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Review: Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil in Raspberry & Red Berry

For some reason, when Clarins released their Instant Light Lip Comfort Oils, I needed to try them! I don’t have to many of those obsessive ‘I want it now’ moments when it comes to many beauty products anymore, so this feeling was strange to me after all this time lol… Clarins first released their Lip Comfort Oil in a honey shade (with a yellow/golden tone) which appealed to me, but I was holding out for the Raspberry shade (which I knew was coming, because I had seen it online and of course, we get everything super late here in Aus). I think what pushed me over the edge, was when they released the Lip Comfort Oil in Raspberry and I couldn’t get a hold of it anywhere. It sold out in like 2 seconds in every Australian retailer which stocked it. There was something about the texture, which I imagined would be so luscious and nourishing, plus the added pink sweet and bitter raspberry scent and tint, that called my name. So imagine my surprise, when I discover that the Raspberry shade AND the now new Red Berry shade seem to be permanent in the US! Instead of waiting and waiting for them to be released here in Aus (probably coming in summer 2018…) I just decided to order #02 Raspberry and #03 Red Berry from Nordstrom 🙂 Was all the trouble worth it???


Here is what Clarins says about it’s new ‘revolutionary’ formula:

Part skin care, part makeup, Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil has a unique sensorial feel on the lips: the smooth, comfortable sensation of an oil and a high-end shine, plumping result with no sticky feel. A breakthrough formula resulting from all the expertise of Clarins oils. Day after day, the lips are transformed. Perfectly nourished, they are once again supple and fuller-looking. Nourished, soothed lips and total comfort – A combination of three plant oils cares for lips by instantly nourishing and soothing, providing total comfort. Hazelnut, raspberry and organic jojoba oils, rich in fatty acids, protect against dehydration, to help restore incredibly beautiful radiant lips. 

What first surprised me about these lip oils, is that they aren’t ‘oily’ at all! They have a gel like texture instead, which really caught me off guard (helloooo – it does say oil in it’s name!). I don’t mind this at all per se, but I wouldn’t have minded if they had been a little ‘oily’ because to me oil textures are long lasting and super nourishing. Now that I think about it however, gel won’t melt off your makeup like oil can (if you are using these on top of other lip products) and aren’t as messy (I could see oil dripping uncontrollably upon application) so good move Clarins! The applicators also pick up just enough product out of the tube, so the application process is quite controlled. What surprised me next, is the delicious sweet scent of these lip oils. Raspberry does smell like raspberries, albeit very sweet raspberries… Red Berry’s scent is a little ‘deeper’ (and perhaps there’s a touch of cherry in there) but also very sweet. They actually remind me of childhood sweets or lipbalms, so they’re quite ‘nostalgic’ scents most people will like.


Raspberry (#2) is on the left, while Red Berry (#3) is on the right 🙂

The shades themselves also surprised me somewhat. Raspberry doesn’t have much of a tint to it at all, which is a little disappointing for me (after all, this was the coveted product I was yearning for!). I don’t have overly pigmented or dark lips either. Red Berry does provide a tint, which is lovely. It’s not a stain or a deep colour, but it provides a little translucent red tint to the lips. The texture of the lip oils are nice. It is smooth, hydrating and quite glossy. As I’m not generally into glosses, this is a nice change in my makeup/skincare bag. The lip oils are definitely hydrating and comforting, especially in winter when you get dry and wind burnt lips. I wouldn’t categorise this product as a repair lip balm, but it keeps your lips in good condition if they aren’t to bad to begin with. They will protect the lips and give them some extra needed moisture! Because of the sweet scent, you actually want to reapply this product to your lips time and time again, which your lips will of course thank you for, as it isn’t super long lasting on the lips (it’s very easy to eat it away!).


I also really like the sponge tip applicator in the Comfort Lip Oil. Yes it is a sponge – but it’s round and flat, so you coat more of your lips (and quite evenly) and it holds the product well.


It is a little bit of a bummer that Raspberry isn’t more of a tint (or even a stain would have been fab) since it is pink and all (though on second thoughts, raspberries aren’t really pink are they…) but what can you do *sigh. I am still happy with these lip oils, especially Red Berry, as I wan’t expecting this guy to be out and it meets my rather high hopes for this type of product. I really, really hope both Raspberry and Red Berry are both released in Australia ASAP and are made permanent. The Lip Comfort Oils are of course made in France also <3 Tres authentique!

In Aus, the Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil retails for $33 (you can find the honey shade at Adore Beauty)  while in the US, they sell for $25 (so the difference isn’t to massive). I bought mine from Nordstrom (and then shipped my goodies via a forwarding company).

Have you tried the Clarins Lip Comfort Oils Beauties? Does the formula appeal to you like it did to me? And more importantly – do you go out of your way to purchase hard to find goodies? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

Catch ya next time,

Beauty Bee~

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