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Review: Alpha H Essential Skin Perfecting Moisturiser with SPF 15+ 🍂🧴💫

I love a good moisturiser 😊 They really are essential in any routine – whether you follow a two, three or ten step skincare routine. Their job sounds simple, but can have a massive effect on the health of your skin if they don’t do a good job. So what are the most important functions of a moisturiser? I narrowed it down to these four simple points;

  1. Provide barrier protection (to stop moisture evaporation and so the skin can function to its best capacity, keeping nasties out!).

  2. Add moisture by using humectants (ingredients that pull moisture/hydration into the deeper layers of the dermis) and emollients (softens skin and provides cells with ‘cushioning’ to also work correctly). Skin should feel comfortable throughout the day and soothed after cleansing.

  3. Not cause breakouts (for obvious reasons) and not leave skin looking and feeling like a greasy mess as you want makeup to sit nicely on top of it (if you decide to wear makeup). There’s a difference between hydration and grease after all 😉😅

  4. Antioxidants would be nice for protection against free radicals (UV rays, pollution etc. cause damage and inflammation, if not kept in check). I think in modern formulas, antioxidants should be standard.

  5. UV protection. A broad spectrum sunscreen that is 30+ or more would be perfect! Oh and it can’t leave a white cast.

So when you call a daily moisturiser ‘Skin Perfecting Moisturiser’ it sounds really good doesn’t it?! I expect it to do all the above brilliantly 😊🌟 So does it? Let’s find out!

A new generation moisturiser for a new generation of skin concerns The perfect base is the backbone of any morning routine and arguably the hardest step to get right. What if we told you that you could protect, plump and perfect your skin’s future in just a few seconds?Where many traditional moisturisers provide just one step in a multi-product routine, Essential Skin Perfecting Moisturiser is your 5-in-1 defence against everyday contemporary living. Time-saving, evidence based and multi-functional, this is a must-have addition to simplify and amplify your skincare routine.This new generation staple doesn’t just (1) moisturise; it also (2) primes the skin and effectively shields against a variety of invisible modern-day skin ageing aggressors including (3) blue light from smartphones and computers, (4) airborne pollution and (5) UV rays.*Essential Skin Perfecting Moisturiser is packed full of scientifically validated antioxidants, revolutionary anti-ageing peptides and environmental defenders and sun filters to protect and fortify the skin.As its name suggests, polymer Pollushield acts like a microscopic barrier over the skin to help prevent the absorption of micro particles, urban grime and toxic metals into the skin.Cureberry, a Billberry leaf extract, provides protection against the blue light many of us are almost constantly exposed to courtesy of our smart phones and computer screens. It does this by fighting back against the collagen-degrading enzymes and free radicals blue light generates in our skin.Boasting greater antioxidative benefits than Vitamin C, New Zealand Pine Bark Extract Enzogenol protects cells from UV damage and stimulates new cell growth. It also provides a subtle blur and minimises the appearance of pigmentation and blemishes, making it perfect for makeup-free days or as a primer.Dual peptide technology in the form of Uplevity™ and Serilesine™ work synergistically to stimulate collagen production, increase skin firmness and diminish wrinkle depth.Your skin will also benefit from the powerful antioxidant properties of Caffeine Extract. Locally sourced from Queensland farmers in Australia, this ingredient acts to improve skin firmness, and effectively moisturises and hydrates the skin to improve suppleness.Essential Skin Perfecting Moisturiser also features five UVA and UVB filters which provide broad spectrum SPF 15 protection against UV rays.Combine all these factors and Essential Skin Perfecting Moisturiser is your ultimate layer-player, carefully formulated to plump, perfect and protect your skin in one quick and simple touch-up.Conventional skincare never slowed the ageing process, and as our modern world brings new threats to our skin health, it’s going to do even less. Future-proof your skin against contemporary living with forward-thinking skincare created specifically for forward-thinking individuals.

Alpha H says that the Perfecting Moisturiser is a 5 in 1 defence – but they don’t tell you specifically what the 5 functions are. I have assumed that it is the 5 functions are outlined in sentence 3 in the above product description (I added in the numbers hence there is an asterix at the end of the sentence!). I’m pretty sure I’m right but I can’t be certain… 

It’s a pretty hefty product description isn’t it?!? The product description is extensive and Alpha H give you a good idea about what ingredients are used and what function they serve. I like this. The only ingredients they don’t ‘unpack’ or maybe highlight is the hydrating ingredients. Water is ingredient number one, which is awesome, because dry or dehydrated skin is low in water and not oil. So you want water to be ingredient number one (or an ingredient which is mostly water 💧 ) 👌 Check! I’m surprised however, that the next heavy hitting hydrators are lower down the list of the ingredients – shea butter (ingredient 10) and glycerin (ingredient 13). Shea Butter provides barrier protection, antioxidant power and boosts collagen production (hooray! 🎉), while glycerin is a humectant and antioxidant. I’m just surprised that these two crucial ingredients are further down the ingredient list. And this point explains something. Pretty much the only ‘negative’ point I have when it comes to this moisturiser. The Perfecting Moisturising is very light in texture and sinks into skin wonderfully. It leaves just the slightest satin sheen. However, throughout the day on some days, my skin feels like it needs more moisture and starts to feel ‘tight’. I am 30 years old at the moment and while I have acne prone/combination skin, I think it is a bit dehydrated at the moment. It’s also Winter and all the indoors heating makes air very dry (moisture zapping ⚡️).  For most Beauties, this moisturiser will provide all the moisture that you need (especially if you are younger). If you have dry skin or mature skin, you may need to pair it with some other hydrators. It’s still a good moisturiser though and you shouldn’t dismiss the moisturiser based on this fact alone. Read on!

