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Product Review: Almay Oil-Free Makeup Eraser Sticks

Bzzzz welcome beauty enthusiasts! Today I have a product review for you – Almay oil-free makeup eraser sticks ($10 Aus monies). I always keep these with me in my everyday makeup bag. They are really handy for travel or for when you venture out (in case you get stuck in a torrential downpour or any other pickles!). No matter what mascara I wear, I almost always get little smudges of mascara on my brow bone or under my eyes. I think it’s because I have quite long lashes naturally, so when I add mascara, my lashes can touch the skin around my eyes – and hence the smudges.


How do they work? One tip on the stick is marked with a line. You break off the lined tip (comes away pretty easily) and makeup remover flows down the stick into the other tip. You then use the dampened tip to clean up any makeup that may be floating around your face – genius! They aren’t too wet or oily at all (they are oil free in fact). These also do not irritate my eyes. I bought mine in Priceline here in Australia. I am aware that Sephora do their own brand of these also (we don’t have Sephora down here – boo!) as do ModelCo.


I should probably also mention that you receive 24 sticks in a little clear plastic box.  I definitely recommend these and give them the beauty bee stamp of approval!  Have you used these or any of the other makeup eraser sticks before?

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Beauty Bee~

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