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Review: Erborian CC Creme

I’ve been a bit ‘suss’ of BB, CC and DD cream (yes DD creams do exist! *Shakes head*). Mainly because I believe that if a product claims to ‘do it all’ then it doesn’t do one thing particularly well. I like my base to look very natural and luminous, hence this CC cream suckered me in. This is what the Erborian website says about the product:

“Creme HD a la Centella Asiatica by Erborian is the first ‘high definition’ radiance skin perfector and treatment in one, made in Korea. This ultra-fine texture is concentrated in CC pigments, a new generation of ‘Colour Controlling’ pigments. These high-tech pigments melt on the skin, to reveal luminous complexion, freshness and radiance. Enriched in Centella Asiatica, a botanical active from the Korean pharmacopea, CC Creme HD a la Centella Asiatica prevents the first signs of ageing, moisturises, enhances your skin and helps diminish imperfections. Your skin is luminous, radiant, more perfect, simply and naturally. Apply in thin layer like your daily moisturizer, before makeup. ”



Now I had found out from the Bellabox Facebook page that the CC cream doesn’t have a tint to it, so it comes out ‘clear’. Because the creme is supposed to have colour controlling pigments in it, my imagination got ahead of me and I thought it would have light illuminating coloured pigments in the creme (like green, purple, pink etc). Those kind of pigments would even out redness, brighten up dull skin etc especially under your regular makeup. Unfortunately I was wrong. Yes, the cream comes out of the tube ‘clear’ or white-ish and it does look like there is some illuminating pearly pigments in there – but – it’s one of those creams that once blended onto the skin ‘turns’ into your skin tone or whatever. Now one creme cannot be a fit for all. It must release pigment due to the heat on your skin or the rubbing in motion, because it is not my skin tone.



The creme is to yellow for my skin tone (and I have a neutral skin tone, so it really is quite yellow). Which means that if I wanted to wear this CC creme on it’s own, it leaves me with racoon eyes because I don’t take the product onto my eye area and you can see quite visibly where the application of the creme has ended. Because I wanted to use this on its own, quickly apply it before heading out, I’m not going to spend time blending it down my neck etc to try and convince people that it is my skin tone (I don’t recommend this at all, if you want to have a darker skin tone or look more sun kissed, then that’s what bronzer is for). It does look ok under foundation. And I do like that it has such high sunscreen protection (it actually smells like sunscreen when you apply it, that traditional sunscreen smell you remember as a kid going to the pools or beach- which I personally don’t mind). Down below you can see the CC cream blended out on the right side of my hand with my left hand side left bare.


Does it make you look more illuminated if worn under makeup? Maybe a little, yes. So essentially I will use it as a primer under makeup if I’m bothered. I’m a bit bummed because it’s not exactly what I wanted and I had such high hopes for this product. I doubt that I will try any other BB/CC/DD creams in the future, but then again, you never know what might catch your eye 😉 I would like to try some more Erborian products though, so we will see!

I bought the creme from the Bellabox website, however you can also purchase it from the official Erborian website. It costs $59 Aus monies.

I might do a post soon about my favourite base makeup products if you are interested 🙂

Have you found any BB/CC or DD products that you love? If you have let me know and come say hi to me on my Bookface page *waves*!

Beauty Bee~

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