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Review: Avon Ideal Flawless Colour Correcting Pearls

Avon has a few makeup pearls hidden within it’s range (*pun intended 😉 ) and here is one of them! Mind you, I am a huge fan of their Anew Clinical CC Cream, so these CC pearls were right up my alley. And yep – I was not disappointed 🙂 Avon does some have some dud-products, I won’t disagree with that, but once you figure out what to avoid and what to try, you can navigate through the range well (the nail polishes, base products and eyeliners are fab!) – most ranges are like this, so I think they get more flack than they deserve. Plus, the products are reasonably priced, which is makes finding a pearl even more exciting! I like how accessible the brand is – most people would be familiar with the brand (which of course, is part of their success). I think I also have a soft spot for them, because my mum looooves ordering from Avon and it’s some of the first makeup I would have tried! Flipping through brochures is also super cathartic and there’s something so old school and low tech about it.


As these are ‘colour correcting’ pearls, they are multi-coloured and they do impart a little colour to the skin. In saying that though, because you pick up a mix of colours with your brush, the effect is quite subtle – almost ‘beige’ like with some transparency. Each colour does have a role to play of course and here is what Avon promises the pearls will do for you:

Our multi-benefit colour-correction formula gets even with discolourations! These versatile candy-coloured pearls help to brighten skin and camouflage the look of imperfections, such as blemishes, dark circles and pigmentation, for a complexion that radiates perfection. Soft and blendable. 22g. • GREEN reduces to neutralise redness, helping to cancel out the appearance of pimples, rosacea and broken blood vessels • PURPLE revitalises to counteract yellowness • YELLOW brightens to neutralise purple tones and under-eye circles • PEACH balances to even out dark spots • WHITE highlights to illuminate the face 


What makes these pearls so easy and pleasant to use, is that the powder is super soft and buttery. The texture of the powder is similar to the Hourglass Ambient Light Lighting Powders. Because there is some transparency to the powder, even if you pick up a little to much with your brush, the powder itself doesn’t look like it is sitting on top of your skin looking dry and cakey. Instead it adds a diffused buttery glow to the complexion. There isn’t any obvious shimmer or glitter for that matter either. This also stops the powder from settling into pores or fine lines to much. It sets makeup very well and does still mattify the complexion to some degree – but it primarily leaves a satin glow, so I wouldn’t be using it for oil control.


A swatch of all the pearls mixed together. 

I’m not sure how the colours would translate on darker complexions, but for light skin tones or even Asian skin tones, this powder should work wonderfully.  I don’t have major issues with redness or major discolourations but I think because powders such as this diffuse light more so than colour correcting (I’m sure it does to some degree – but the colours are quite ‘light’) that’s where their secret lies. It makes my dull tired skin in the mornings look so much healthier and brighter. I really do believe that if they compressed this powder and gave it one particular shade – it could be a dupe for the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders. And that’s saying somethin’! Funnily enough, I had similar pearls like these back in the day (also from Avon) but they were more pinky pastels shades and weren’t ‘corrective’.


Along with the CC cream (which is a neutral tone and actually provides some coverage) it is a perfect pairing! The packaging is your ordinary black plastic – a little meh, but when the product works so well, it bothers you less 😛 At least it is black and classic. The pearls set retail price is $29.99, but you can usually get them on ‘sale’ for about $18-20 Aus Dollars. Not a bad deal huh? You can now order Avon products online but finding your local representative might help a ‘small business’ local business out – so you can also see who your local rep is through the website also.

Are you a fan of colour correcting products? Do you like Avon makeup – have you found any ‘pearls’ from within their range? Let me know in the comments below! 😀

Catch ya next time,

Beauty Bee~

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