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Review & Comparison: Clarisonic Mia 2 & the Foreo Luna

Hiya beauties! I know there is probably hundreds of posts like this on the world wide web already, but I thought I would join in anyways, seeing as I have both gadgets 🙂 Both gadgets work in a slightly different way, but they are both cleansing devices which use sonic pulsations, created to deeply cleanse your skin removing dirt, makeup and sweat. Not cleansing properly (morning and evening) means that your skin can’t function properly as was intended. Not cleansing properly also means that your skincare products can’t work to their full potential, as old cells and grime begin to build up on your skins surface. Cleansing using one of these devices, means that you are kick starting your skin to function better. I don’t think most people will need both (and both are quite expensive), so if you are curious about each devices pros and cons, stay with me and hopefully one of these devices ‘speaks to you’ 🙂


Let’s start with the Clarisonic, which has been on the market for the longest and started the ‘sonic’ cleansing tend. The Clarisonic has a brush head which pulsates gently (moving back and forward). You hold it gently against your skin and the brush movement does the work for you.  I wet the brush head and then squirt out a little cleanser onto it. The movement of the brush head makes the cleanser foam up a little (without going overboard). I have heard that some cleansers don’t foam up as well as others when paired with the Clarisonic, but I suppose this is a trial and error type of thing (which will depend on your preferences also). You move the brush across the different areas of your face. One of the new functions of the Clarisonic Mia 2 is that the brush ‘buzzes’ when you should move onto another part of your face and then when you should finishing up cleansing. What are some of the other features of the Clarisoni Mia 2? Let’s take a look!


  1. Cleanses the skin 6 times better than regular cleansing by hand.

  2. Sonic frequency moves the brush head 300 times per second.

  3. 2 Speeds (Delicate, Universal)

  4. Adjustable T-Timer

  5. USB-Enabled Universal Voltage pLink Charger

  6. Interchangeable Facial Brush Heads

  7. 2 Year Warranty

  8. Waterproof


There are 4 types of brush heads available and you choose them depending on your skin type and skin concern. There is a normal brush head (for an ‘invigorating’ cleanse), a delicate brush head (for dehydrated and irritation prone skin), sensitive brush head (ideal for most skin types including sensitive and combination skin) and Deep Pore brush head (to dislodge oil and debris in pores if that is your primary skin concern). Clarisonic recommend that you change your brush head every three months. You also shouldn’t use your Clarisonic every time your cleanse, a few times a week is plenty as it does physically exfoliate your skin and over exfoliating your skin isn’t a good idea.


Pros (as according to Beauty Bee): 

  1. You can choose a brush head depending on your skin type and/or skin concerns. If your concerns change, you can change the brush head according.

  2. Is great at breaking down oil and blackheads because of the physical scrubbing (which is still more gentle than most other physical scrubs). It is surprisingly easy to maneuvere around the nose area.

  3. The first initial cost for the Clarisonic is cheaper than the Foreo. The Clarisonic Mia 2 costs $190.00 and comes with one sensitive brush head.

  4. Comes with a handy travel case.

  5. Has two adjustable speed settings (delicate and universal).

  6. Totally waterproof, so you don’t have to worry if you drop it into the bath!

  7. Even though you a physically exfoliating the skin, the exfoliation is still quite gentle because you are not manually scrubbing the skin and pressing the brush into your skin harshly. It should not aggravate broken capillaries and doesn’t cause small tears and scratches etc.

  8. Removes face makeup super well, so you don’t need to double cleanse (though if that’s your jam you still can!).

Negatives (as according to Beauty Bee):

  1. You must change the brush head every three months for the Clarisonic to effectively deep cleanse your skin. That’s a cost of $32 every three months (or $54 for a pack of two).

  2. The battery life of the Clarisonic isn’t the greatest. It depends on how often you use it – but the battery life lasts around 2-3 weeks until it needs a recharge. Charging the Clarisonic also takes a while to (a good few hours).

  3. If your skin becomes irritated or hyper-sensitive over a period of time, it’s best to not use the Clarisonic in case the bristles of the Clarisonic (and the physical exfoliation while gentle) irritate the skin further.

  4. You should not use the Clarisonic with cleansers that contain micro cleansing beads or that are abrasive (this must damage the brush head some way).

 While lots of ‘imitations’ came onto the market after the release and success of the Clarisonic. another game changer arrived with the release of the Foreo Luna. The Foreo Luna also uses sonic technology to deeply cleanse the skin, however it doesn’t use a traditional brush head and the shape of the Foreo is totally different to that of the Clarisonic. It’s been designed to sit comfortably in the palm of your hand and uses anti-bacterial silicone ‘bristles’ to deeply cleanse the skin very gently. The bristles or ‘nodules’ are super soft and upon first inspection I think it is natural to question whether or not it will actually work well for cleansing (but it does!).The Foreo Luna also features an anti-ageing massaging side, which relaxes muscles and works in your skin care products for you. There is three different Foreo Lunas to choose from depending on your skin type – the pink Luna is for normal-sensitive skin (which is the one I have), the blue Luna is for combination skin and the white Luna is for ultra-sensitive skin.


