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Review: Emma Lewisham Skin Reset Concentrated Pigmentation Serum & Skin Shield SPF 30 🌸🌻🌿💛?

Ahhh pigmentation… the bane of my existence LOL. While pigmentation is annoying and I do suffer from it, I don’t obsess over it (giving it that power). There are after all so many other more terrible misfortunes in the world. In saying that, it doesn’t mean it’s bad to try and remedy something that you dislike. For me my pigmentation has gotten worse recently (check out my pigmentation story here). It’s extra annoying because I am getting married later this year. On days off or if I’m working from home, I’m more than comfortable to not wear makeup and be ‘a la me’ ☺️💕 however, when I’m working and going into the office, I always wear makeup. It makes me look more polished and gives me another ‘layer’ of confidence. It is difficult to cover up pigmentation, so if I can treat it I will. So what to do?

I recently went to see a Dermatologist for my pigmentation and it turns out that I have a type of Melasma (hormonal pigmentation). I received a script for a strong lightening cream made up by a compounding chemist, and I use that treatment at night (more on that in a few weeks time on the blog!). During the mornings however, I use an over the counter serum. Usually it would be a vitamin C serum 🍊 (my favourite for the mornings!) but for the past 3 months or so, I’ve been using something a little different… A brand new type of pigmentation fighting serum made by Emma Lewisham 🌿🌸💧

Emma Lewisham is a ‘Kiwi’ (New Zealand) skincare brand, made by Emma herself! If you put your name on your products (and it’s your ‘brand’) you would want the products to be fabulous right?! So I think Emma is not only brave for doing this, but extra determined and confident that she has put her very best and her heart into these products. I think that in itself is pretty special 💕 So what is the philosophy or story behind the brand? To cut the story short, Emma suffered from pigmentation like many of us. To complicate things she was also pregnant and was worried about using some of the popular products that could be bought over the counter (due to some synthetic ingredients). She wanted a serum that was packed full of powerful natural extracts and ingredients, that really worked in the fight against pigmentation. So she decided to make the serum that she dreamed of herself!

Now if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll remember that I’m not a die hard fan of all green beauty brands. I find a lot of them to be ineffective (natural ingredients can vary drastically in quality and thus aren’t always effective), unsustainably made (exploiting some ingredients to the point of putting them at risk) and full of terrible marketing (which obviously works but is full of fear inducing semantics). However, I love the environment and anything we can do to make our footprint smaller including through our skincare and makeup habits, the better! What I really admire in Emma’s philosophy or the way they do things, is that they are doing incredibly innovative things with both their formulas and their packaging. It’s not just fluff to look good on the outside, but also on the inside. Not only is there a hyper-pigmentation fighting serum but also sunscreens in her range ☀️⛱ Most hyper-pigmentation is caused by the sun, so it makes sense that you would want to treat the pigmentation, but also prevent it from developing in the future.

Skin Reset Concentrated Hyperpigmentation Serum 100% natural & 100% effective – a new standard in beauty.  Outperforms cosmeceuticals and high-end synthetic brightening creams*Our internationally award-winning Skin Reset is a breakthrough in clean, natural skincare. It’s truly 100% clean, luxurious and delivers tangible, visible results. Clinically it is proven to deliver more results than cosmeceutical and leading synthetic products, proving you don’t have to trade off results for clean skincare.Skin Reset is the result of 5 years of research to combine 24 of the world’s most proven natural ingredients for correcting and preventing dark spots, and uneven skin tone, for the most glowing, clear complexion. This multi-targeted formula includes 17 sources to even skin tone, 11 sources to prevent brown spots from forming, 18 sources to brighten, and 20 sources of plumping hydration. Skin Reset is the ultimate skin hero for restoring an even looking skin tone and radiant complexion. It’s powerful technology is proven to visibly minimise the look of brown spots (hyperpigmentation) and goes one advancement further by preventing further discoloration from appearing on the skin.  It works by shutting down hyperpigmentation in two different biological pathways.Firstly, our patented plant extracts, including Alchemilla vulgaris, and Malva sylvestris, contain active ingredients that interfere with an enzyme in your cells called tyrosinase.  When UV light from the sun comes into contact with the tyrosinase enzyme, it is usually activated to produce pigment (called melanin) which travels to the upper layer of the skin and you see as dark spots or hyperpigmentation.  Our plant actives inhibit tyrosinase, stopping the metabolic process that creates pigment – and therefore your dark spots.Secondly, if any pigment still manages to form, we have a complementary active (vitamin B3) that works further downstream to deter the pigment from transferring to your skin’s surface.  This is why our formulation is different from standard brightening products on the market. Our luxury botanicals are combined in a propriety and synergistic ratio maximising its performance.  Skin Reset also combats the signs of everyday collagen degradation, minimises fine lines and wrinkles and boosts the skin’s plumpness.  Skin Reset is a vegan formulation. Best for:  Hyperpigmentation •  dullness  •  dark spots  •  uneven skin tone  •  discolouration  •  age spots  •  acne  scars  *Independent Scientific in vivo testing 2018 & in vitro testing 2019

