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Review: Bioderma’s Photoderm SPF 30 Sun Spray (for Sensitive Skin) & Delicious Tea Craft

Trying to be extra sun savvy this summer (as all beauty bees should strive to be!) I figured that if wearing sunscreen everyday is super important, then going out into the hot sun with only a protected face isn’t the most sun savvy. My arms, shoulders and décolletage tend to be exposed on very hot days, so I was looking for a body sunscreen that I could wear almost every day to. Some people might ask why not just use your face sunscreen on your body, however they tend to be smaller in quantity, which means that I would run out of the sunscreen super fast. Also, I wanted something very light so that it wouldn’t stain my clothes, so not necessarily a physical-mineral sunscreen (which is my go to formula for face sunscreen) which tend to be thicker in texture and lie on top of the skin (if your confused about the different sunscreen types and formulas, check out my Sunscreen 101 post!). I also didn’t want it to have that traditional sunscreen smell, so that while running every day errands, people wouldn’t think I had just come back from the beach! After doing some browsing online, I decided to try the Bioderma Photoderm SPF 30 Sun Spray. According to Bioderma, this is what we should expect from the sunscreen –

A high tolerance, protecting spray for sensitive skin

With an invisible, photostable, water-resistant and non-greasy formula

Contains patented Cellular BIOprotection® complex to shield skin against risks of cell damage

Boasts high anti-UVB and superior anti-UVA performance

Prevents sun intolerance reactions while combating premature skin aging

Leaves skin supple and comfortable with a sun-kissed glow

Alcohol-free, paraben-free, non-comedogenic, hypoallergénic


Does the sunscreen live up to its promises? I think so 🙂 I think it’s worth every penny! It’s in a spray bottle, but it’s quite easy to control and you don’t get to much product in one pump. It’s light, blends in very nicely and non-greasy, so doesn’t leave any stains on my clothes. It doesn’t have that traditional sunscreen smell, the smell is rather light and fruity but then fades quickly. It really is perfect as an every day sunscreen. I’m also not worried about it sweating/rubbing off too easily. I was worried about getting more new freckles every summer and possibly pigmentation, but knowing that it is protecting me from UVA & UVB sun rays plus from cell damage, I’m not so worried any more 🙂 If it does leave me with some ‘sun-kissed’ colour, then even better 😉 It is more expensive than a sunscreen which  you would pick up from the supermarket or chemist/pharmacy, but the formula is more sophisticated in my opinion!


The formula comes in an SPF of 30+ and 50+. From what I can tell, the packaging is now slightly different – it is still in a orange spray bottle, but it is now more transparent or clear packaging and has the word ‘Invisible’ in it’s name. The packaging indicates that the formula is for sensitive skin, but that just means that sensitive skinned lasses don’t have to worry about the formula leaving your skin irritated, but it’s still definitely great for all skin types.

I’ve never seen it on the shelves here in Aus, but you can get it from Yes Style or Fresh Fragrance and Cosmetics. Both sites are great – Yes Style is a little cheaper but you have to pay for shipping. Fresh still has reasonable prices and you get free shipping! If you are in Poland or speak Polish, you can order the products from Apteka Slonik like I did 🙂 I’m really liking the look of Bioderma After Sun Milks so maybe I’ll get me one of those soon 😛 I need to buy a new Hydrobio H20 Micelle Solution (review here) soon, so maybe I’ll get a few other Bioderma goodies along with it!

It was so hot and humid in Sydney today, that the boyfriend and I went out for Sunday brunch to not be stuck at home sweltering. We went to a new Cafe in Castle Hill, called the Baron. The cafe itself was nice (very hipster-ish) but what was special for me was their Tea Craft iced tea. It was soooo refreshing and delicious that I had to tell you guys about it. Made fresh using lemon, lime, mint and a Karavan tea blend (a unique blend of silver jasmine, Yunnan red, mint and rose and bergamot) 🙂



I do give the Baron all the credit for making this ice tea in all its deliciousness! Now I just need to crack the recipe and learn how to make real and fresh ice tea! Let me know if you have any secret and delicious recipes!


Stay sun protected beauty bees (wherever you may be!) and let me know what sunscreens you have been loving lately 🙂

Catch ya next time!

Beauty Bee~

P.S this is post 97 so only three more posts until my first ever GIVEAWAY! 😀 Make sure your following the blog and have liked my bee-tastic Facebook page so you stay updated! Oh and two posts back I gave my beauty bees a sneak peek at one of the prizes which will be included (*cough cough* tea!) so check that out if you are curious 🙂

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