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Review: Bioderma’s Hydrabio H2O Micelle Solution

Micelle Solutions – aka cleansing waters – have taken the beauty world by storm even though that have been around for quite some time. I find it interesting asking why a product suddenly has been dropped into the spot light. Cleansing waters have been around in Europe for years now, and it wasn’t until some famous makeup artists started quoting that it was their ‘secret’ to removing makeup backstage at shows that people started going bananas for it! Plus, the fact that it’s French probably helps to. The most famous cleansing water has to be Bioderma’s Sensibio Micelle Solution (the one in a pink cap – for sensitive and normal to dry skin). It’s far from just a makeup remover. And surprisngly, I don’t actually like them as makeup removers (*GASP* how could she?!). But don’t worry, I do like it for other reasons, so lets get into it 🙂


I have the ‘blue cap’ version which is for sensitive and dehydrated skin. Both the  Hydrabio and Sensibio Micelle Solutions are quite similar – my mum uses the Sensibio version so I sometimes use hers if I haven’t got any of mine left. They are both for sensitive skins, so they are gentle and don’t strip your skin (so the PH levels remain as they should be). I picked the Hydrabio version because I figure the more moisture retained/put into your skin the better! This is what the producer says about the product on the packaging:

Hydrabio is the first cleansing and moisturing micelle solution with Aquagenium. From Bioderma’s research, the biological patent helps skin to rediscover it’s natural capacities for moisturisation and to lock the water essential to its balance. The micelles contained in its formula cleanse and remove make-up from face and eyes in a single step. The patented natural D.A.F2 complex, raises the skin’s tolerance threshold. Hydrabio H2O leaves skin soft, comfortable and radiant. Excellent cutaneous and ocular tolerance. Non-comedogenic. Instructions for use: soak a cotton pad. Cleanse/remove makeup from face and eyes. Dry gently.”



Now not all of that description makes sense, but hopefully you got the jist of it 🙂 I use it in the mornings when I’m in a rush and can’t be bothered cleansing with water. Usually two flat round cotton pads is enough to cleanse my skin really well. The reason I personally don’t like to use it for makeup removal is because I like to wipe down my face until there’s no trace of makeup/dirt left on the cotton pad. If I keep wiping down my face until there’s no trace of any makeup/dirt I have to use A LOT of product and cotton pads. I just find it a waste of product. A good cleanser used with water should do the job of removing makeup and dirt in one go. Plus, cleansing using warm-lukewarm water opens up the pores and allows for deeper cleansing to occur. So at night I always cleanse using a gel cleanser and warm water. It does work well at removing dirt and oil so I find it perfect for morning use.  I don’t necessarily feel that my skin is more moisturised after using the cleansing water – for example I couldn’t forgo using moisturiser BUT it definitely doesn’t feel stripped and it feels comfortable. If you have very sensitive eyes, this might be the perfect eye makeup remover for you because it is super gentle.

I don’t buy my Bioderma products from Aus. I find that the Aus retail prices are a rip off so I buy mine from Yes Style (a Korean site). They don’t have Hydrabio version of their Micelle Solution atm (if they aren’t in stock they aren’t listed on the site but they always appear again so if you after the Hydrabio version keep checking back every few days) but they do have Sensibio which is very similar (and they have it in 250ml and 500ml versions – the 500ml bottle is so cheap! ) and Sebium Cleansing Solution which is the version for combination and oily skin types. I have never had any issues ordering from Yes Style and their shipping to Aus is only $10 bucks (and sometimes it’s completely free)! Bargin!

The other option is to buy it from an online French or European chemist – a little tricky if you don’t speak French or another European language and some online stores don’t ship worldwide, however, there is one French site ( which has a sister version of the French site in English (here). They charge in pounds but the prices are insanely cheap. Before you get carried away – the shipping is only via courier and can be quite expensive. For me, it still works out to be cheaper then buying Bioderman products from Aus (especially big bulk bottles), but if I can find the products that I want on Yes Style then I buy them there as shipping is faster and I don’t have to worry about conversion rates to much.

I can’t believe it is the 1st of DECEMBER! o _ O Not only is it holiday season (and may I add that I’m going away for the weekend next weekend, Yipee!) but it’s the beginning of SUMMER in Aus! 😀 If it’s cold where you are in the world, I’m sending you some sunshine, warmth and a wish to make 🙂



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Catch ya next time!

Beauty Bee~

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