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One of the Best Lip Balms of all Time! Antipodes Kiwi Seed Oil Lip Conditioner <3

Oh lip balms. There is so many lip balms in the world. And a lot of them are crap. They disappear from your lips quickly, leaving them feeling more dry than before, or they are just a temporary fix. I found a new favourite recently and it is perfect! I came across the Antipodes Kiwi Seed Oil Lip Conditioner by accident really. I was in Priceline (an Australian ‘drug store’) and was buying some skincare staples when a sales assistant told me I only needed to spend a little bit more in order to get a goodie bag containing lots of full sized products. So I caved of course and went over to the Antipodes shelf (and Antipodes is one of my favourite ‘natural leaning’ skincare brands) and picked up the lip conditioner. Easy! As it turns out, it is an excellent lip conditioner! It soothes dry lips even if they feel like they have burnt away and actually repairs the lips.

This nourishing formula blends the bioactive botanical ingredient kiwi seed oil with nutrient-rich avocado oil to help keep the skin of the lips healthy and hydrated. Ultra-rich in Vitamin C and Omega 3, this conditioner helps to keep lips soft and plumped in appearance because it protects against water loss and increases the surface lipids.Elements of Beauty: Kiwi seed oil*, Avocado oil Pure Plant Fragrance: KiwifruitPackaging: Recyclable plastic. 100% biodegradable cardboard from sustainable forests.Certified vegetarian by the UK Vegetarian Society

The lip conditioner comes in a lipstick bullet which is brilliant for when you are out and about. No need to dip your finger into a pot. I’m not a germophobe, but even I don’t want to dip my finger into a lip balm pot when catching public transport for example. The casing is made from matte black plastic and feels really smooth and lovely to touch. Another reason I didn’t mind giving this ‘all natural’ formula a go is because it doesn’t contain castor oil. Castor oil is in 90% of lip balms which are marketed as being all natural. Castor oil for me, has a drying taste. It’s not very pleasant and while some formulas are better than others (the Emile Cordon Cashmere Lip Pot is a good one) it’s always detectable if you apply just that little bit more product onto your lips. The Antipodes formula is quite thin – it’s not thick – hence they were able to put it into a stick form (thank you beeswax and shea butter!) but it applies easily, melting onto the lips. It’s not sticky which is great, so I apply it to my lips before leaving home for work in the mornings and by the time I get onto the train to work, my lips are softened and I can apply lipstick over the top.

I don’t find that the lip conditioner rubs off my lips especially quickly and they are definitely not drier once it does. This means the ingredients are doing a great job at softening dry skin on the lips but also regenerating the skin. The skin under your eyes is not actually the thinest on your face, your lips are! They really deserve a bit more love than they get. It’s great of course to use a scrub before applying lip balm, so the balm can actually get to work instead of fighting through flaky skin, but sometimes we don’t have the time or the social conditions to do this 😉

The Antipodes lip conditioner is not the cheapest in the world compared to brands like Nivea or paw paw balms, but the ingredients are pretty darn good! Antipodes is a Kiwi brand and manufactures it’s products in New Zealand, which I appreciate. You have protective occlusive ingredients in the formula (like shea butter, coconut oil) and these work to protect the lips from further damage and from losing more moisture, while emollients like jojoba, sweet almond and olive oil provide moisture whilst providing some anti-oxidant protection also. Jojoba mimics the natural oil of the skin, so it ‘feels’ familiar. Even though the lip conditioner is named after kiwi seed oil and even contains ‘essential oil fragrance of kiwi fruit’, I don’t find it has a kiwi fruit taste or scent. It smells and tastes ‘neutral’ if that makes sense. Nothing in particular comes to mind when I smell or apply it.

My two favourite lip balms in the world! Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask which is thicker but nourishing and great for using at home. The Antipodes Lip Conditioner on the other hand, is perfect as a base under lipstick and for nourishing lips on the go!

The only way I can demonstrate how much I love this balm is the fact I’ve used it up in a month or two! I also look for this lip conditioner, even if I have others lying around that are on hand. I love to take it travelling with me because I know I can count on it to do a good job.

The Antipodes lip conditioner retails for $19.49 in Aus. I bought mine from Priceline but I’ve noticed that not every Priceline store carries the Antipodes lipstick line and the lip conditioner is part of the that line. You can find it online though 🙂 I like to buy mine from Priceline because they offer 20% off the Antipodes range quite often (bringing it down to $15.59, yay!). If you live outside of Australia, Antipodes also has an online shop which you may find helpful.

It looks like another hit from Antipodes!

Tell me Beauties, what is your favourite lip balm at the moment and what do you look for in a good lip conditioner? 🙂

Catch ya next time,

Beauty Bee~

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