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Review: Australis Velourlips Matte Lip Cream & AC/ME Eyeshadows

Australis Cosmetics is a drug store Australian brand and they have been making affordable makeup products since the 90s. I can still remember some of their ad campaigns from the 90s – think beach girl, sporting the quintessential 90s nude makeup look. I haven’t bought anything from the brand in years and years, so when a few of their products started gaining popularity, I thought it was time I check them out again. You can buy their products at Priceline or online through their website (which is what I did).  I had a 50% off code (thank you Facebook!), which was a clear sign that I had to buy something! This made the products ridiculously cheap – but I didn’t go overboard, picking only four products in total 🙂


First up, Velourlips Matte Lip Cream in Hon-o-loo-loo (a ‘nude’ light pink) and Mi-a-mee (a light coral, leaning a little more pink than orange). There has been a lot of talk about these liquid matte lipsticks (especially on youtube). They’ve become so popular that Australis keeps coming out with new shades (which is great!). Are these as good as the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets? Or even Lime Crimes Lip Velvetines? I don’t think so. All the colours in the range are very cool and ‘milky’ slash chalky looking. They also don’t totally ‘set’ on the lips, so if you eat, drink or rub your lips together to much, the colour will begin to look patchy and fade. Patchy matte coloured lips are not attractive in my books. They are very smooth and easy to apply however, and the scent is gorgeous (they smell like hubba-bubba bubblegum!). Will I be buying more of these? No. At $9.95 a pop they are very affordable, but I’d rather spend that little bit more and buy the Bourjois Rouge Edition liquid matte lipsticks instead.




Above: Wearing Hon-o-loo-loo on my lips. I personally don’t like the my lips looking like they are covered in pink toned foundation. Such colours wash me out and I don’t think they are very natural ‘nude’ lip colours.


Above: Wearing Mi-a-mee on my lips. This colour is a little more to my liking (I love corals!) however it is still very cool toned (it looks warmer on my lips in the picture). If it had lasting power, I’d find a way to wear it, but it’s just to much of a hassle.

Luckily, I had more luck with AC/ME Eyeshadows. These are ‘foil like’ eyeshadows and I bought two out of the three available colours. I bought Bronzonce (a light copper) and Jay Zed (a golden khaki green). There’s also a plum shade called Plum Diddy (the names are quite amusing!). The texture of these shadows is very similar to the Stila foiled eyeshadows – they feel like a gel slash cream eyeshadow – very light and airy. They are very pigmented and last surprisingly well on the lid (as long as you use an eyeshadow primer underneath them). You can either apply them with a brush all over the lid for an opaque foil like finish, or dab them on your lid over powder eyeshadow, to add a shimmery highlight to the eyes and just a touch of extra colour. I find these easier to use then the Stila offerings because the glittler particles are smaller and less ‘chunky’. At $7.95 you cannot go wrong with these (the Stila foiled eyeshadows cost $44 for comparison – yep, shockingly high compared to these)! Yes, they don’t have to many shades on offer, but hopefully they change this soon 🙂 They are limited edition which sux, so get them while you can, just in case! I think I’ll be grabbing the plum shade this week if I can find it instore.



Gorgeous or what?! 

I’m quite happy with my little Australis ‘haul’. I expected there to be some hits and misses and so far it’s half and half. I’ll be keeping an eye out for more gems and let me know if you have any recommendations!

Until next time beauties,

Beauty Bee~

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