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Review: Evodia Australia Fragrance Mists in ‘Outback’ & ‘Garden’ ☀️🐨🦘

Ahhh fragrance mists! They remind me of my teenage years. When you didn’t have the money for something fancy, but wanted to ‘be’ fancy LOL Truth me told, since high school, I don’t think I’ve used a fragrance mist. I know ‘colognes’ are a little similar to fragrance mists; colognes generally have a concentration of 2-4% of oils. Not a whole lot, hence the last on the skin rough 2 hours or less. I tried a Jo Malone cologne for the first time a year or so ago and I really enjoyed it. The scent lasted on my skin really well, so when I was gifted the Evodia fragrance mists, I was very happy! 😄💦✌️ Mists probably have even less oils in them than colognes, but there’s no standard concentration for mists that I could find. What attracts me to the idea of mists, is how light and fun they are. They don’t ‘suffocate’. They are just refreshing!

Evodia Australia from what I can tell, have recently gotten a makeover and have simplified their range of products. They used to make a lot of scented body care products similar to Crabtree and Evelyn. I remember they were sold in Myer (a department store) and pharmacies. Today, they have wound everything back a bit and have gone back to ‘basics’ and what they know best. They are inspired by the ‘Australian way of life’ for their fragrances. Think relaxed, carefree and close to nature (Australian landscapes too). Australian botanicals form the basis of their compositions, so think; desert lime, rosella flower and Kangaroo paw flower 🌸🌼🌷🦘 At the moment they have four mists; Outback (Oriental), Garden (Floral), Beach (Fresh) and Rainforest (Woody). They also make hand creams in all four scents. Today I will introduce you to two out of the four fragrances, Outback and Garden.

Outback Fragrance Mist, with Bergamot, Amber & Patchouli 

OUTBACK FRAGRANCE MIST With bergamot, amber, patchouli100mLA warm, exotic fragrance, heated by amber, enlivened with bergamot and deepened by natural patchouli.

This fragrance mist surprised the hell out of me. Oriental scents are generally just not for me. I see them as being heavy (really heavy), overpowering, spicy and warm. They are overwhelming. But not this mist! I think it’s because even before spraying the mist, it conjures up scenes of the outback ☀️🌵🦘 So I think of the outback where the air can be heavy, but it can be fresh too… Where the sun warms your skin and the scenery is harsh with pops of green…

When I first spray ‘Outback’ I’ms surprised at how fresh it is. The first note you smell is definitely bergamot. It’s mostly fresh and just a touch floral. As time goes on, you start picking up warming notes of amber and patchouli. They feel warm and a little spicy, but still light. It’s such a beautiful scent. It really does remind me of the outback now and summer days. I would have never thought that this scent would be for me and yet I can say that I now love it!

The mist lasts amazing well on my skin. I probably get about 3 hours wear out of the mist (where I can still smell it on myself). I love that you can also be a little more liberal with a mist and you don’t have to worry about suffocating yourself or your neighbours LOL

GARDEN FRAGRANCE MIST With rose, pomelo, patchouli100mLA bright, floral fragrance, vibrant with rose and citrus, blossoming with geranium, grounded in natural patchouli.

Garden is a more traditional floral scent. The first note I pick up however, is the fruity pomelo notes (pomelo is a citrus fruit, sort of similar to a grapefruit). It then settles into a fragrance of traditional rose. As time goes on, the scent becomes more and more ‘powdery’, almost as if there was musk in the mix (even though there’s not). I suppose like with most rose scents you will either love or hate it. I would have loved had the pomelo had a larger ‘role’ in this scent. Maybe it doesn’t work that way and you need a more punchy base note to make the scent balanced. Rose and patchouli is a classic mix, so if you know someone who loves rose scents, you can’t really get it wrong with the Garden Mist! 🌹🌹🌹

Again, the Garden Mist lasts about three hours on my skin. Do take note and remember that in humid or hot conditions make all perfumes and mists (and the oils in them) evaporate more quickly. When the evaporate more quickly however, the scents can seem more intense than they’d otherwise be. The great thing with a mist is that you can be more liberal with your application and they are much cheaper than perfumes.

The Evodia Fragrance Mists come in frosted glass bottles with silver finishes. Both the packaging and because they are ‘mists’ remind me of the 90s 😛 (I LOVE the 90s!). I automatically think of the CK One perfume by Calvin Klein – that perfume was EVERYWHERE in the 90s and as a kid, was the epitome of sophistication in m mind LOL. So I really like the mists packaging. It’s simple and classic. I like the simplicity of their labels and how the range of products and fragrances is structured.

It’s tricky to buy people perfumes as gifts unless you know what perfume someone wants. Perfumes are so subjective and personal (you wear them on your body after all) and the require commitment – you apply them to your skin and they last for hours and hours. Mists on the other hand are less tricky and a little bit more fun. For that reason, if you buy someone a mist as a gift, it’s more forgiving. I could see these mists being the perfect gift for a Beauty you may know a little bit about, but not everything. An older neighbour perhaps, a teenager or even a co-worker. Because there’s only four Evodia fragrance mists, that also simplifies the process of choosing a mist for someone. I haven’t smelt the other two mists; Beach and Rainforest. I can already imagine what they may smell like however 😊💦🌿

Each mist fragrance can be also purchased in a roll on perfume or hand cream. The mists are tricky to find online, which I think Evodia need to work on asap (I can’t actually find how much they retail for – but I would guess it’s less than $20 AUD each for 100ml). Looking online, I found their roll on perfumes and hand creams available online at Super Pharmacy. I gather they are available at a lot of chemists and pharmacy’s and they’ve got a store locator on their website, but there needs to be a place where they are easy to pick up online.

Would I pick up the other two fragrance mists? I would! I think they are a bit of fun and wonderfully refreshing. I would also pick them up as a gift in a heartbeat! Let me know what you think about these fragrance mists Beauties, and whether or not they would be something that you would pick up!

Catch ya next time,

Beauty Bee~

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