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Review: Diptyque Paris En Fleur Candle, Scented Oval & Eau Capitale Parfum (Limited Edition) 🌹

Last year when Diptyque released their Valentines limited edition candles (Damascena and Centifolia Rose) and Eau Rose Hair Mist, I snapped them up and quickly fell in love with them! 🌹🕯It was my first ever purchase from the brand and I loved their interpretation of two different rose scents. Actually, technically three, because Eau Rose is a scent too – and also comes in it’s own stand alone fragrance. I’m a sucker for rose scents. Especially interesting interpretations. Rose is such a classic  and feminine scent, I can’t seem to get bored of it… and that’s good for Diptyque haha! 😂🌹🕯  Luckily for me though, their rose related scents tend to be released for Valentine’s Day (once a year *phew*) and luckily for my purse, there is just one candle in the collection this year (Paris En Fleur) and a new pernament Perfume (Eau Capitale).

Both the candle and perfume are inspired by… you guessed it, Paris! 😍 I’ve never been to Paris and maybe I’ll get to go one day, but in the meantime these two new rose inspired scents transport me to Paris even if it’s in my imagination 😌💋🥖🧀🌹❤️


The limited edition Paris en Fleur candle is a tribute to Paris, the city of a thousand faces and birthplace of diptyque. A delightfully fresh rose chypre scent with patchouli and a flurry of petals.For this celebration of Paris, diptyque drew its creative inspiration from the rose and its thousand scents, such as the roses of the Bagatelle gardens or the Marché aux fleurs. To adorn the scent, diptyque worked with the artist and friend of diptyque, Pierre Marie. Together, they created a decoration inspired by Art Nouveau, like a lattice bedecked with flowers on which roses intertwine with metallized foliage.

190g & 70g sizes available , Made in France

The Paris En Fleur Candle is inspired by the Bagatelle Garden in Paris (one of four botanical gardens in the city). The garden has over 10,000 rose plants and 1,200 different rose varieties. The garden hosts an annual competition for new rose varieties; a competition which started in 1907 and continues today every year in June. The first note of the Paris En Fleur Candle is definitely rose and noticeably so; it’s floral and a touch sweet 🌹

Diptyque also describe this scent as a ‘chypre scent’ and I have to admit that I had no idea what they meant by it… I did a little research and it turns out that chypre scents are warm and ‘dry’ scents; think about walking through a forests with moss covered rocks and dried leaves crunching under your feet, with wild flowers growing nearby a stream… They are often classified as ‘Autumn/Fall’ scents because they aren’t as heavy or as oriental as Winter fragrances tend to be, but they have some depth and warmness from notes such as oak moss, patchouli and labdanum (from the cysts, or ‘rock rose’ plant). They can also be a little fruit and floral, to cut through some of that warmth. It’s certainly a warm scent but the rose is fleeting and sweet (a sprinkling of petals) – maybe the last linger of perfume in the air when the rose blooming season is coming to an end…

The ‘large’ Paris En Fleur candle easily fills up a small to medium space with a rich yet fresh aroma/scent. In a large room the scent would still be detectable, but much more subtle. I think it’s worth burning the candle in a smaller space so you can really smell the different notes in the scent otherwise it could get a little ‘lost’… a bathroom or bedroom would be perfect 🕯🌹🌟

I also love the graphics created for this years Valentine’s Day collection; the roses climbing wooden latices in an Art Nouveau style… The candle is housed in a pink tinted glass with metallic sliver accents on the print. The print or sticker on the glass is less ‘busy’ than the print on the box. Both are beautiful and certainly pay homage to roses. It’s all very romantic!  💕

Large Diptyque candles (190g) burn for up to 60 hours. The first time you light a new candle, Diptyque recommends you let the candle burn for at least two hours. After this, you need to trim the wick and move it back into the centre of the candle (if it’s moved and fallen to one side). If you’re ‘saving’ the candle or only want to use it intermittently, when it’s not in use, cover the candle with a small ceramic plate. This will keep the fragrance ‘fresh’ and more concentrated. Diptyque have ceramic candle ‘lids’ but they are almost impossible to find in Australia and online. The ones I did find on British Department Store websites had astronomical international shipping rates, so I gave up on the idea lol… Any little ceramic side or flat condiment plate will do 😉

The candle retails for $105 AUD for the large 190g candle and $56 AUD for the 70g smaller candle. The candle is limited edition and can be picked up at Mecca Cosmetica in Australia and New Zealand.

