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On the Search for a GREAT Coverage Drugstore Concealer! Will Maybelline’s SuperStay 24H Concea

A good coverage under eye concealer is a must in my makeup bag. My under eye circles are pretty bad on a daily basis, so if I put in the effort to conceal them, they better be concealed right?!? Not 30% covered, not 50% covered…. but 100%! Ok, that’s a big ask… so anything around the 90% mark is ok 🤗 The concealer can’t cake either, because that draws attention to the eye area and makes you look older. Errr, not great! 😣 My go-to under eye concealer has been Makeup Up Forever’s (MUF’s) Full Cover concealer for years now. But I like trying new products, especially if they are on the cheaper end of the spectrum 😄 Drugstore makeup brands have never had a great reputation for having very high coverage concealers, but drugstore makeup brands have really lifted their game in recent years. So it SHOULD be do-able… High coverage, looks like healthy rested skin, no caking and under $25 a pop! Could Maybelline’s SuperStay 24 Hour Concealer prove to be just as good as the Master that is Full Cover? 🧐 Let’s find out!

WHAT IT IS Conceals imperfections, flaws and under-eye darkness for up to 24 hours. BENEFITS The Superstay 24HR concealer formula is reinforced with friction-resist technology for high performance camouflage of skins imperfections. HOW TO USE/APPLY Dot concealer onto imperfections or under eyes. Pat with finger to blend.

The consistency of the SuperStay 24H Concealer is wonderful. It’s very light, airy and spreads across the skin wonderfully. You can get a really thin layer of product on the skin without any issues. It blends out nicely into foundation too, but you need to work with the formula rather quickly because it sets and lasts all day! I don’t find I have any issues in building up the coverage if I need to, but you need to blend out the edges of the concealer quite early on and then in small amounts added more concealer to trouble areas. You won’t need to build the concealer up in one area too much because the coverage of this concealer is amazing! ⭐️ This means you don’t need to pile on product like there’s no tomorrow in order to get sufficient coverage… which then risks the formula caking, drying out the poor skin under your eyes and accentuating fine lines and wrinkles. 😣 Nope! One thin layer is more than enough! I’d say that my under eye circles are 80% covered thanks to this guy. The formula is so good, it may have even reached the 90% mark but it didn’t because….

The colours released are just so weird. And limited. Really, limited. There’s only two. They’ve released shades ‘2’ and ‘3’. There’s no shade ‘1’ at the moment, not anywhere in the world lol I’ve checked! Maybelline clearly didn’t think it was necessary to release more shades LOL I suppose that’s the other massive negative when it comes to drugstore concealers – shade choices *sigh… It’s a shame because drugstore foundation lines are becoming so much larger in the number of shades on offer, as well as with the undertones available. This thinking hasn’t transferred over to concealers, which is SO frustrating for consumers. So what are these shades like? Well shade ‘2’ despite looking and sounding like a ‘medium’ toned colour, is actually quite light and pale. It could have been called a ‘porcelain’ or a ‘very fair’ shade, as it has a white base. Strange for a colour numbered ‘2’.  It has a slight pink undertone. Shade number ‘3’ is very warm and has a yellow base.

Above: You can probably guess which shade is which lol 😝 

I couldn’t wear either colour on it’s own, shade 2 is just way too light for my skin tone (and I’m fair). Shade 3 is MUCH too warm and dark for me. I’d say it even has a slight olive undertone. So I mix both shades together! Because shade number 3 is so warm, the colour you end up with will still be warm. I use three parts (or dots) of shade number 2 and one part of shade number 3. The colour you end up with is below!

You can see that the mixed shade above is still quite dark (well ‘medium’ is what I would call it) and warm. I can still get away with using it coming out of summer, but in Winter, it won’t work for me. I also don’t want to have my underage circles to be too light (and use just shade ‘2’) because that would draw attention to your eye area and can make purple/blue underage circles look ‘ashy’ and almost grey. You might be the lucky person for who shade 2 or 3 work perfectly, and in that case hooray! Because it’s a great concealer otherwise. But if the shades don’t work for you (nor the mixed colour of both concealer shades) it’s still a struggle because while the formula is great, if the shade it wrong, it brings attention to a problem area for many. Not what a concealer is meant to do.

So to summarise?


✅ Great lightweight formula

✅ Great high coverage & pigmentation (80% out of 100)

✅ ‘Sets’ in place, doesn’t highlight fine lines and lasts all day

✅ Great price, $14.95 for 7.5ml (at Priceline)


❌ SERIOUSLY limited shade range

❌ Because the formula ‘sets’ it may be a little too drying for some (I use a VERY hydrating under eye cream underneath and it’s ok 👌)

So in summary? It’s a great concealer but in regards to coverage, the shade range lets it down. Substantially. It’s also so affordable (for comparison, MUF Full Cover is $48 a tube!!!) it has so many things going for it, but I won’t reach for it everyday with joy, because it requires some work…. Out of 5 I’d give it a 4.

The search still continues, so stay tuned if this looks like a series you will find helpful 😊 If you have any recommendations for me, what I should try next etc. let me know!

Catch ya next time,

Beauty Bee

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