Something new that I’ve recently learnt is that there are 3 dominant reasons for why pigmentation can occur (and they can all be placed under the umbrella of ‘hyperpigmentation’). It can occur due to;

  1. Sun damage; Melanin, being the skins natural defence mechanism increases when exposed to the sun. This tanning or darkening of the skin is in essence a visible damage (or imprint) to the skin.

  2. Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation & Acne Marks; Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation is a result of an injury or inflammation to the skin from various conditions (acne, eczema etc.). It can affect people of all skin tones, but has a greater propensity towards darker skinned individuals.

  3. Melasma; Melasma is an acquired skin pigmentation disorder that occurs on facial skin and has an unclear pathogenesis. Common causes can be hormonal, drug/chemical-related or UV-related. Since treatment for melasma is often long-term and challenging, a synergistic approach is quintessential.

So I’ve got number 3 – the worst type 😭 I’m also sure mine was caused by hormones, medication and undergoing a laser treatment (the combination of the three). I’m also very unlucky, because generally fair skin such as mine doesn’t often suffer from Melasma. However, my melasma is concentrated around the hair line and compared to other people, it’s probably quite ‘small’ or contained. Because it is difficult to treat, I am more than happy to try as many products as possible to try and control it. The more the better LOL

The amount of work that had to have gone into creating a formula with 24 active natural ingredients is quite remarkable! The Skin Reset Serum is pearly and light in texture – like a very silky smooth gel. I apply the serum to damp skin after cleansing (I mist my face using a thermal water mist) and it absorbs so beautifully! 💦 You have to apply the serum to damp skin – I found if skin was too dry, the serum feels tacky and almost ‘gummy’ on the skin. If skin is damp, it remains silky and absorbs easily. It’s an incredibly hydrating formula also, leaving skin feeling comforted and protected all day.

Emma recommends using two pumps. I use one and half. Luckily the pump applicator is easy to control, so controlling how much product you want to dispense is easy. I find it I use two pumps, the serum emulsifies on the skin a little and I need to give it a little more time to sink in. One and a half pumps for me is plenty – I always have enough to also apply the serum around my eye area and down my neck.

The serum has a light herbal scent, but it isn’t offensive at all. And it’s subtle, so I’d be surprised if it bothered anyone. It certainly isn’t a heavy essential oil scent and I appreciate this. It still smells fresh and ‘clean’, without being synthetic.

Now I haven’t been using it at night, which does put me at a disadvantage. As soon as you start doing things differently to what a producer or manufacture has instructed you to do, you have to be ready to bear the consequences LOL I haven’t been using it at night because I use other serums (and now this cream that I’ve been prescribed by the Dermatologist) but truth me told I could. Because the formula is made up of all natural ingredients I should be able to apply it over my other serums at night. I think it’s a psychological barrier for me – I’m not used to applying more than one serum. Yes, things could get more complicated that way (and expensive) but it is something I am going to stat doing.

With daily morning use, coming up to three months, how has the serum worked for me? I can’t say it’s lightened my pigmentation (melasma) just yet. However, it hasn’t gotten worse and and pigmentation spots left over from acne disappears incredibly quickly. I do think my skin tone looks more unified and brighter 🌟 It somehow looks more healthy. Because it’s so hydrating and leaves skin feeling silky and smooth; skin automatically looks better (properly hydrated skin always looks better!) ☺️💦 It’s doing good things and I’m happy with even these ‘subtle’ results. Skin care is a long-haul game. And Emma also mentions this in the directions for the serums use;

How to Use

You should see an improvement in your hyperpigmentation from the first use of Skin Reset – but if you ensure you’re using it regularly, you’ll see the character of your complexion completely change and the appearance of any new hyperpigmentation or brown spots should be at a minimum. Emma herself saw real results in her complexion after 6 months of continuous use.

Apply 2 pumps of Skin Reset, morning and night. Massage into face and neck. Always apply sunscreen after Skin Reset serum in the morning.

