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Review: Alpha H Protection Plus Daily SPF 50+ & Protection Plus Hand Cream SPF 50+

The older I get, the more I am reminded how important it is to use sunscreen. While I have always been a skincare nut, I admit that when I was younger, I would think about sunscreen and try and incorporate it into my regime but it wasn’t imperative  – an SPF of 15+ would suffice for example. Now with the years going by, pigmentation becoming a bigger issue for myself and education I suppose, the higher the SPF the better – PLUS I try and be consistent. For this reason I was super excited to try Alpha H’s Protection Plus Daily SPF 50+ and the ‘matching’ hand cream, Protection Plus Hand Cream SPF 50+!

I love my, Tatcha Pore Perfecting Sunscreen with an SPF of 35+, but as I mentioned, when you live in a country like Australia, the higher the sunscreen protection the better – just today we are expecting a top of 44 degrees in Sydney! :S I’m not kidding. I also admit that incorporating the sunscreen component of your daily routine with your moisturiser is genius, because moisturisers are such a staple of morning routines and so you are less likely to forget this step. I usually avoided moisturisers with an added sunscreen component (or it was a low spf so I also used a separate dedicated sunscreen over the top) as they were heavy and didn’t include the antioxidant protection I wanted from a daily moisturiser. The Alpha H offering is pretty darn good at combining sunscreen, hydrators and antioxidants, so let’s get into the review in a second. I am also reviewing the hand cream which includes an SPF of 50+. Hands get such a beating and show the signs of ageing quite quickly and dramatically. Since UV rays are the primary cause of premature ageing, sunscreen in hand cream – and a decent SPF factor at it – again, is genius and I hope this becomes a ‘thing’ for hand creams across the skincare industry! Let’s look at the Protection Plus Daily SPF moisturiser first however 🙂

Protection Plus Daily SPF 50+ – This broad-spectrum SPF 50+ moisturiser protects against harsh UVA/UVB rays and future proofs against photo ageing. Non-greasy and non-whitening, Protection Plus Daily SPF50+ nourishes and hydrates the skin while fighting environmental aggressors. Boasting Pomegranate which has sun protection compounds that shield the skin against free radical damage and Enzogenol to prevent photo-ageing and restore skin vitality. Mango Seed Butter provides natural UV protection, leaving the skin feeling silky and mattified. BENEFITS; Protects, fights external aggravators and hydrates the skin, Matte finish, leaves the skin feeling silky and non-greasy, Daily use slows down sun-induced ageing aggressors, Prevents the severity of hyperpigmentation, Non-whitening formulation, Provides a good base for makeup.

The Protection Plus Daily SPF 50+ comes with a ‘flip top’ and a ‘squeezy tube’. It would be better if it came in a pump (to prevent the ingredients from air exposure) but it’s easy to dispense and you also get an additional cap which is perfect for travel (so the flip top doesn’t flip open in your luggage). I was a little surprised and apprehensive the first time I dispensed the product onto my hand, as the moisturiser looks tinted. I do not like tinted skin care because the tones never suits everyone (despite what the manufacturer tells you) and usually interacts weirdly with my makeup. So unless the tint is super sheer, I’m not a fan. Luckily however, the tint in the Protection Plus Daily SPF disappears once applied and rubbed into your skin *phew BUT be aware that if you get some product buildup in your eyebrows or hairline, it can stay ‘tinted’ and looks a little odd (like foundation). So blend, blend, blend!

Above: Protection Plus Daily SPF 50+ moisturiser. You can see that once rubbed into the skin, there’s no tint/colour and no shininess!

Protection Plus daily utilises chemical sunscreen blockers. Chemical blockers absorb UV light and then convert it into non-harmful energy, sometimes as heat (not great if you have sensitive skin). These are the following sunscreen actives in the moisturiser – octocrylene 70mg/g, oxybenzone 30mg/g, butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane (avobenzone in other words) 25mg/g, phenylbenzimidazole sulphponic acod 20mg/g. Usually three types of sunscreen blockers are needed to provide you with broad spectrum sun protection (against UVB and UVA rays). Octocrylene is excellent at blocking UVB rays, while oxybenzone blocks short UVA rays and avobenzone protects against the rest of the UVA spectrum.

