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OPI Nail Polish Sale & Spring Blooming!

Two things I wanted to share with you today beauty bees! Number one being that I found an awesome deal at my local chemist (OZE Pharmacy here in Sydney). They had a ‘bargain bin’ sale full of OPI nail polishes going for half price (they usually retail for $19.95 or something) so thats $10 bucks each! Now, they didn’t have every single colour available, but the range wasn’t to shabby either. I picked up one of my all time favourite neutral shades – Samoan Sand which I also believe is one of OPI’s best selling shades! In different lighting you can see different undertones in the polish come through – sometimes it looks more pink, while other times it looks more beige. I like that, it keeps it a little interesting 🙂 I also bought a champagne gold shade I’ve never had before – Up Front & Personal. It looks as though it has really fine glitter in the polish, making it more subtle and easier to work with than big chunky glitter. It’s not too ‘in your face’ which I like and I think it will be an awesome shade for summer 🙂


Up Front & Personal is on the left in the photo above and Samoan Sand is on the right.

Number two is some more photos of my garden in bloom! I know it’s probably getting a bit colder and chillier in the US and Europe right now, so I thought you could use the cheering up 😛

2013-09-15 16.39.56

The flower above is a passionfruit flower. Isn’t it really bizarre? The passionfruit plant has totally taken over our back garden, making our garden resemble a Vietnamese jungle or something lol at least it brings some tropics to our back door! Oh and yummy fruit! Can I just say that good vanilla ice-cream with fresh passionfruit pulp is the bomb! I highly recommend it.  This is totally going to be the flavour of this years summer 🙂

And some more gorgeous flowers 🙂

2013-09-13 14.47.16

2013-09-13 14.47.37

And different coloured poppies! I have a soft spot for poppies, especially red poppies. They remind me of my hometown in Europe and make me incredibly nostalgic. These varieties are a little different from the poppies growing wildly in Poland, but they are still gorgeous and bring a smile to my face 🙂 I’ve never actually seen the different coloured poppies before, until now that is!

2013-09-13 14.43.38

2013-09-13 14.43.57

2013-09-13 14.43.12

2013-09-13 14.44.43

Hope these photos bring some colour to your day! 🙂

Catch ya next time beauty bees!

Beauty Bee~

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