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Review: Becca’s Backlight Targeted Colour Corrector in Papaya

If you suffer from dark undereye circles, then probably like me, you are willing to try almost anything to make them disappear! Even temporarily 😉 When I saw Becca’s Backlight Targeted Colour Corrector in Papaya, I thought to myself that perhaps, just perhaps, this is what I have been waiting for! You probably know that peachy tones are supposed to cancel out the blue/purple tones that make up dark under eye circles. Whilst Papaya looks super scary because it is red, it does make sense that red should have even more success cancelling out those deeper tones of blue and green (I have all the colours of the rainbow in my dark circles). Did it end up being everything I wanted it to be? Not really…

This highly pigmented formula targets and adheres to specific areas of concern, while light reflecting pearls impart subtle luminosity that help to blue imperfections. Instead of trying to cover deep blue and greens, this pigment-rich targeted colour corrector actually neutralises discolourations in a light reflecting formula that blurs imperfections and works underneath foundation and/or concealer to create an even-tone, perfected and beautiful complexion.


The corrector itself is quite thick but creamy, so it’s easy to apply and spread on the skin. I tried applying the corrector (only directly on dark areas which needed it) with my fingers, but you tend to apply to much product this way. Using a mini beauty blender or brush works much better and you use a lot less product this way. It didn’t make my concealer crease in any way and it’s quite hydrating like the Under Eye Brightening Corrector. So what wasn’t I happy with it? Because it is red, it is incredibly hard to cover with concealer. Now I use Makeup For Ever’s Full Cover Concealer, which is super full coverage (it’s not even designed to be used under the eyes really) and it still takes a lot of product to cover. The red tone is so deep that it automatically makes yellow toned concealers look very peachy/orange, and this this makes it stand out from the rest of my face makeup. Because I am quite fair, my under eye area ends up looking darker, bringing more attention to the area. Weirdly, I also don’t find that it covers my dark circles that much better than the Under Eye Brightener Corrector (which is a light peachy/pink shade). I have tried using only the tiniest amount of the corrector, but it’s the tone or colour of the product which does not work for me. It also makes you use lots of concealer, which is a terrible idea under the eye. Your skin is so gentle there, that you want to use the least product possible, so you don’t weigh down the skin, making it more prone to creasing.


Above: a swatch of Becca’s Backlight Targeted Corrector in Papaya and Beccas’s Under Eye Brightening Corrector for comparison.


Perhaps if you already have red tones in your complexion (I’m thinking African, deep Indian skin tones etc.) it may work for you brilliantly, but not if you are fair. I tried taking photos for you to see how my concealer deepens in colour when wearing this corrector, however it didn’t show on my camera. I think that is why fair girls have posted such photos online, saying the corrector works for them, when really who knows.

Becca is one of my favourite makeup brands, but I’m so disappointed that they are so heavily US focuses now. I don’t consider them to be an Australian brand anymore as products are released in the US before they are in Aus and they are even made in the US. I know it makes perfect business sense (the market in the US is sooo much larger) but it does change the brand. Their pairing with Jacklyn Hill always surprised me, because their ‘philosophy’ has always been for very natural, almost minimalistic makeup, while for me a lot of Youtubers are definitely not into minimal looks (obviously I love makeup and there’s nothing wrong with wearing a lot of makeup, it’s just a different style or aesthetic). Has this ever happened to one of your ‘home brands’ or a favourite brands? The one positive of course is that they have been providing some good sales on their Aus webiste recently (but the coloured correctors aren’t on their website which is weird…). You can find the Papaya corrector, as well as their green (pistachio), peach and violet correctors at Adore Beauty for $40 (free shipping is included!). Now I’m thinking the Peach corrector may have been better suited for me, but I’ll stick to the Under Eye Brightener for the time being! 🙂

Catch ya next time beauties!

Beauty Bee~

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