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Review: Babe Scrub in Green Tea & Tea Chat

Hi beauty bees! Pull up a chair and pour yourself a cup of green tea 🙂


I’ve discovered some new goodies this past week and learned some new things, so I had to share the good news with you! 🙂 First of all though, it’s the first of FEBRUARY! I don’t know about you, but this first month has been a whirlwind for me and gone by so FAST it’s ridiculous. I’ve had a hard time finding my feet and trying to figure out what I want to achieve this year. Maybe it will become clearer in Feb now that the party season has died down? Let’s hope so anyways!


Now back on the beauty train, I’ve discover a wonderful little Australian beauty brand specialising in bootylicious body scrubs! Babe Scrub make high quality body scrubs, using only virgin ingredients that are super fresh. They contain all the nutrients your skin needs to combat cellulite, scars, stretch marks, lumps, bumps, flaky skin, relive eczema and psoriasis. I’ve spoken about the benefits of exfoliation before (see that post here if you are a forgetful beauty bee or if your a curious new beauty bee!) and most of us don’t treat our bodies as well as we do our faces, so it’s worth investing just a little more tlc time to see results! They make three different scrubs and each scrub contains unique ingredients, which contain their own unique skin benefits. There is a coffee scrub, Himalayan pink salt scrub and a green tea scrub. I was able to get my paws on all three and will review each one individually as I think that’s what they deserve 😛 But first up, as you may have guessed, is the green tea scrub!


The packaging has a zip lock at the top of the bag so that your scrub can stay super fresh 🙂


Babe Scrub give a great ‘low down’ on all the ingredients and why they’ve chosen these ingredients specifically to be in the scrub. So in their own words, this is what the scrub is set to achieve and what benefits lie within the ingredients!

Detox and beautify with our divine green-tea body scrub. This healing scrub includes ingredients known and used in the beauty industry to protect against sun damage and fight to reduce wrinkles, acne, scars and redness, giving your skin an even tone. 

Here’s the science behind our babe green tea scrub.

Green tea is packed with some of the most powerful antioxidants going around thanks to its high levels of oligomeric proanthocyanidins. Because of this, green tea has healing properties which protect the skin from being punished by harmful free radicals. Its anti-inflammatory properties can help protect your skin from sunburn, and green tea is gaining a cult following in the beauty industry for body and face treatments because it has been attributed to increasing elasticity to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Green tea has also been found to reduce the symptoms of skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

Sugar is a hydrating miracle when applied to our booties. Sugar contains naturally occurring Alpha Hydroxy acid which is famous in the beauty industry for its anti wrinkle and moisturising properties for reducing stretch marks. Sugar is also the perfect skin exfoliator and is known to heal acne, eczema and psoriasis as it gently removes dry skin while unblocking the skin pores to remove dirt to reveal beautiful, polished glowing skin.

Seaweed is a rich source of organic proteins, minerals and vitamins including vitamins B12 (not found in land plants), vitamin E, and other nutrients. When placed on our booty, seaweed is a powerful detoxifier that draws out toxins and impurities while adding beneficial nutrients. Seaweed also stimulates circulation, minimising cellulite and infusing the skin with moisture for healthy glowing skin.

Our blend of organic oils is rich in Vitamin E, antioxidants and naturally occurring fatty acids including oleic, linoleic and plamitic acids. All of these properties work to nourish and soften the skin and prevent moisture loss to relieve dry itching skin and works a miracle on reducing redness and scarring.”


Now here are my thoughts on the scrub!

Being a sugar scrub it’s not as abrasive as say, a salt scrub, so it’s perfect for those who have more sensitive skin. I usually stand up in the bath and massage the scrub into each limb. If you want to make the scrub very gentle, make sure that your body is quite wet and your hands are damp, that way as you massage the product in, it will begin to melt and you won’t ‘hurt’ yourself as such. I on the other hand like quite abrasive scrubs, so I make sure that my hands are dry before rubbing in the scrub and then it melts much less slowly. If you want to go all out, you could use it on completely dry skin to really get it in there! I love that the scrub doesn’t have an artificial fragrance – it does smell like real green tea plus a light sea like scent (that would be the seaweed!). Once I’m done scrubbing, I lay back down in the bath while the green tea leaves float around me. It quite spa like which is great! 😛 You most definitely feel smoother after using this scrub and I would even say detoxified. It doesn’t leave you feeling slippery or moisturised as such (some scrubs leave you quite ‘buttered’ up) and I would say that this is because it is not only removing all those dead skin cells, but also boosting circulation and drawing out impurities. It by no means leaves you feeling desert dry, but I would most definately recommend moisturising afterwards. If you want to tighten up your skin, make your skin tone more even (perhaps after being out in the sun for *ahem* a tad to long) then this scrub is for you! It does give you a spa like experience at home and I know that I for one, don’t have the time or monies to be scrubbed down by someone at a salon (I’m sure it’s nice, albeit a little awkward lol!).


You receive 200g of product, which should last you for about 3-5 uses, depending how much scrub you use each time. The scrub has a shelf life of 6 months because the ingredients are super fresh! Oh and this green tea scrub will set you back $21.95 gold Aus coins. You can buy the scrub directly from Babe Scrub here and if you live in Aus then the shipping is on the house 😀

While we are on the topic of green tea, I thought I would mention a little tip in getting the most nutritional benefits from your cup of tea when sipping it (not slurping right? :P). We beauty bees know that you should brew your green tea using water which is about 80 degrees (max!) and researches from Japan’s Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine have found that drinking a cup daily, can protect your teeth and gums from tooth decay AND that combining your green tea with citrus fruits, helps the antioxidants found in green tea to be more easily absorbed by your body (it’s the ascorbic acid in citrus fruits that helps stabilise antioxidants and keeps them working for longer). So that means that putting some fresh lime or lemon juice (or grapefruit juice if your wacky :P) into your tea gets a thumbs up! The cooler the tea is when you add your lemon or lime juice the better. Considering its super hot in Aus atm, drinking cool or iced green tea is the bomb anyhow. Adding some lime or lemon juice just makes it more refreshing! You could also try adding some mint if you want to be even more fancy!



Green tea in your cup and in your beauty products just sounds fab doesn’t it? 🙂 So hop to it beauty bees!

Have you been using a scrub lately in your body care routine?

Catch ya next time beauty bees!

Beauty Bee~

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