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Review: Billy Goat Soap’s Moisturiser

I love skin care products which contain goats milk (or any other kind of milk for that matter). They tend to me more soothing and natural. Billy Goat Soap’s body moisturiser is no different. It’s actually pretty darn good! Much better than what I expected. For a ‘lightweight’ moisturiser it’s incredibly hydrating. It’s also so gentle (and non greasy) that you can use it on your face to (perfect for the lazy man that lives in your house!).

At first when you start to rub it in, it doesn’t seem to be sinking in, but never fear – in a minute or less the moisturiser has nicely sunk in. It doesn’t leave a greasy or sticky film on your skin. It does however, leave your skin very hydrated. I can usually feel that my skin is hydrated, soft and comfortable (without that tight dry skin feeling) even a day or two after application. It’ll be perfect for summer when you need something very soothing after a day out in the sun, without the heaviness of a body butter.


The other reason I loooove this moisturiser, is that it contains niacin (vitamin B3). I use products containing niacin in skin care products designed for the face and it’s so great finally finding it in a body moisturiser (the skin on your body needs a lot more attention and love than you might think!). Niacin speeds up cell turn over and repairs DNA damage (think wrinkles, uneven skin tone) perfect considering that your body probably cops just as much ‘abuse’ (aka damage) as does your face. Here’s a list of the full ingredients:


I highly recommend this moisturiser, so it gets 5 stars from me 😀 I bought mine in the chemist/pharmacy for about $18 aus monies (250ml) but you can also find it online here.

Are you a fan of skin care products containing goat’s milk?Billy Goat Soap have also brought out a lip balm, which I would like to try!

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Catch ya later beauty bees!

Beauty Bee~

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