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Review & Comparison: Evo Haze Styling Powder & David Mallett Volume Powder 🦁

I am shit when it comes to styling my hair lol the day you see me do a hair tutorial, is also probably the day I win lotto (so never!). Today I wanted to compare two texturising hair powders that I’ve had in my bathroom cabinet for a while now. One is more wallet friendly – Evo Haze Styling Powder, while the other is less wallet friendly – David Mallett Volume Powder. So if like me, you are always on the quest to make your look better and have more volume, stick around! 😊

Evo Haze Styling PowderTransform fine or limp hair with evo haze styling powder. Add volume and texture with a matte finish, anytime, anywhere – no heat styling required. This weightless powder instantly volumises hair and can easily be reactivated throughout the day by rubbing.Why Will I Love evo haze styling powder?
  1. Lightweight volumising powder

  2. Instantly adds texture and volume to hair

  3. Suitable for all hair types

  4. Matte finish

  5. Reactivate by rubbing

  6. Sifter also included

  7. Refill available

  8. Vegan and cruelty-free

  9. Free from sulfates, parabens and gluten

  10. 10g/50ml

Evo is a quirky, salon hair care brand, that isn’t too expensive and is cruelty free & vegan. I’m pretty sure they are an Australian brand but don’t quote me on that. Their products tend to be hit and miss for me – for example, their Fabuloso Platinum Blonde Colour Intensifying Conditioner is a holy grail type product for me, since 2015 (I won’t use anything else because what’s the point, it’s amazing!), while products like the Preserve Colour Maintenance Shampoo, I hated. There’s lot’s of products that sit in-between this love and hate spectrum, e.g. their Salty Dog Cocktail Beach Spray is pretty good (but a little drying/crunchy), Root Canal Volumising Spray is ‘ok’ (but sticky and a little heavy for my roots) and Mister Fantastic Texture Spray (also leaves hair quite crunchy). So I’m more than open to give Evo a fair go! 😉

Volumising hair powders are first and foremost added to the roots of your hair (dry hair) to give you you left, texture and some hold. They generally come in teeny tiny bottles because a little bit of powder goes a loooong way! It’s almost like the less the better for you lol. Evo’s Haze Styling Powder comes in packaging which is really common for texturising powders – the dispensed has a little sieve, which dispenses product as you shake it. This is the first problem. I find that the dispenser on the Evo Haze Styling Powder dispenses a little too much product. It’s hard to control. But does it work? You bet! When you start to rub the powder into your roots/scalp in order to move it around a little and ‘activate’ you will be able to feel it.

The powder makes hair a little stiff but this is what gives your hair volume which sticks around. The Haze Styling Powder is quite ‘gritty’ and if you apply too much to one spot, it can also go sticky. This is a problem for me because once my hair feels sticky, it feels dirty to me. It’s an effect I hate! Sure, you can’t tell from looking at my hair that the roots are sticky (the powder gives a ‘matte’ feel and look) but I know. For this reason, I also feel conflicted with their ‘weightless’ claim. Sure, the powder gives hair oomph and volume, but stickiness to me means an overload of product which makes it heavier. Conflicting I know! So despite the effect it gives, I really don’t feel drawn to using the Haze Styling powder… perhaps I’d use it if I went camping and there was no way to use a hair dryer lol! After washing my hair, my hair is generally quite flat because it is really fine, so using a texturising styling powder would be perfect for such an environment in order to give your roots a ‘lift’ (or when travelling!). But as it stands, it’s just not a product I love.

So what about the David Mallett Volume Powder! Let me tell you! 😊

David Mallett Volume SprayDavid Mallett Volume Powder creates long lasting volume and natural bounce, perfect for styling hair with a touch of 1960s flair. Known for the combination of strength and lightness, tropical bamboo features as the main volumising ingredient. The roots of the hair are given incredible strength and structure and protected from humidity, resulting in hair that has bounce, freshness and volume.With a pump dispenser, David Mallett Volume Powder makes it easy to apply just the right amount of powder every time. Simply spray directly on to the roots of the hair and work in with fingertips for volume and lift, or spray through the ends of the hair for a textured, tousled look.With a subtle and fresh green tea fragrance, David Mallett Volume Powder will leave hair feeling fresh and voluminous, and with no white tint on dark hair. David Mallett products are not tested on animals and are free from parabens, mineral oils, phthalates and chemical additives.Why Do I Need David Mallett Volume Powder?
  1. Volume powder for hair 

  2. Can be used in roots or lengths 

  3. Tropical bamboo gives hair volume and strength 

  4. Creates long-lasting volume and natural bounce 

  5. Subtle green tea fragrance 

  6. Not tested on animals 

  7. Formulated without parabens, mineral oils, phthalates or chemical additives 

  8. 7.37g

David Mallett is a luxe, salon brand of haircare products. I believe he may be Australian or Kiwi (but don’t quote me on that – ha!) and is a celebrity hair stylist. I’ve noticed that more pricey hair care brands will give you more information about the ingredients in the products than cheaper brands. I definitely like that. This is the first product I have tried from his line. I must admit that I wouldn’t have tried another texturising hair powder after trying the Evo Haze Styling Powder, had I not won this product! I figured that they would be all the same or really, really similar. And boy am I glad that I won it!

The first this you will notice about this texturising spray in comparison to the Evo offering is that product is dispensed through a pump dispenser. This is brilliant because you get a little ‘cloud’ of powder which covers a larger area of hair. Not a massive area, but product doesn’t fall onto one spot. The powder is SUPER fine, much finer than the Evo Haze Styling Powder, so the cloud of powder dispensed is ultra fine. This does have one fall back though, in that sometimes it’s hard to see how much powder has been applied. I assume that on darker hair it will be more visible than on blonde hair as it’s white (you can’t see it once it is worked into the hair). The best way to work around this is to ‘feel’ the product in your hair and whether or not you need more. Another negative is that sometimes when you go to dispense product, one time you may get more with one squeeze of the pump, while another you might get less (or almost nothing). In this instance you need to shake the product a little and you should be good to go!

Above: The top photo is me without any product in my hair. In the bottom photo, I have the David Mallett Volume Powder in the roots of my hair and through the lengths, I’m a shitty hair photographer but I think you can see the difference!

The David Mallett Volume Powder never goes sticky on me which is a big plus! I can’t say I will ever love the matte and gritty texture of volumising powders, but that’s the way they are. The volume from the lengths of my hair does ‘die down’ after a few hours but there is some lasting volume in there. The volume in my roots lasts all day (that I can say about both powders!). I can’t smell the Green Tea scent in the powder but maybe that’s because I use only a tiny bit each time (and it’s far away from my nose!) so I will take their word for it when it comes to this one lol

Both powders are great for travelling with because the powders are so light. You get 10g of powder with Evo, while with David Mallett, you get 7,5g. The biggest difference between the powders is the price. Evo’s Haze Styling Powder comes in at $40, while David Mallett’s Volume Powder is $54 Australian Dollars.  

Which would I choose to repurchase? David Mallett’s Volume Powder for sure! 😄

NOTE It turns out that Evo have now updated the packaging for their Haze Styling Powder. It now also comes with a pump! Good news. The formula and texturising powder itself has remained the same, so my review isn’t totally pointless LOL

So tell me Beauties, have you used texturising powders before? Are you a fan? Let me know!

Catch ya next time,

Beauty Bee~

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