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Review: Babe Scrub in Pink Salt

Welcome back beauty bees! 😀

Hopefully you remember the post I did not long ago, about Babe’s Scrub in Green Tea (find that review here if you missed it!) as today I’d like to introduce you to another of their special scrubs, Pink Salt – How do you do?

Along with Green Tea, Babe scrub also do a Coffee scrub and a Pink Salt scrub. Pink Salt is a lovely body scrub made from hand mined Himalayan mineral crystal salts. Just a little bit fancy 😉


As you can see, Pink Salt got some lovin’ from me as it was Valentines Day and all! Here’s what you will find in the scrub:


Why these particular ingredients? Babe Scrub gives us the lowdown:

“Relax muscles, detoxify and polish your booty with our divine pink Himalayan salt body scrub for über glowing skin and even skin tone. This Himalayan pink salt scrub boosts circulation to remove flaky skin, lines, lumps, and bumps. This little babe also doubles up as a fantastic post workout bath soak to ease your muscles and joints. Perfect after that sporting event or triathlon! 

Himalayan pink salt is a mineral rich salt originating from naturally occurring ancient sea deposits in Pakistan. The salt found here is packed full of trace minerals which have significant health benefits used to stimulate circulation, relax the body, lower blood pressure, sooth sore muscles, and remove toxins from the body. Rubbing salt on our booty exfoliates by removing dead skin cell allowing your skin to breathe and rejuvenate.

Sugar is a hydrating miracle when applied to our booties. Sugar contains naturally occurring Alpha Hydroxy acid which is famous in the beauty industry for its anti wrinkle and moisturising properties for reducing stretch marks. Sugar is also the perfect skin exfoliator and is known to heal acne, eczema and psoriasis as it gently removes dry skin while unblocking the skin pores to remove dirt to reveal beautiful, polished glowing skin.

Our blend of organic oils is rich in Vitamin E, antioxidants and naturally occurring fatty acids including oleic, linoleic and plamitic acids. All of these properties work to nourish and soften the skin and prevent moisture loss to relieve dry itching skin and works a miracle on reducing redness and scarring. “

I was expecting this scrub to be ‘tough’ (loving but tough) on the skin, as whenever I’ve seen Himalayan pink salt at the shops, the salt crystals seemed to be very large in size with irregular edges.  This scrub however, isn’t as tough as the salt crystals aren’t to massive and are rather smooth. You get the odd larger salt crystal here and there, but the scrub is surprisingly gentle.  The finer salt crystals work well combined with the sugar. Because sugar melts under water, if your skin is very damp, the scrub will be even gentler. It has an interesting smell – the salt isn’t overpowering but you get that combination of salt (think of that sea salt smell) and a slight sweet scent at the same time. I like that it doesn’t have any overpowering artificial fragrances.


The longer you leave the scrub on your body the better apparently (Babe recommends leaving it on for 5-10 minutes) in order to let the salt do it’s detoxifying ‘thing’. I felt a little bit of a tingling sensation because of the salt  (it’s a gentle tingling though) which I have experienced before with salt scrubs (or just pure salt – I found that in Korea, after a spa or sauna, ladies would rub salt all over their bodies. It was much more intense than this scrub and it wasn’t so pleasant, it was a definite stinging sensation even though I didn’t have any cuts on my body  – who knew that salt could trigger such a strong sensation on the skin?!). This scrub definitely isn’t just for pros, so we should be safe with this one! 😉 The scrub doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry, it’s left lightly hydrated and very smooth – so I would still recommend that you moisturise afterwards. You can also use the scrub as a body soak, in order to soothe inflamed joints and muscles, so it’s a nice multi-purpose product!

As I mentioned above, you can find Himalayan pink salt at a variety of places these days (it’s not so hard to get as it used to be). Your best bet would be to find it in a health food store or even in pharmacies (that’s where I bought mine). It’s a GREAT alternative to regular white table salt (usually the cheap white table salt is refined, which means cleansed and processed to the point that most of the natural minerals, trace elements and iodine found naturally in salt, is gone – a few may be ‘put back in’ by the manufacturer but it’s no where near the nutritional quality it once contained) as long as you pick one which is unrefined. As I found out, you can find coarser salt crystals for cooking, or more finely milled salt crystals for table use. It’s not crazily expensive either – so even a small change like this is bettering your health 🙂 Oh – I should also add that Himalayan salt is SUPER salty, so you will probably need to use less than you would normally 🙂


Don’t forget to give yourself some lovin’ all through 2014 and take care of your loved ones! I have mixed feeling about Valentine’s day, because while it’s a great reminder to spoil your beloved, I wish we did this all year round. Maybe that should become some sort of project of mine? Hmmm, I’ll give it some thought and see what I can some up with! In the mean time, I’ve started exfoliating my body once a week (regularly was the aim) so these Babe scrubs have been great! I love that it got me thinking about salt in general lol – see beauty isn’t only skin deep 😉 Little changes in your diet should help you AND those around you, so that’s also a great start to a healthier you 🙂


You can buy the Pink Salt scrub from Babe online for $21.95 Aus gold coins. Babe do free delivery in Australia but also deliver world wide ($5 per scrub) , so you won’t miss out should you live in Estonia 😉

Do you exfoliate your body regularly beauty bees?

Catch ya next time!

Beauty Bee~

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