As I mentioned above, the moisturiser sinks in beautifully into the skin. It has the slightest pink tint to it, but this colour dissipates once you work it into the skin. It’s much easier to work with than the Alpha H Protection Plus Daily SPF 50+ moisturiser, which also has a tint that ‘disappears’ unless it’s not rubbed into the outer areas of your face properly (so you could end up with some ‘colour smudges’ around your hair line etc.). It’s much lighter in colour than Protection Plus Daily. The Skin Perfecting Moisturiser also contains some beads that ‘burst’ and disappear into the skin upon application. I’m not sure what these beads are and the product description doesn’t say 🤷🏼‍♀️🤨 but what I do know, is that the moisturiser really does diffuse light on your skin making blemishes appear less severe and just makes your skin look better 🌟 Who wouldn’t want that, especially on makeup free days?! It’s hard to explain and it’s a claim I wouldn’t have given much thought, as I’d assume it was gibberish. But it’s true! Skin looks healthier and softer somehow. Makeup sits wonderfully on top of this moisturiser but yet it doesn’t feel like a traditional primer. The Skin Perfecting Moisturiser contains dimethicone, a very popular silicone. I don’t think the moisturiser has is a ‘silicone feeling’ though. And I like dimethicone – it allows other ingredients to still sink into the skin and ‘breathe’ if you will. It of course doesn’t break me out and doesn’t make me look like a mirror ball a few hours after wear ✌️ It has a slight rose scent, but it’s subtle, so if you aren’t a fan of rose it shouldn’t bother you too much. It’s very elegant and fresh smelling (like roses! 😛🌹🌹🌹 Not like Grandmothers old potpourri…).

The Alpha H Essential Skin Perfecting Moisturiser just leaves radiant and a ‘blurred’ effect on the skin, which I just love because it feels invisible and leaves skin feeling satin-y and silky ❤️

The formula is very modern – it contains antioxidants and a polymer, ‘Pollushield’. Polymers are great because they create a flexible barrier on your skin, keeping most things out – or on top of, so nasties can be washed off easily and not absorbed deeper into the dermis. I also like the the broad spectrum works against blue light (emitted from electronic screens – its part of the spectrum of visible light and high-energy, short wavelength light). Blue light is a problem because a lot of exposure means it can weaken the skins structure and cause inflammation. Considering that I work in front of the computer and that we all use our phones waaaaay too much (I’m trying to tackle this myself 😭) this will cause problems long term. We already know that blue light is interpreted as sunlight by our bodies and keeps them ‘awake’ even at night – hence phone and computer use isn’t recommended a few hours before sleeping. This will be the next focus of sun protection I predict 😉 Sure, the broad spectrum UV protection is only 15+, but this is better than nothing. I still apply an SPF of 50+ on top of this moisturiser if I am going out, but if I plan to stay at home and only get ‘incidental’ UV exposure, it will do.

The added peptides (I can’t tell exactly which ones are used, because it’s a mix they have trademarked) and antioxidants (Cureberry, caffeine, pine bark extract) are a welcomed addition on top of my daily and more potent vitamin C and E serum. Out of the 5 things I mentioned at the beginning of the post (what functions I expect from a daily moisturiser) the Essential Skin Perfecting Moisturiser does tick them all off! Ok, maybe you could deduct half a point because it only contains an SPF of 15+ the (30+ would have been brilliant) and half a point because it’s not quite as moisturising as I had hoped it would be, so mature and very dry skin may struggle if only depending on this moisturiser for hydration. That’s 4/5 stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I really, really enjoy using this moisturiser. Sure, some days it doesn’t provide me with maybe all hydration I need, but I still enjoy using it because it makes me skin look better, function as it should, protect it from various external aggressors and yet still feels nice to apply! I think it will be perfect for my skin in Summer when it is more hydrated and generally oily. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this moisturiser (no this isn’t a sponsored post either!). Thank you Alpha H 😄💛🧡❤️

You can pick up the Essential Skin Perfecting Moisturiser with SPF 15+ for $59.96. You get your standard 50ml of product. My place for purchasing Alpha H online is Adore Beauty as they give you free shipping with every order  but you can also purchase it via the Alpha H website and find the brand at most Myer department stores.

Are you a fan of Alpha H products Beauties? Does this sound like a ‘basic’ moisturiser you would reach for? Let me know and also let me know what moisturiser is your go-to at the moment 🌸🌼🌸🐝

Catch ya next time!

Beauty Bee~

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