Above all, always remember it takes ongoing protection, patience, and persistence to manage your hyperpigmentation.


Sun exposure is the number one trigger of hyperpigmentation. The sun’s rays affect your skin even on cloudy days, so protect it with sunscreen 365 days of the year to prevent further signs appearing.


Caused by years of sun damage, patience is needed to get results. Follow instructions and from 2 weeks you’ll start to see a new and improved skin tone.


Once hyperpigmentation is visible, continue to apply Skin Reset and protect your skin.

While our formulation is 100% clean, non-toxic and naturally derived, we recommend if you have sensitive skin or allergies that you do a patch test first or consult your medical practitioner before using any new skincare product.  If your skin is not responding well to one of our products, including irritation, please discontinue use and contact a medical practitioner.

I may have not yet seen a difference with my melasma, but that’s ok. I plan to use the serum also at night and use us another bottle before I give my final ‘declaration’ or opinion of it. As the directions mentioned above, patience, patience, patience. You need to give the serum 6 months to see the full results. I’m incredibly impressed with the serum at the moment and it’s a pleasure to use. That means a lot because it encourages you to keep going!

You know what else I love? Emma plans to eventually get to a point where all her packaging for products is biodegradable and compostable. That’s quite a challenge but I have no doubt she can get there! The packaging it comes in (a box) is made from responsibly sourced paper that can recycled. The bottle of the serum is a frosted glass and the pump and cap is plastic. You know what’s crazy? Apparently it’s almost impossible to find recyclable pumps for skincare products. Isn’t that insane?! It’s a reflection of our lazy manufacturing processes – the fact that we have all been happy to go down this wasteful path of manufacturing that an alternative hasn’t yet been found and isn’t commonly used. Insanity. So at the moment, you can’t recycle the serum bottle. BUT until an alternative is found, you can send back your serum to Emma Lewisham for a refill. You will get a $10 discount on the price of the serum and $10 towards your shipping costs. I LOVE that. And I will be doing just that when I plan to purchase my next bottle 💛❤️

Emma Lewisham products are available via her website. The Skin Reset Serum will set you back $141.70 AUD but you can also pay in NZ, US and British Pounds. Emma ships worldwide and shipping is free after you spend $100. If you spend less, shipping is around $10 NZD and very reasonable. For all shipping and delivery information see here.

Now onto the sunscreen!

Skin Shield SPF 30 Broad spectrum defence (UVA & UVB) 100% natural sunscreen (100g) Skin Shield by Emma Lewisham is a next generation sunscreen. What makes it unlike any other sunscreen, is it’s truly 100% natural and 100% clean – there’s not a single drop of anything synthetic, but it doesn’t compromise high performance or luxury – making it an innovation to behold.  It meets the highest of international testing standards and is a joy to wear – it’s unbelievably light and sheer on the skin with no heaviness or greasiness.  Skin Shield is a world first for the beauty industry, with its tube being made from 100% recycled plastic. Provides broad spectrum defence against UVA and UVB rays and is loaded with 19 of the most nutrient rich organic botanicals. Skin Shield locks in moisture with 9 ingredients for intense hydration, 6 ingredients to fight pollution and free radical damage from the sun, and 7 sources of vitamins and minerals for a healthy protected complexion. Giving you more than ever from your sun protection. 19 effective botanical ingredients We believe in complex formulas and that more ingredients and less fillers equal more results – and the independent testing we’ve done confirms we’re right. We don’t focus on one hero ingredient per product, we fill our products with the highest number of effective and innovative ingredients possible. Our goal is to create formulas that are effective and luxurious as anything in the world, without a drop of anything unclean and toxic.  No compromises. Every ingredient works hard in our formulation but below are your noteworthy ‘skin heroes’:
  1. Hyaluronic Acid:  Hyaluronic acid is like the glass of water your skin desperately needs when out in the sun.  It’s a molecule that draws and locks in moisture to your skin, supports elasticity, and boosts collagen production. It has an ability to absorb up to 1,000 times its weight in water.

  2. Zinc Oxide:  Natural, non-toxic, mineral pigment which gives protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays.  Our zinc oxide is uniquely non-whitening, with no white residue left on your skin. It is also reef safe.

  3. Patented organically grown beauty complex from 7 alpine plant extracts:  The result of a research program in which a hundred plants were selected for their effectiveness in inhibiting tyrosinase (this is the enzyme which produces the pigment melanin, which you see as dark spots or hyperpigmentation on your skin). The research and development took 5 years, and the resulting clinical studies showed phenomenal results for their effects in inhibiting the production and transfer of melanin to the skin.

