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Review: Avon’s Perfectly Matte Lipstick

Ahhh lipsticks. the vice of many women 😛 You might know I like Avon for it’s affordable beauty and accessibility. They have some pearls in their collection (everyone knows of the famous bronzing pearls!!!) so with matte lipsticks being ‘in’ for the last 2 or 20 years now, how do their matte lippies stack up? 🙂

100% matte look with lasting comfort. Seals in moisture for a shine-free colour that wears comfortably hour after hour. 

I love a good matte lippie, but they can be super drying. Because of this, I’ve stayed away from wearing them on super long days, because no good comes from wearing a matte lipstick for 12 hours straight, but I was curious to see how this formula fared. While Avon is a super accessible brand around the world, picking colours and formulas from a brochure can be difficult. Up till a few years ago, I always thought that Avon only did lipsticks in colours such as peach, brown, plum and dark reds. Everything seemed really dull and muted. I can see that back in the day, these type of colours would have been ‘in’, plus, you they would have been appealing to a more mature and reserved crowd. What I like most about beauty currently, is that a lot of ‘rules’ are being broken, so a lot more women (young or mature) are experimenting more with colour, no matter what the current trends are. Avon has definitely expanded their colour ranges in the last couple of years and offer some bright pinks, bright reds and purples. I decided to pick a few different shades for comparison – a natural, ‘nude’ like pink (Pure Pink), a light purple (Ideal Lilac) and bright pink (Splendidly Fuchsia).

The nude pink (Pure Pink) leans slightly peach in some lights and is a touch warm but I can deal with it 😉 It’s not to pale or light, so it won’t make you look like you are seriously ill, which is a plus! It’s most definitely a medium pink and the intensity of the pink itself can change depending on the light you are in. Ideal Lilac is a light, almost neon like purple (not traditional what so ever!). It has a white base, so it won’t be a colour for most people (I expect that their other light pink offering Electric Pink, would also have a white base). I’d prefer if it didn’t have a white base (it would then be easier to carry off) but it’s actually been growing on me the more I experiment with it. It almost has a blue-cool tone. Splendidly Fuchsia is a bright medium fuchsia pink as expected. It’s the most neutral colour out of the three and should suit most skin tones as a result. It’s a colour I would naturally gravitate towards, which makes it easier to wear (for me).


From top to bottom: Pure Pink, Ideal Lilac & Splendidly Fuchsia. The photo is without flash so you can see what they look like in natural light. 

 Now the texture of these matte lipsticks is quite different from your standard matte lippy. They almost have like a mousse like texture to them – it’s quite odd at first, but it does make them more comfortable to wear (they feel lighter, so they must have less wax in them). Now this can be problematic for two reasons. Firstly, if your lips are very dry, the lipstick won’t ‘adhere’ to the lips very well and you may get a patchy result. Make sure you scrub away any loose skin before applying. One swipe can go on unevenly, again because of the texture, but a few swipes and it all evens out. Once you apply the lipstick evenly and let it sit on the lips for a little while, it won’t ‘set’ per se, but I think the pigment dries out slightly and they do become quite long lasting as a result. They won’t survive a big, greasy meal and aren’t as long lasting as a liquid matte lipstick, but they are ten times more comfortable to wear. I probably get about a good 4-5 hours if I’m not eating anything to heavy or drinking lots of coffee 😉 Touch ups aren’t to much of a problem either, so I don’t find this to be a problem. Freshening up my lipstick always makes me feel a better and well, fresher, so I probably wouldn’t wait until the 5 hour mark unless I had to.

The lipsticks comes in a matte black lipstick case, made from light plastic. Nothing fancy really, but it also it’s by no means the worst. I like the simplicity of their packaging, so that’s a major plus! The tops of the lipstick lids are clear, so you can peek inside to see what colour it is, which is neat.


Above: Pure Pink 


Above: Ideal Lilac (I’m not sure why this photo isn’t as sharp as the other, apologies! But the colour is true to life).


Above: Splendidly Fuchsia

For ten bucks these lipsticks are seriously affordable ($12 in New Zealand). There is 12 colours in total, which isn’t to bad at all! They are not my favourite all time matte lipsticks – but I wouldn’t underestimate these either! These matte lipsticks are great to wear at work and for everyday. If there’s a colour that catches your eye, you have nothing to loose! Picking shades via a brochure may not be the easiest feat, but it is pretty old school, which I love! You can either order a brochure from your local consultant (find one via the Avon website) or order directly online. If the lippies aren’t available for $10, wait for a sale – Avon does good sales!


Are you a fan of matte lipsticks? Which are your favourites? Are you a fan of Avon makeup? Let me know in the comments below!

Catch ya next time,

Beauty Bee~

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