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Review: Eye of Horus Sheba Mystical Palette

I’ve reviewed a couple of Eye of Horus products, but in case you didn’t see those reviews, Eye of Horus is an Australian brand specialising in eye makeup products. They base their ‘cosmetic recipes’ on ingredients and products that Ancient Egyptians used (us ancient history nerds are just salivating at the news!) but of course everything is animal cruelty free. My favourite product of theirs is the Goddess Mascara . Could these shadows beat that amazing review? Let’s see!

First of all, the packaging is really distinct and fitting. The palette holds three eyeshadows,and the palette is sturdy cardboard. It’s also light, which is great if you travel a lot.



One of the great features of the palette is that if you run out of one shade, you can buy a replacement eyeshadow and just lift out the eyeshadow pan from the packaging. It’s environmentally friendly and economical – bonus! The three shadows from left to right are Enchantress (a very pale shimmery gold), Royal Abyss (a mid-toned eggplant purple shimmer) and Artifact (a mid-toned shimmery peach).


You also receive a double ended brush, but like with most free brushes, it’s not the greatest. Let’s look at the eyeshadows a little closer, since they are what we are here for 😛


Above: Enchantress. A very light, shimmery gold. The shimmer particles are very fine, so you won’t find any glitter here! It’s very gorgeous and very shiny/reflective 🙂 It’s quite pigmented which is great for a lighter coloured shadow.


Above: Royal Abyss. A mid toned eggplant purple, shimmer. This shade is no where as shimmery as Enchantress. It’s the darkest shade in the palette, but it’s not a very dark shade like you would imagine.


Above: Artifact. A mid toned, peach shimmer. A really unique shade that’s nicely pigmented and not to shimmery. It has a nice sheen to it, but no big shimmer particles.

All the shadows are nicely pigmented which is really nice to see and use. They are soft, easy to blend and surprisingly very long lasting. When I swatched the shadows on the back of my hand and then tried to rub the shadow off, it was really difficult to remove! You know that these won’t just fade into nothing, especially if you wear a primer underneath. The shadows and colours last and are true to what you find in the pan. If anything, if you do want a darker shade you can’t build them up to much (like with the purple shade, Royal Abyss) which is a shame, so keep that in mind. You can also use the shadows wet, which does intensify the colours. If you are looking for some very long lasting, unique shades, these are for you! The shades would look beautiful alongside green or hazel eyes.


The palette retails for $49, which equals to about $16 per shadow. You do get quality, buttery eyeshadows that blend well and last, so I think the price fits. If anything, because the shades are so unique, if you think you will find a use for them (I’m not sure that everyone would use them all the time) than it’s a bargain! If you would like to check them out or buy them, you can from the beautiful people of Eye of Horus online. I wanted to show you a look with these eyeshadows, but my camera washed out the colours to much 🙁 Eye of Horus has three palettes all up but it’s a little hard to see the shadows online as there’s no swatches unfortunately or clear images, so I hope this review helps! They really need to show the shades online as it would be a shame if people passed them up because they couldn’t see them on the website. I still like their mascara and eyeliners a touch better, but these still get an A!

Do these shades ‘speak to your heart’? 😛 Let me know if you would use these shadows!

Catch ya next time beauty bees!

Beauty Bee~

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