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Review and GIVEAWAY! Dior’s Les Neiges De Diorsnow

I’m back beauty bees! I hope you haven’t been to disappointed with the lack of posts lately, I’ve been a busy bee with both work and with getting this new site organised for you (I didn’t forget about you, silly!). During the sites down time , I have had time to send my minions to work, searching the exotic world for a treat worthy enough for my beauty bees (that means competition!) and I finally have it! But first a review 🙂


I think my spirit animal is a fox 🙂 Winter is finally letting up, this was me just last week!

I saw the gorgeous Dior Les Neiges De Diorsnow pressed powder online and wanted it sooooo badly. Not only does it look super beautiful in the pan, speckled with four colours (a light purple-y mauve, green, rose and white) and housed in a pretty snow white compact (instead of the usual Dior dark navy) but I also heard from the bees in Korea, that the powder contained translucent pigments which are glow inducing without any shimmer what-so-ever. Think Guerlain Meteorites without any shimmer. Getting excited?


I’m not a fan of the traditional, heavy laden powders, especially once they start to settle into fine lines making your skin look dry. With Spring on the way – lighter is always better. If I could, I would probably skip powder application all together because I love dewey finishes, however, we know that powder sets liquid makeup well and makes your foundation last (especially on tough long days!). Luckily, face powders have become more sophisticated and not only are they super finely milled, but they can also make your skin look better by diffusing the look of blemishes and imperfections, if chosen correctly and applied with a light hand. The idea behind Dior’s powder, is translucent pigments which lightly colour correct, add glow and dimension to your face. This is what I wish CC creams were (it’s what I thought they would be when I first heard of them). Because of the different kinds of pigments within this powder, you don’t get an overload of either green or yellow pigment (making you look unnatural), like you do with regular CC creams sometimes.



The powder, if you look very closely, has an embossed snowflake in the powder, as well as the word ‘Diorsnow’. Le neige means snow (or the snow?) which fits the idea of sunlit snowflakes perfectly. Here is what Dior says about their new powder and the finish achieved:

“In a stroke of a brush, it’s four correcting shades blend and balance out tone and complexion, bringing it radiance and as pure and translucent as a snowflake. Finish: Luminous.”

The four colours within the powder also have a job to do –

MAUVE – anti-darkness GREEN – anti-redness ROSE – anti-dullness WHITE – for radiance


Not only does it look amazing but it even feels amazing. It is such a finely milled powder, that it feels like floating cashmere. Seriously. It’s so, so soft. When you swatch the powder, you can see it’s translucency but yet it has a tinge of the four colours which you see in the pan. There’s no shimmer as I mentioned, but it has that glow or radiance to it which is beautiful. It gives your skin the soft focus look and a bright eveness. You could pack on a little more powder on the high points of your face to make it work like a highlighter (the effect would be very subtle, but that would work for some I’m sure!).


Above: A swatch of Dior’s Les Neiges De Diorsnow. The swatch in the photo really doesn’t translate the full beauty and translucency of the powder, so keep that mind!  


I love that the Diorsnow compact is white – it fits so well with the theme of the whole line (which focuses on skincare products most of all) and makes the powder seem a little bit extra special. The only thing I wish they did was make the compact a little heavier, as it’s very light and for me that doesn’t ‘fell’ luxurious at all. It’s great for travel, but not my favourite feeling material (it makes the plastic more noticeable). The included brush also looks super pretty but isn’t the softest in the world (luckily the powder is!). The product itself makes up for this downer and doesn’t diminish the love I have for it lol.


You wouldn’t want to use tooo much powder all over your face however, as you could start to look a little pasty (though you would have to pack on A LOT of this stuff for that to happen since it’s so finely milled). The other possible issue with the powder is that while it’s translucent, translucent powders do have that slight white tinge to them (especially since it contains some white pigments) and if you have a darker skin tone, this powder could potentially be more visible on your skin (however, as I don’t have a dark skin tone, I could be wrong!). If you have a medium skin tone, I don’t think it would be to much of an issue as long as you aren’t heavy handed with the powder. I have a feeling this may be why the powder was released only in East Asia (which explains the luminous effect achieved with the powder – working well with dewey skin – and we know that’s been the finish of choice for Korean beauty bees for years now!). This sux for all Beauty Bees not living in Asia, but who would love a powder like this…. Luckily – my minions sailed all the way to Korea (using a Viking ship for extra dramatic effect) and bought not only a powder for myself but also two for YOU beauty bees!


Win (1)

So what’s the deal? I have two powders to give away to my fellow beauty loving beauty bees! This giveaway isn’t sponsored by anyone (except by errr… myself!). I just wanted to share my enthusiasm for gorgeous and slightly hard to find beauty goods with other beauty bees 🙂 Not only did I have these powders delivered from Korea, but they were $100 Aus buckaroos each! I know not everyone can spend that much on a beauty/makeup item, so if you are interested in this powder, here is your chance to grab one! The giveaway is open internationally and there is only a few easy peasy ways to enter 🙂 Check out my instagram account here, follow me and repost the ‘win’ photo with the hashtag #beautybeesadventures and tag me also @beautybeesadventures 🙂 That’s it! Competition will be drawn 18/8/15 5pm Sydney time.

I hope you are excited about this giveaway (as I am)!

Until next time,

Beauty Bee~

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