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Review & Comparison: Nivea In-Shower Rich Body Lotion/Skin Conditioner

A little while ago, I did a post on one of my favourite body care products – Lush’s Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner. Who would’ve thought that Nivea would come up with their own version! In case you’re confused at what a body conditioner is, it’s a product which you use in shower/bath after washing. You smother yourself in the product and then rinse it off. It should leave behind a protective and moisturising barrier on your skin, meaning that you don’t have to apply your regular body moisturise after showering/bathing.

Now considering the price difference (Lush’s Body Conditioner retails at $32.50 Aus monies while Nivea’s costs $7-8) I wasn’t expecting Nivea’s version to beat the one produced by Lush. But, also considering how cheap as chips it was, I had to give it a go! Nivea’s body conditioner contains glycerin, paraffin and almond oil. For some reason, many people have an aversion to paraffin, saying that it clogs pores and isn’t safe to use on the skin. This isn’t really true. Research has found that it covers the skin in a protective layer (like occlusive moisturisers do), isn’t in itself comedogenic and has the same penetration abilities as vegetables oils (like Jojoba oil – so will not ‘clog’ your pores’). You can find out more about paraffin here on Futurederm. If your skin is VERY dry, then you need a balance of occlusive and humectant moisturisers – so I wouldn’t expect this to be a quick fix to solve your problem. It is handy though if you happen to be in a rush or if it is very hot and you don’t want to feel sticky after applying a traditional moisturiser.


Considering all the bazillion different fancy oils that Lush’s body conditioner contains, I wasn’t expecting Nivea’s body conditioner to be as moisturising. Even though I bought the body conditioner marketed for ‘very dry skin’, is wasn’t as moisturising a Lush’s version (not even close in my opinion). The texture is much thicker/lotion like and it feels like you need to use a bit more of the product in comparison to Lush’s. Maybe that’s why the tubs of this stuff are huge (400ml)! It has that classic Nivea cream smell to it, which I rather like – it takes me back a decade or two! 🙂

When you hop out of the shower/bath you can feel a slight protective layer on your skin – not as much as the Lush product, but it’s there. It definitely isn’t heavy feeling. The Nivea smell doesn’t linger, which for me is a shame (the Lush product does linger, you smell like Roses which is so relaxing). A couple of hours after my shower, my skin didn’t feel parched, but it didn’t feel as moisturised and silky as I would like it to feel. I won’t be using this on a regular basis and I don’t think it is moisturising enough to use throughout the winter time (even though I have the version for very dry skin- the other version must be super light). However it’s not bad for when you are in a rush just wanting to get out the door without not moisturising your body at all or if you are travelling (you can always put some of the product into a little container instead of lugging this huge thing around).

Will you be giving this newbie a go? Let me know and come say hi to me over here! I will keep you updated with beauty news and competitions!

Beauty Bee~

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