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One Hit Wonders: Green Tea

Green tea is probably one of the most popular teas on the market. We are so spoilt for choice in regards to all the varieties available at our fingertips! And most of us know that green tea has a higher anti-oxidant content than black tea (because it is less processed, white tea is even better because it is the least processed of all teas but is also much more expensive). Drinking green tea does wonders for our bodies – it protects our organs from damage and makes our metabolism work faster. But did you know, that the complex polyphenolic compounds which protect our organs internally, have the same protective effect for our skin, even when the tea is applied topically – so in skin care? Yep!

Green tea modulates biochemical pathways that are important in cell proliferation and inflammatory responses. So what does that mean for our skin? Since inflammation and oxidative stress are known the help the ageing process along its merry way, green teas fights this process! The good news doesn’t end there – green tea polyphenols helped along with traditional sunscreens, work harmoniously to protect your skin from UV damage and has a sanitising effect on the skin which promotes wound healing. (Practical Uses of Botanicals in Skin Care; J Clin Aesthet Dermatol. Jan 2009; 2 (1) 36-40)


Using skin care which uses green tea as one of its main ingredients is a great idea. One of my favourite ever toners is Futurederm’s Seven Wonders Antioxidant Rich Water. Containing a triple tea complex (white, green and rooibos tea) which delivers a huge dose of antioxidant EGCG (an antioxidant) directly to your skin. Plus it also includes grade seed extract, just to be extra fancy and deliver even bigger protection!


But if you don’t have the toner above on hand, especially if you are like me, who happened to not close the lid properly and had it spill out in her toiletry bag (every last drop! *face-palm*), you can create your own super antioxidant rich green tea toner at home! It can work as a treatment toner, especially if your skin hasn’t been in the best shape lately – inflamed, breakouts, blotchy skin been bothering you? Then listen up  beauty bees!

It’s best to do this treatment either in the morning or evening, as part of your regular cleansing routine. You will need about 5-6 green tea bags. Brew the tea bags in a teapot, covering the tea bags with water which is about 80 degrees (so before the water starts to form little bubbles). Let the teabags brew until the tea is cool. The tea should be quite strong. You can vary the amount of teabags depending on how big your teapot is. Once the tea is cool, scamper off and wash your face as normal. After cleansing, close the sink hole in your bathroom sink and pour in the cool green tea. If your skin is sensitive, you can add some lukewarm water to help dilute the tea *a little*. Now splash your clean face with the green tea for about a minute, patting the tea into your skin. Once you are done, you can gently pat dry your skin with a towel but leave your skin as damp as possible. Then apply your serum/moisturiser as normal. Because your skin is damp, your moisturiser or serum will be absorbed more easily by your skin. The tea works as a wonderful toner (you can read why toners are worth the extra fatigue in your skin care regime here). I have found that doing this ‘treatment’ about twice a week can really help your skin look and feel better. For me it works wonders on my sometimes blotchy and breakout prone skin.

Using skin care products which contain green tea, on a daily basis (especially in the mornings) does wonderful things for your skin. I will be repurchasing the Futurederm toner soon, but even once I do, I will still do this DIY treatment on days when I am at home and have more time in the mornings.


Perhaps now is a good time to go and make yourself a cup of green, so that your insides can also benefit from the wonders of green tea! 🙂

Are you a fan of green tea? Will you be trying out this DIY toner treatment?

Until next time beauties,

Beauty Bee~

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