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Review: Avon Triple Phase Body Oil

I bought the Avon Triple Phase Body Oil a few months back from one of their brochures, falling in love with it quite quickly. Oddly enough however, it disappeared from their brochures  and so I was torn about whether or not to review it (if you can’t purchase it, the review might be redundant and all). Luckily, it has returned to it’s catalogues (I have brochure #03 currently and you can find the oil on pg. 118) so I can still tell you all about it and you will still have a chance to try it! 🙂

I love pretty much all body lotions, butters and oils! Slathering yourself with some sort of body moisturiser, is such an intimate ritual, I love even more because we will in such high paced societies and it forces you to take a minute or two for yourself. I’m a big fan of oils in particular, because my skin feels automatically really protected and hydrated. The Triple Phase Body Oil from Avon was a bit of a ‘find’ because I didn’t expect to like it quite as much as I do – it’s only $9.99 Aus dollars (for 140ml) and contains a mix of seriously nourishing oils. The ingredient list is quite short, which also means there isn’t to many ‘fillers’ in the product itself – another win! It is from their ‘Skin so Soft’ body range, which is usually made up of basic body care products, designed to be as moisturising as possible. I remember my mum using Skin so Soft bath oils back in the day, so it does make me a little nostalgic.

This pleasantly scented tri-phase moisturiser is formulated with a blend of heritage inspired signature oils. Nourishes skin with moisture that lasts throughout the day, leaving it looking and feeling beautiful and touchably soft. 
  1. Layer 1 – provides nourishing essential oils

  2. Layer 2 – protects and helps lock in moisture

  3. Layer 3 – hydrates dry skinContains Argan oil, Babassu oil, Macadamia Nut oil, Sunflower Seed oil & Vitamin E.

The three layers of the oil blend well together once you give the bottle a good shake. The oil is also described as ‘non-greasy’ on the Avon website,  but let me assure you, that this isn’t the case! It is most definitely a traditional oil – it isn’t a dry oil at all, so you will have a slight greasy feel left on the skin (this is also dependant on how much oil you use on the skin of course). I don’t mind this myself, as I find that kind of ‘slip’ to feel pleasant. I love the scent of the oil also, slightly nutty and just a touch floral. Even though fragrance is listed in the ingredients, it doesn’t smell synthetic per se. My skin does feel soft and moisturised for a day or so after application – however, I love using the oil after a bath in the evening, because then my pjs smell like the oil and also feel a little ‘softened’ (it doesn’t stain my clothes or linen)! Oils have a tendency to form an occlusive barrier on your skin if you use to much and then they can ‘rub off’ your skin, leaving it unprotected and prone to dryness. Even once this oil dries down (and yes I use it quite liberally) but skin still feels softened and smooth, which is a major plus. If you would like to use the oil during the day, as long as you use it sparingly and only use a small amount, your clothes won’t pick up to much of the oil.

As I mentioned, for $10, this oil is the bomb! It also isn’t a massive bottle (140ml) but because a little does go a long way, it lasts for quite quite a while and won’t take up to much room in your bathroom (or if you want to travel with it). If you’d like to get into using a body moisturiser after showering/taking a bath, or haven’t used a body oil before, you can’t go wrong with this one as it doesn’t cost to much and you might just find yourself a body oil convert 😉

I like to order my Avon products from a local representative and you can find yours via their website. Or, you can also order directly from their website, so the choice is yours!

Are you a fan of body oils beauties? Ever used any body products from Avon? Let me know in the comments below!

Catch ya next time,

Beauty Bee~

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