  1. Emits up to 8,000 pulsations per minute.

  2. Removes 99.5% of dirt and 98.5% of makeup residue.

  3. The silicone material which is used for the Foreo Luna is gentle enough for everyday use (you can even use it twice a day if you wish). The silicone is also non-porous to resist bacteria build up (it is 35 x more hygienic than other cleansing brushes).

  4. Waterproof.

  5. 2 year warranty and 10 year quality guarantee.

  6. Adjustable speed.

  7. Anti-ageing mode – lower frequency pulsations directed through silicone waves onto wrinkle prone areas to smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


You don’t apply your regular cleanser to the Foreo directly (as you do with the Clarisonic), instead, you apply the cleanser onto your face and then allow the Foreo Luna to work it in for you. The Foreo buzzes when you should move onto another part of your face and then also let’s you know when to stop cleansing (by emitting three succinct buzzes).


Pros (as according to Beauty Bee): 

  1. No interchangeable parts – so while the Foreo Luna is more expensive than the Clarisonic (retailing at $249 while the Clarisonic Mia 2 retails for $190) you never have to buy an additional part for it (as you do with the Clarisonic brush heads) so it works out to be cheaper in the long run.

  2. The battery life is amazing – one charge should last for 450 uses.

  3. Because the silicone is extra gentle, you can use the Luna as often as you wish (so twice a day is fine)!

  4. The antibacterial silicone is something new and innovative.

  5. The shape of the Foreo Luna is surprisingly comfortable to hold in the palm of your hand.

  6. Has both a cleansing side and an anti-ageing treatment/massage side to the device.

  7. You can increase the speed of your Luna depending on what is comfortable for you.

  8. Dries incredibly quickly and you only need to rinse the silicone to remove any left of cleanser/debris etc.

Negatives (as according to Beauty Bee):

  1. The Luna isn’t as comfortable getting in and around your nose as the Clarisonic Mia is. It takes some practice when figuring out how to maneuver it around your nose.

  2. While its deep cleansing, it doesn’t dislodge blackheads as well as the Clarisonic Luna does.

  3. Forking out the initial $249 hurts!

  4. You also should not use the Foreo Luna with cleansers that contain exfoliating micro beads or that are abrasive.


All up – which do I prefer and why? If I could only choose one device to use for the rest of my life, it would be….. the Foreo Luna. This is because is leaves my skin soooooo incredibly soft. I don’t quite understand how it does it, but the extra gentle silicone bristles must have something to do with it 😉 I also love not worrying about over exfoliating my skin like I do with the Clarisonic. I had the Clarisonic before I bought the Luna and after using the Luna, the Clarisonic’s bristles started to feel ‘harsher’ than I remembered them to be. I don’t know if this is because my skin has changed or if the softness factor between to two devices is just that different. I have a feeling its a little bit of both. The Clarisonic is great if you have extra oily skin, large pores, blackheads or if you need that extra bit of help retexturising your skin. I sometimes use the Luna’s anti-ageing side on wet skin, straight after cleansing and that also works a treat (as opposed to using it after applying your skin care products). I don’t have any wrinkles yet per se, so I can’t tell you if it works, but it is relaxing and feels like a treat. The Clarisonic is great to use before a mask as it does leave my skin feeling extra clean and ready for absorbing potent ingredients. I do find that buying brush heads for the Clarisonic is a bit of a pain, as is changing them every three months. It gets confusing if you don’t note down when you last changed your brush head – so if organisation isn’t your strong point, that might be a deal breaker. Neither device is bad – so it’s all about figuring out which would suit your skin needs better. Both devices will revolutionise your cleansing routine and your skin will be clearer and happier for it!

You can buy a ‘mini’ version of the Foreo Luna called the Luna Mini (how fitting lol) and it’s a touch smaller than the original and doesn’t contain the anti-ageing massager on the reverse side of device. The Luna Mini retails for $179 which is a touch cheaper than the original Luna ($249). The Clarisonic Mia 2 is the Clarisonics ‘travel’ friendly version of the device, which is a little smaller and contains only 2 speeds while the Clarisonic Aria contains three speed settings. The Clarisonic Aria retails for $245 (so on par with the original Foreo Luna) in comparison with $190 for the Clarisonic Mia 2.

Do you have a cleansing gadget beauties? If not, would you consider purchasing one? Which one speaks to you the most? I would love to know so do leave a comment below! 🙂

Catch ya next time,

Beauty Bee~

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