighter I recently reviewed for you beauties was the Bikor Kyoto Highlighter, which has a pearly sheen to it, more reminiscent of a traditional highlighter (but not over the top or garish – I just love it) and below you can see the powders next to each other and their swatches.



Above L-R: Gorgeous Cosmetics Prism Highlighter and Bikor Cosmetics Kyoto Highlighter


Above: I tried to capture the Gorgeous Cosmetics Prism Powder Highlighter on my cheeks, but as you can see, it’s so subtle it is difficult to capture on camera. Perfect for that ‘no makeup, makeup look’! 

Even though it is a very subtle highlighter, it is still beautiful and I’m glad I bought it. This highlighter will set you back $49 and if you buy it from Adore Beauty, free postage is included with every order!

Have you tried any products from Gorgeous Cosmetics beauties? Are you a fan of subtle highlighters or are you into the more reflective highlighters?

Catch ya next time!

Beauty Bee~

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