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Review: Avon’s ANEW Clinical CC Cream

I know I keep saying that I am not into the whole BB and CC cream ‘boom’ as the couple that I have tried weren’t that impressive. To me they are just glorified tinted moisturisers and the colour selections are usually pretty bad (why are most of them orange or very yellow toned?!). If a cream claims to do 20 different things, it probably doesn’t do them well (if you have skin care concerns, use a trageted treament product). I received a sample of Avon’s new CC cream from my sister who is an Avon representative and I was shocked at the colour on offer (there’s just one shade available atm) – it’s a neutral shade!!! Finally! Neither to yellow, pink or grey!


It also provides quite nice coverage, it’s sheer, but not to the point where is doesn’t cover anything. When I’m tired and my skin is looking shallow and a little grey almost, this really evens out my skin tone nicely and helps brighten my face up all around. It has a nice stain finish, so not to matte or to dewey – just healthy looking (so if you have very oily skin, a powder on top would be the way to go). If you have very dry skin, definitely wear your regular moisturiser beneath this CC cream (I always do anyways). The cream isn’t drying and has a ‘glowy’ finish, but it won’t deal with any very dry spots on your skin (not on its own anyway) and may leave them looking a little flaky.

I’ve needed a quick ‘tinted moisturiser’ or base product which I can slap on without looking like I picked up a random foundation off the shelf (totally ‘mismatched’ colour wise) for days where I have to rush out of the door and don’t want to look sickly when I’m running on 5 hours of sleep. It won’t work colour wise if you have olive or a darker skin tone, but for paler girls it should work a treat (even if you have very pink toned skin, it should balance out the colour well).


The cream claims to work in 15 different ways as follows:

  1. Moisturise Skin

  2. Brightens Complexion

  3. Reduces the Look of Yellowness

  4. Helps Even Out Skin Tone

  5. Provides Hydration

  6. Reduces Dullness

  7. Pores Appear Reduced

  8. Diminishes the Look of Fine Lines

  9. Hides Imperfections

  10. Helps Protect the Skin from Discolouration

  11. Skin Appears to Look More Radiant

  12. Helps Improve Translucency

  13. Helps Protect Against Environmental Stressors

  14. Helps Protect Your Skin Against Sun Damage

  15. Contains Anti-Oxidants

Most of these ‘benefits’ are one in the same but the CC cream does even out skin tone, provide some coverage (especially for small discolourations or pimples), brighten and moisturise the skin nicely. I also find it wears really well without any powder on top and doesn’t go hella shiny either (I have normal to combination skin). I would still wear an additional sunscreen underneath this CC cream if you are planning on a big day out running errands or whatever, as you probably won’t apply enough of the product in order to get the full SPF 25 coverage it contains.


Above: No My bare skin with no product applied.


Above: Wearing Avon’s ANEW Clinical CC Cream on the back of my hand. You can see how subtle and natural the finish is, yet there is a radiance to my skin which wasn’t there before. 

For an Avon product it is a little pricey at $30 Aus monies, but hey it is a very impressive CC cream and I will be using mine regularly! You can often buy it as part of a promotion – I received a lipstick and eyeliner along with my CC cream which was great! If you would like to have a look at an online Avon brochure, you can check out my sisters link here.

How gorgeous are these Autumn coloured vine leaves? 🙂


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Until next time beauties,

Beauty Bee~

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