It does feel like a cream more than a lotion. Because of this, the moisturiser feels quite hydrating (the Iluka Light Day Cream with SPF on the other hand, is much lighter). Despite the weight and creaminess of the moisturiser, it doesn’t leave skin shiny oh ‘heavy’ feeling at all. It absorbs really well, leaving just a thin protective layer over the skin. Makeup sits on top of the moisturiser nicely. I would say it leaves a matte-satin finish, which is quite natural looking. It doesn’t contain silicone, so it doesn’t have that powdery, slippy feel either. It does have a little bit of an odd scent (perhaps that the pomegranate plus sunscreen combo?) but it’s quite faint and disappears after a few minutes.

My skin feels incredibly comfortable and hydrated, thanks to the mango seed butter and glycerin. Pomegranate has been added to the moisturiser for added UV and antioxidant protection. Pomegranate protects against UVB rays, and it is UVB rays which activate certain chain reactions in the skin (including that ‘burning sensation’) causing inflammation, oxidative species, erythema, hyperplasia, hyperpigmentation, immunosuppression, photoaging and finally, skin cancer. Pretty awesome ingredient am I right?! This moisturiser is recommended for for all skin types, including dry and oily skin (I concur!). I’m so impressed with the moisturiser – I have to say that I wan’t expecting it to be as good as it is! 😀 You can pick up the Protection Plus moisturiser from Facial Co for $52.70 (and free shipping is included with every order!). I think the price is mid-range and very reasonable for the quality and sun protection it gives you!

*Tip* Don’t forget to apply sunscreen (such as the Protection Plus Daily SPF 50+) liberally under your chin and on your neck! These areas get forgotten about and can become sun damaged very quickly. Saggy neck? No thank you! Lol!

Now onto the hand cream!

Protection Plus Hand Cream SPF 50+ – Protection Plus Hand Cream SPF 50+ shields the skin from sun damage with broad-spectrum UVA/UVB sun filters and nature’s most powerful antioxidants Vitamins C and E. Vitamin C alleviates oxidative stress and suppresses melanin production, helping to keep the hands looking fresh and free from pigmentation.  A pillar of support, Vitamin E comforts and repairs the skin, leaving hands soft, supple and rejuvenated. This anti-ageing combination is reinforced by NZ Pine Bark extract (Enzogenol), known for its supreme ability to defend against free radical damage, stimulate cell growth and protect vital collagen from the sun’s harmful radiation. BENEFITS; Broad spectrum 50+ UVA/UVB sunscreen, Restore’s moisture and nourishes the skin, Defends against free radical damage.

The Protection Plus Hand Cream SPF 50+, is very similar to the Protection Plus moisturiser in that is has the same tint (which disappears once rubbed into your hands) and scent. As is it a ‘cream’, it is rather rich and hydrating. I love the finish it provides – hydrated hands, without stickiness or greasiness. My hands feel so comfortable and hydrated after application and stay feeling like that for a good few hours.

I love that this hand cream contains vitamin C and E. Vitamins C and E help to recharge each other, so they stay active for longer. Vitamin C also helps protect against UV rays and oxidative stress, so these scientifically backed ingredients will most certainly make a difference in your skin, in the long term. Because the hand cream is quite rich, it feels luxurious! It also hydrates cuticles and nails. Do note however, that because it contains chemical sunscreen rather than physical blockers, you need to apply this hand cream a little while before sun exposure (such as driving). A lot of women reapply hand cream, especially after washing their hands, so reapplying this hand cream knowing it also has that added high sun protection factor, means it is easier to be sun smart on a daily basis.

Above: The Protection Plus Hand Cream SPF 50+. As you can see, it’s very similar to the Protection Plus Daily SPF 50+.

The Protection Plus Hand Cream comes in at $50.96 (from Facial Co) and you get 100ml of product.  is probably a little bit more exxy compared to other cheaper hand creams on the market, but don’t forget that Alpha H is a cosmoceutical brand, so you are paying for effective active ingredients! Because it is quite luxurious and rich, it would make a lovely gift for your mum, friends or sisters 🙂 <3

Yay for another Australian cosmoceutical brand, doing great things! I can highly recommend both products and am intrigued to try more Alpha-H goodies 🙂 Oh btw, the cotton cloths visible in the photos above are also from Alpha-H (I received them a while ago as part of a GWP from Sephora) but haven’t tried them yet…. When I do, you will be the first to know! 🙂

Does your daily moisturise contain SPF? What sun protection factor do you look for? Let me also know if you have any Alpha-H recommendations!

Catch ya next time Beauties,

Beauty Bee~

Products were sent for review. 

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