I love all the additional accessories and bits and pieces that come out in Diptyque collections. This year, the Paris En Fleur candle is accompanied by a Scented Oval ‘Palet Perfume’.

PARIS EN FLEUR SCENTED OVALThe Paris en Fleur fragrance is a fresh and flowery chypre rose, captured in a limited edition scented wax oval. Engraved with a rose and framed by a white porcelain medallion, it can be slipped into drawers or hang from its decorated rope in wardrobes.

35gDesigned for use in small spaces such as dressers, closets, on door handles. Must be kept out of direct sunlight and stored at room temperature. Do not place in cars.

The scented Paris En Fleur Oval is such a unique product – a ceramic oval holds a wax centre which has been hand poured in the same scent as the candle. The scent from the Oval is much stronger than I expected and this is brilliant because it means that it should last agggges, beautifully scenting your cupboard or drawers! I absolutely love that moment when you are getting ready for the day (or a special occasion) and you pull open cupboard doors only to met with the glorious scent of roses 🌹🌹🌹 It’s so special and intimate somehow… it really does make you appreciate your little routines and the beauty in the ‘everyday’. If I was rich I’d buy a few of these, but one will have to do for now… 😂😂 The scented oval retails for $84 AUD via Mecca Cosmetica.


How is Paris to be celebrated?For diptyque, only chypre, a legendary accord with a thousand facets, could pay worthy tribute to the city of a thousand faces. A bouquet of roses verging on excess follows fresh bergamot spiced with pink peppercorns. Freedom claimed: this time not moss, but patchouli. An Eiffel Tower, roses, flowing calligraphy, a peacock with its tail fanned, volutes, lines intertwined… To illustrate Eau Capitale, diptyque and Pierre Marie drew their inspiration from Parisian architecture and iconic Art Nouveau buildings.75ml

I don’t have the full sized Eau Capitale perfume, but because I spent over $120 on the Diptyque range at Mecca Cosmetica (buying the Paris En Fleur Candle and Scented Oval) I received a 10ml Eau Capitale perfume. Yay! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 I really wanted to try this perfume, but couldn’t get to a store so I bought my goodies online and this freebie was more than welcome 💋❤️

What does smell like to me? Warm… rosey, woody with a hint of musk and a patchouli base. It’s not as floral as the Paris En Fleur candle – the perfume is much more woody and has more depth/warmth to it. It honestly smells like a wooden cabin in a birch tree forrest 🌲🌲🌲🍂 It is really beautiful. I can see how this scent would be considered to be ‘chypre’ – it’s definitely an Autumn scent. Because it’s not super heavy or more spicy, I would wear this scent in other seasons without an issue. The colours in the above graphic resonate really well with the perfume and what it smells like if that makes sense. I think colours do impart a ‘feeling’ especially when it comes to different seasons.

I can see how this fragrance would be associated with Paris – even though I’ve never been haha. The woody notes (including pink pepper and patchouli) make the perfume more sensual and ‘deep’ while the rose and spiced bergamot keep it feminine. Parisian women have always been considered to be the epitome of style, elegance (that’s not forced or over done) and femininity. Because it’s not fruity or more floral, I would call this a sophisticated and more mature floral scent. It may be too boring for teenagers (kids and teens love ‘fruity’ gormand scents that slowly become more complex as they get older and preferences develop) but I love it! 🥰 🥰🌹💕

The Eau Capitale fragrance lasts on my skin for 6+ hours, but it fades significantly on me after the 4 hour mark. It’s still noticeable at the end of the day (without question) however, the woody notes remain while the top floral rose notes have disappeared. If you are a fan of Viktor and Rolf’s  Flowerbomb Extreme (one of my favourite perfumes of all time!) you will love this scent because it also has a base of patchouli and pink pepper. The biggest difference for me is that Eau Capitale is less floral and sweet.

I hope this scent isn’t limited edition. On the Mecca Cosmetica website we are told it’s limited edition but it doesn’t say that on the Diptyque website… I may be clutching at straws here but here’s to hoping 😉💋 The full sized perfume comes in at $227 AUD for 75ml. It’s a Parfum and not an Eau de Toilette – so it’s the most concentrated type of fragrance and hence the higher price tag.

That’s it Beauties… If you are a fan of roses like I am (real ones and rose scents!) I hope you get to try out one of these goodies. They are on the pricier side of the spectrum but they are handmade in France and would make for a seriously fancy and rosey gift! 🎁💝🌹

Let me know if you are a fan of rose scents and are addicted to candles like I am 😌🕯

Catch ya next time Beauties!

Beauty Bee~

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