  4. Organic Prickly Pear:  Is the ultimate beauty oil.  It has the highest concentration of vitamin E of any skin oil (150% more than Argan oil). A powerful antioxidant that can penetrate through layers of skin, assisting the body with the natural wound-healing process. Vitamin E also helps to renew skin cells, making them stronger and reducing oxidative stress.

  5. Organic Kakadu Plum:  Vitamin C is a powerhouse for the skin, it’s one of the most research-backed skincare ingredients, and Kakadu Plum oil has the highest concentration of vitamin C in the world – 100 times more than an orange.

Raspberry Seed Oil:  Has powerful antioxidant properties which ward off damaging environmental aggressors and enhance UV protection.

Skin Shield is a sunscreen with an SPF 30. It’s a sunscreen that can be used on your body as well as your face. It’s made from 100% zinc oxide (as the UV protectant). The great thing about zinc oxide is that it is very gentle and is great for even sensitive skin or children!

It is a physical sun blocker, which means that as soon as you apply it, its UV protection is immediate. Zinc oxide is particularly brilliant at stopping UVA rays (which cause damage deep in the epidermis) and thus pigmentation. However, it is also a broad spectrum sunscreen, so don’t worry, it also protects you from UVB (burning) rays.

Zinc oxide is a wonderful UV protectant but it is a mineral that has quite big molecules, which give it a thick pasty white colour and texture. It’s very difficult to make zinc oxide a pleasant consistency. Skincare brands are doing wonderful things in labs, making zinc oxide much more pleasant to use. The Skin Shield Sunscreen has a very similar consistency to the Invisible Zinc Sheer Defence Sunscreen (also being zinc oxide based). It is thicker than other chemical UV sun blockers, but it’s thicker texture isn’t oily and still spreads nicely on the skin.

If you apply enough sunscreen (and we should be applying half a teaspoon of sunscreen to provide your face for full protection – and when I say full protection, I mean the protection advertised on your sunscreen) it will leave a white cast on the skin. BUT this fades! So if you give it a minute or two to settle on the skin, the white cast disappears 😉 The thicker texture does get some getting used to if you haven’t used zinc oxide based sunscreens before, but they are so much more pleasant to use now compared to a few years ago. They really deserve the chance!

The Skin Shield sunscreen doesn’t have that traditional strong ‘sunscreen scent’. Instead, it has the faintest herbal scent. It’s the same scent as the serum, but it’s much more subtle. Again, I think it’s lovely and quite fresh smelling. Skin Shield doesn’t break me out and sits beautifully under makeup. Again, it’s texture might take some getting used to but that’s all. It also doesn’t leave me particularly shiny, but it leaves skin with a natural glow because it is a moisturising and hydrating formula. I love this – I love that the sunscreen is moisturising and also includes antioxidants like Kakadu Plum (vitamin C, yay! 🍊). This elevates the sunscreen in my eyes because most drugstore sunscreens (including Invisible Zinc unfortunately) don’t include antioxidants. Sure, some may say that you get antioxidants from your daily serum, but really, our skin goes through so much stress (including UV light as well as now blue light from electronics as it turns out) that the more antioxidants we can get the better. Sunscreen is skincare, so I want a formula that not only protects from UV rays, but leaves my skin looking better than before and protects it from ageing and damage on all different levels.

Now onto the innovative packaging 🥇 The tube is made from plastic, but in a world first, it’s made from 100% imported recycled post consumer plastic. So it’s plastic that has been reused a second time. How brilliant is that! At the moment there’s no way to refill the tube (but they are working on that) and again, if you send it back to Emma Lewisham for recycling, you will get $10 off the purchase of a new sunscreen. Skin Shield is also coral reef safe, which means it won’t damage delicate coral reef marine environments should you be swimming in the ocean after applying this sunscreen.

Emma Lewisham has created a face-dedicated sunscreen, with even more skin loving ingredients which I am keep to try, but I plan to first use up this guy by protecting my face, neck, décolletage and arms daily! The Skin Shield SPF 30 will set you back $57.40 AUD for 100g. 

So that’s it Beauties! Today’s post was a bit longer than usual, but I hope you got to discover a new innovative brand that I for one, will watch closely and keep trying their products because I love Emma’s ethos and new way of doing things ☺️🌸🌻💛💜 Supporting innovation that’s also good for the planet is our duty I think… so I’d love to hear your thoughts on the topic and the products! Let me know if they intrigue you.

Until next time,

Beauty Bee~

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