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Review: Bioderma Créaline AR BB Cream Anti-Redness SPF 30

I know a little while ago while reviewing Erborian’s CC creme (you can read that review here) I said that I was a bit sceptical when it came to BB and CC creams. The reason being, that if a cream claims to do lots of different things then it probably won’t do them all very well. Hence I would prefer to use more targeted treatments for problem areas and makeup suited exactly to my skin tone (hence the limited shade range). I do however, like Bioderma as a brand and I thought that if I could find a tinted cream to use during hot summer months, it could make makeup application so much easier if I am going for a quick and simple look. So I gave in to try this bb cream lol Here’s what it looks like and what the producer says about the product –

“Bioderma Créaline AR BB Cream Anti-Redness SPF 30 40ml is multi-actions new generation care for sensitive and reactive skin, and skin with rosacea tendencies.The Créaline BB AR Cream: – hides redness,- evens the complexion and brings radiance,- reduces and prevents biological redness,- soothes,- moisturizes,- protects from UV with its SPF 30.The BB Cream AR technology offers a unique tinted cover associated to an innovative texture which changes after being in contact with the skin and lets the skin breathe.The exclusive rosactiv patent acts biologically on the responsible factor of the dilatation and fragilization of little vessels, creating permanent redness.Light and natural make-up effect: light shade.”



Now I don’t have rosacea but in summer I can get quite red cheeks. Anything to minimise the redness and protect my skin is a good thing. This bb cream contains a spf of 30 (chemical filters) and only comes in the one shade from what I can gather (light). It’s not as dark as the Erborian CC cream, however it is still quite on the yellow side of the spectrum. It’s a little thick, almost like a night cream without being to overly heavy or oily. It does feel nice on the skin. I would probably say that the finish is quite satin to matte.

The problem I have is that to me, your base makeup should be seamless. The more natural looking the better and hence the foundation/tinted moisturiser/bb cream should be your skin tone (or very close to). To ‘darken’ or add colour to my face I would use a bronzer/blush. It does seem to melt into the skin after some time, appearing less like your older sisters foundation when you are, say, 10 years old. If the colour happens to be very close to your skin tone than you may be in luck. For me though, I’m not so comfortable. I did leave the house in it but I wasn’t entirely happy. Perhaps in summer when I have more of a tan it will work? I’m not sure if the yellow tone of the bb cream will still come through and stand out, but that’s something I will find out later.

I do have a photo comparison for you – a before photo with nothing but moisturiser on my face and an after photo with only the bb cream on my face (no concealer or powder). This is a bit daunting for me, but here we go!



It does even out my skin tone. And the difference to my natural skin tone isn’t terrible  or very noticeable – however, because the bb cream is a little on the thicker side (than say compared to your standard liquid foundation) it is a little difficult to blend out around your eyes, eyebrows etc. The other issue I have with makeup containing sunscreen, is that usually you have to apply more sunscreen than you might think in order to receive the full protection stated on the packaging. That’s one major plus of using a sunscreen separately (underneath your makeup). Because the bb cream is on the thicker side, perhaps this gives you the full benefits of the sunscreen protection? I’m not entirely sure – that’s one for dermatologists, chemists or Bioderma! It does explain the texture, however this makes it a little more difficult to work with. Now I’ve always been sceptical of this bb and cc cream fad, and at the moment I haven’t been entirely convinced otherwise. If it happens to match your skin tone, then maybe it would be perfect for you if its what you are looking for (and then you could do it for the team and the lazy girl inside all of us!).

I’m not sure if it’s available in Aus yet (I bought it on an overseas site) but I just realised that you can purchase it on Amazon and they are willing to ship it anywhere in the world for free!

Have you tried a BB or CC cream? Loved or loathed them?

Catch ya next time beauty bees!

Beauty Bee~

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