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Review: Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara & Goddess Pencil in Teal Malachite

I was a very lucky beauty bee again! 😀 I won a little (but awesome) prize pack from the wonderful beauty bees of Eye of Horus. You might have realised by now that I love supporting smaller companies that rely on word of mouth and great reviews over million dollar marketing campaigns. And even more so if they are an Australian brand! Eye of Horus is exactly one of those brands, specialising in eye makeup products. Thanks to a competition on Facebook (like me on Facebook here to stay up to date on my favourite brands and competitions they may be running – and you may be a lucky beauty bee to!) I was able to try out their famous mascara (the first ever product they created) and a gorgeous teal liner. Oh and I received a pair of sunnies also! Take a look!


Don’t they look fabulous?!

I’ve tried a couple of more ‘natural’ mascaras and I’ve never been very impressed. I usually stick to my Diorshow Blackout mascara as it’s gives me a lot of volume and doesn’t let me down. This mascara is most definitely more lengthening rather than volumising and I’m surprised at how much I like it! I have naturally quite long lashes with a natural curl in them. They are maybe long, but they are lighter at the ends so I need something to give them difinition.  Because this mascara separates the lashes sooo nicely and darkens them – it does exactly that! Definition and length to your hearts content! The brush has rubber tips, which are quite short but get longer towards the end/tip of the brush. This catches and brushes out your outer lashes beautifully.


Without an eye lash primer, I’m left with defined, dark and long lashes. One or two coats and I have natural looking lashes with definition. A few more coats and my lashes get longer without getting clumpy or looking over done. Below is a photo of my natural lashes (hard to see the length of them in this photo, but you can see how I would need DEFINITION!) and then with a couple of coats of the Eye of Horus Mascara.



Now, because I crave that additional volume, I’m very into my mascara primers. At the moment I’m using Clinique’s Lash Building Primer (one of my favourites alongside Dior’s lash priming serum) and the Eye of Horus Mascara works wonderfully on top of the primer as well. I still get that gorgeous length, but I also get some more volume 🙂 Don’t ask me how this photo turned out to be on such an odd angle!


As you can see, the mascara still works wonderfully on its own and you really cannot go wrong with it. I love that the price of the mascara is mid-range, so maybe a little more than a ‘drug store’ mascara but still a worthwhile treat! The quality is most definitely there. Oh – may I also add that I ran out to the letterbox while it was raining and the mascara did not. budge. a. millimetre. It doesn’t flake or smudge or end up on the tip of your nose! For those of you with added sensitive eyes, or if you like to know precisely what’s in your cosmetics, the ingredient list is fab!


11 ingredients! Do you know how rare that is?! To demonstrate a point, I took a photo of the ingredient list of a Maybelline mascara I recently bought (I bought a waterproof mascara for an upcoming holiday and will do a review for you later). Now this isn’t to say that Maybelline or other mascaras shouldn’t be used or are intrinsically bad for you – they are all clinically tested etc and are safe to use, but if you have sensitive eyes or if you are allergic to any particular ingredients, you may want to find a mascara that uses alternative ingredients that are more easy to identify.


A much longer list no? No idea what most of those ingredients are either!

The mascara will set you back 35 Schmackos (or monies) and you can find it online here from the beautiful people of Eye of Horus.

I also wanted to show you a swatch of the gorgeous teal liner I won. The colour is called Teal Malachite and it’s almost a metallic shade. I can’t describe to you how soft the pencil is. It sets and is totally smudge proof and waterproof (I’m also guessing it’s lick proof – in case your dog has a go at you!). The colour is sooo vivid and bright, I just can’t wait to get my paws on some more colours! There’s also a smudgy sponge end on the liner for smoking/softening out the colour should you wish to do so. When I use the pencil in a makeup look, I will let you know and have a peak 🙂


The pencils retail for $30 Aus monies and you can find them here along with the other colours available. Hello Serpentine and Emerald Tebula!

Have you tried any Eye of Horus makeup before? If you haven’t, are you tempted now? 😉

Catch ya next time beauty bees!

Beauty Bee~

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