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Review: Davines NaturalTech Hair Care & Beautiful Hair Accessories

A little while ago I was lucky enough to win an awesome hair care pack from Davines Australia. As my hair is blonde, fine and coloured, I’m always trying to keep a top of damage and protect it against everything we put our hair through. I always wanted to try some hair products from Davines (I am a hair product junkie!) because not only are they so aesthetically pleasing to the eye (and surprisingly simply packaged) but the company does their best to be sustainable and friendly to the environment (tick!). I’m always looking for products that are gentle yet super nourishing to the hair and that can be a difficult task to achieve. Either they are so rich that they make my fine hair flat and lifeless or they are not nourishing enough, leaving my hair more vulnerable to damage (be it heat damage, chemical/colour damage, mechanical damage from brushing/styling etc or environmental damage). My roots tend to get quite oily if I haven’t washed my hair for a couple of days, while the ends of my hair remain very dry. The hair care range that I received was the NaturalTech line – formulated for brittle dry hair and dehydrated scalp. Just perfect for my hair type and hair needs 🙂 Let’s go through each of the products and how they worked for me!

Nourishing Shampoo – “Its creamy texture produces a full-bodied, rich foam, whilst the mixture of gentle surfactants gently washes the hair structure. Contains grape phytoceuticals which are rich in polyphenolss with a strong anti-oxidant action.” 250ml. RRP: $34.95


I’m not sure why, but I imagined and expected the shampoo to have a watery consistency, but it doesn’t lol. It has a light gel consistency and foams up really nicely. The shampoo has a natural ‘wheaty’ smell to it – but that could be because of the awesome packaging design swaying my imagination! It’s definitely not too overpowering and it doesn’t have a very ‘herbal’ scent like you would expect from some more natural shampoos out there. The shampoo leaves your hair feeling clean without stripping it to the core. I only need to wash my hair once with this shampoo to get all the gunk out of my hair.  If your shampoo leaves your hair feeling like straw and if you cannot imagine being able to brush your hair after rinsing out your shampoo because of the mess/tangles, general desert like state of your hair, then its very likely that your shampoo is stripping both your scalp and hair. That is never a good sign! Luckily for me, the Nourishing shampoo does feel nourishing, degreasing my roots (sounds lovely doesn’t it? lol) while balancing my scalp and hair.

Nourishing Vegetarian Miracle Conditioner – “It moisturizes hair in depth making it soft and shiny. It improves combability and helps make the hair structure even. Contains Acai oil – strong conditioning and protective action ( silicon like); Grape phytoceuticals – rich in polyphenolss with a strong anti-oxidant action; Passiflora oil – strong conditioning and protective action ( silicon like); strong conditioning and protective action ( silicon like).” 250ml. RRP: $38.95


This range of hair care is designed for brittle dry hair, but I was still surprised that the conditioner in the line is almost like a treatment. You leave on the conditioner for 10 minutes, then you comb the product through your hair and rinse. It makes sense that if your hair needs tlc – you should do it properly by not skimping on any stage of your hair care ‘regime’. I prefer baths over showers, so leaving the product on my hair for 10 minutes isn’t a issue. I was a little worried that it would be a little to heavy for my hair (fine hair remember, with a tenderness to develop oil roots) but I needn’t have worried! It doesn’t leave my hair lifeless, limp or ‘greasy’. My hair didn’t get oilier than usual nor did it get oilier faster. It left my hair manageable, hydrated and shiny.

Nourishing Hair Building Pak – “It restructures and nourishes the hair shaft leaving the hair soft, shiny and full-bodied.  Grape phytoceuticals – rich in polyphenolss with a strong anti-oxidant action; Keratin and hydrolized keratin – strong restructuring action.” 250ml. RRP: $44.95


The hair building pack is a protein based hair mask for brittle, over processed ‘snappy’ hair. The lovely people at Davines let me know that it contains Lei which is a living enzyme that repairs and feeds the hair throughout the day. Is that crazy or what? Anything that can make my hair look ‘alive’ and healthy is a winner for me 🙂 I actually use a lot of hair masks from a whole heap of brands. I’m quite diligent with using them and while my hair isn’t near as damaged as it could be or was, after using them, I don’t get that wow factor anymore. And I did with this hair mask! You leave the product on your hair for 10 minutes and then rinse out. While rinsing I could already feel how amazingly soft my hair was. I haven’t had that result from a hair product in a long, long time. The protein no doubt helps to repair hair and with longer use, hopefully my hair will ‘radiate’ with healthiness!

Nourishing Living Enzyme Infusion – “Moisturizing spray to nourish, restructure and protect hair that looks shiny, soft, nourished and protected. Visible results from first application. Grape phytoceuticals – rich in polyphenolss with a strong anti-oxidant action; SOD enzyme – strong anti-oxidant action.” 100ml. RRP: $39.95


I’ve loved leave in hair conditioners since the 90’s, but stopped using them because some would make my hair soooo soft that it would become extremely FLAT. None have really intrigued me recently, so I was really happy to try this product. What I love about it is that yes it does make my hair soft and feel nourished, but that it also gives my hair some ‘texture’ somehow, counteracting the flatness my hair tends to experience! You really could not ask for more from a leave in conditioner. It also works well with other styling products. I always spray this first onto my hair before any other styling product, as a ‘treatment’ to ensure my hair is healthier for longer 🙂

The real long term use of these products should deliver even better results. I do like to switch up my hair care products quite often, but I’m going to try and use these regularly so that I can see the long term benefits. I will update you with the results in a few weeks 🙂 Mind you, I’m itching to try the ‘illuminating’ line of Davines products, but I think I will try and resist for a little. If you can’t invest in the whole line I would recommend the hair pak as summer is going to destory our hair (considering how hot it is already and how often I’m planning to be at the beach :P) and the leave in conditioner spray (or infusion as the product is called). However, as I mentioned earlier, our hair probably needs some decent tlc everyday (or every other day) to really replenish and re-nourish distressed hair. So if you think you need it than I can recommend the whole line as the products are fantastic. I don’t see why they wouldn’t work for thick unruly hair either!

And now for some colour 🙂

Every time I travel, I try and buy either a unique piece of jewellery or hair accessory. I bought these hair ‘pins’ whilst in Kyoto, Japan. I’m kicking myself for not buying more, but they were quite expensive from what I remember. I guess when your travelling and you don’t know where your adventures will take you, you try and not spend all of money in the first week abroad lol but still… They are made by hand and using Japanese material.







In the last photo (right above) you can see how smokey the day got – there’s a lot of fires burning at the moment 🙁 one big downside to the hot hot summers we get!

Hope you have a great weekend and stay safe! Here’s to an easy going week ahead 😉

Catch ya next time beauty bees!

Beauty Bee~

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