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Review: Becca Beach Tint in Fig & Signorina Eau De Parfum

Becca beach tints are a little bit famous these days (as they should be, considering how fab they are!) so I thought that I would review one of the lesser known shades, fig. I loooove the selection of colours available in the beach tints, it means you will find one for every occasion (and as a collector – it gives me more to collect 😀 ). There’s ten shades available in the range and fig is maybe the most quiet of the lot. Quiet doesn’t mean boring to me. It’s a natural shade, but so subtly beautiful. Elegant. It is the colour of a fig (when you pull it apart to see the pink centre) but slightly muted, that muted pinky plum shade. This is a cracking nude.



The Becca beach tints come in quite a small screw top tube. When I bought my first beach tint I was shocked at how small the little tube was. It contains 7ml of product and considering how little you need, it’s plenty (it really is!). I still haven’t finished a tube of beach tint, so that’s saying something! The consistency is light but not runny. It’s quite perfect. Only warning I will give is that I have found that if the product hasn’t been used in a little while, you should give the tube a good shake before trying to dispense the product, otherwise it may separate slightly and the product won’t come out evenly. I’ve found this to happen across all the beach tints no matter what shade you are using, but with a good shake there is nothing to worry about.



You can build up the product to a certain point. You can add one light layer to your cheeks and lips for a barely there look. The darkest you will get is the shade you can see in the swatch above. The product does not go cakey on your cheeks even after multiple layers. It also blends out beautifully because the product isn’t to thick or heavy to blend. It can go slightly dry and cakey on your lips, but only if you have added waaay to much product (and it’s built up on your lips) or if your lips are in very bad condition.

The finish is somewhere in-between a satin and matte. There’s no sparkle or shimmer (which is what you want if you are going for a natural/nude look) but leaves a creamy silky texture to the cheeks (but not powder like). It is slightly drying on the lips (I think this is because lips are quite dry to begin with – they don’t have oil glands like the rest of your skin does) so if my lips are dry to begin with, I add a colourless balm on top which makes it more comfortable to wear without changing the colour.

Below is a shot of the product on my cheeks and lips 🙂


It’s subtle isn’t it? 🙂 What do you think of the shade? I buy my beach tints from Adore Beauty. The Becca products they stock are slightly cheaper than if you were to buy them from an Australian department store (and they have free shipping on all orders in Aus!). On Adore Beauty they retail for $33.60 Aus gold coins. Even though it is an Australian brand, they are cheaper in the US which kills me! Oh wells…

Something new in my collection is the fragrance Signorina by Salvatore Ferragamo. I was given this fragrance for my birthday recently, from a beautiful friend of mine 🙂 To me it’s the perfect combination – Fig Beach tint and Signorina. Signorina is subtle also, but in a very classic way. When I think of classic feminine perfumes, it makes me think of something heavy and strong. I think we have moved away from those overbearing strong notes and I for one am thankful for that! I don’t think those strong heavy notes describe young, feminine women who want to be seen as fresh, vibrant and full of life. Check out this lovely description of the scent –

“Signorina is a celebration of chic girls with a sophisticated, subtly cheeky and fresh scent signature. A new fragrance creation with the elegant and all Italian style by Salvatore Ferragamo. A fragrance inspired by the strong bond between Salvatore Ferragamo and trendy feminine young ladies with timeless modernity, creativity and a hint of audacity. Signorina, a lovely and chic Italian name that literally means young woman. Stylish, truly Italian, fresh and full of life.

The bright fizzy notes of currant spiced by fresh pink pepper bring their joyful, cheeky character to green notes. A generous dewy floral heart is composed of elegant jasmine, pink peony and rose. Spontaneous and delicate sweetness of pannacotta together with soft musks and intriguing woody patchouli notes offer a racy Italian elegance and an unexpected addictiveness.

Olfactive Family: Floriental Fruity.” 

The first thing I smell when spraying on this perfume is the rose and pink peony. But it’s not a sickly sweet floral, it has depth and a lightness to it – maybe it’s the pink pepper and panna cotta? Doesn’t it just sound delicious? 😛 Even though it’s a parfum – the most concentrated perfume you can buy, it isn’t heavy at all.

And what about the design of the bottle? Also simple and classic, but the pink ribbons make it feminine and fun!

“Signorina`s flacon is a statement of subtle elegance and grace. The squared design recalls a precious jewel box. On top, the flacon shows a reinterpretation of the iconic Vara bow in gros grain in two cheeky pink shades. A lovely bubble of pink gold completes this sophisticated creations with a touch of irony. The outer packaging is gracefully decorated with pink gold frames, that give a light and iconic style. The Salvatore Ferragamo logo is embossed on the top and elegantly seals the box. A perfect blend of style and freshness.

A girl, a “ Signorina”, as the interpreter of an iconic love. A frame of a love story between a young woman and a young man, perfectly interpreted by Italian top-model Bianca Balti. Feminine and fresh but with a strong personality. A subtly cheeky and romantic interpretation of a young lady with the impeccable and stylish signature by Salvatore Ferragamo. Signorina was launched in 2011.”

(description from  Fragrantica)

Who wants to smell like that description? Me, me, me!



Have you tried any of the Becca beach tints beauty bees? What perfume are you wearing at the moment?

Don’t forget that my competition is still running, so if you want to win some beauty goodies, check out that post here! The giveaway is open to all beauty bees across the globe 🙂

Catch ya next time!

Beauty Bee~

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