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Review: Bobbi Brown Highlight & Glow Highlighting Duo (Limited Edition)

I find it really difficult to review limited edition skincare or makeup products because by the time I get my hands on them and test them thoroughly, they are out of stock :/ and there’s no real point in reviewing something most people can’t get (especially since we get collections generally later than everyone else in Oz…). Added to this is the ‘hunt’ and ‘rush’ to get limited edition collections that bothers me. I don’t like people missing out or adding to the ‘pressure’ of ‘keeping up’. I’ve decided to review this highlighting duo because it’s still available (hooray! 🎉🎁🎈) and would make a GREAT gift for the holiday season as it’s just SO fun and beautiful. So what is it? You might have guessed from the title of the post, but it’s two highlighting ‘powders’ from Bobbi Brown 🎀🌟 Can you believe that these are the first highlighters I’ve tried from Bobbi? The Shimmer Bricks always scared me with their shimmer LOL so I’ve been waiting for an alternative and here it is 🥳😊

Two deluxe-size shades of our cult-favourite Highlighting Powder in a festive palette that glitters like a snow globe when shaken—perfect for gifting or keeping for yourself. Formulated with a clear base and light-reflective pearl pigments, the luminizing powder gives skin a radiant glow when used individually and a high-impact, multidimensional look when layered.Shades Included:Highlighting Powder in Limited-Edition Shade Bare Glow Highlighting Powder in Limited-Edition Shade Opal GlowHow to Use:Using the Face Blender Brush or Sheer Powder Blush (sold separately), lightly dust onto the cheekbones, décolletage—anywhere you want to add a glow. Use shades individually or layered for dimension.

I’ll be TOTALLY honest here, it’s the packaging of this palette that totally suckered me in 🤩 I absolutely LOVE that that in the lid of the palette, is like a snow globe and the glitter and shimmer moves around. It’s just fun and totally brings out the kid in me! 🥳🌟 Another reason I bought this palette was because the highlight shades looked suitable for my skin tone (unlike the Laura Mercier Stardust Radiant Glow Palette even though it’s also beautiful – reviewed by Paris here) and the pans look huge! You get 18g of product in total, which divided by 2 is 9g per pan. The standard Bobbi Brown highlighting pans contain 8g of product and cost $80 – not cheap… This duo set costs $130 so that’s $65 dollars a pan, a total saving of $30 (not bad but still pricey). If you haven’t tried Bobbi Brown highlighters before (like me) this is probably the most economical way to do it.

Despite being called a ‘powder’ highlighter, the texture of the highlighters isn’t like a traditional powder. They remind me very much of the Estee Lauder Gelee powders, which are reminiscent of a gel or almost jelly like texture. At the same time, they do have a slight powder finish, so it’s a bit of a hybrid product. The pans also look the same as the Estee Lauder gelee highlighters once used – when your brush picks up the product, you get tiny little indentations in the pan. It’s a lot more noticeable compared to traditional powder forms. In saying that though, you can use a synthetic or natural bristle brush to apply the product and both types of brushes pick up the highlighter nicely.

So what about the shades? Bare Glow is a mid-toned warm gold. It blends in with my skin tone really nicely actually and because of this it’s quite subtle. The shimmer is very refined and there are no ‘chunky bits’ in sight. I’d describe  Bare Glow as a moderately shiny. Opal Glow is a cooler pink with iridescent shimmer. As a result, it provides more contrast against my skin tone and the iridescent shimmer catches the light a little better. Opal Glow is probably my favourite out of the two, but I will happily use either highlighter depending on the look I am wearing and occasion. I actually don’t think I have a pink highlighter in my collection (odd, I know!) so I’m super happy to have Opal Glow in my arsenal.

Above: Wearing Opal Glow

Above: Wearing Bare Glow. 

The only negative of these highlighters (ok, maybe the price will be too high for some Beauties…) is that they do settle into pores a little bit. I generally never even considered that we have pores on top of our cheekbones and you can see them a little bit in the photos above. It’s not terribly noticeable (only if someone is 5 centimetres away from your face) but if this is one of your concerns or something you get self conscious about, it’s a consideration. Other than that, they wear easily for 8+ hours without noticeable fading. The shades are probably more suited for fair to medium skin tones, though I think Opal Glow will be the most universal out of the two (I just LOVE it!).

I’m very happy with my purchase and will be using these highlighters on a regular basis. As a gift, you can’t go wrong – not only are the highlighters high quality but the packaging is beautiful. Even the box the palette comes in is textured – it has a velvety front cover! They really have thought about everything. The rest of the palette is made from a light gold plastic. It’s not a very heavy palette but it still looks luxe. There’s also a full sized mirror in the palette. Would I be worried travelling with the palette? I don’t think so. The cover (which holds the liquid and sparkles) is plastic and not glass. It feels durable and I’m sure that they’ve thought about what would happen if someone dropped the palette etc. I’m sure it could brake, but I doubt it’s very, very fragile.

You can probably find this duo in department stores (Myer – a lot of Myer stores have a Bobbi Brown counter) or online via the Bobbi Brown website (they do lots of promotions that include deluxe samples) and Adore Beauty.

I hope you Beauties found this review helpful and hopefully it’s reached someone in time LOL Let me know if you are a fan of Bobbi’s highlighters 😊🌟🌟🌟

Catch ya next time!

Beauty Bee~

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