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Oldie but a Goodie: Nars Multiple in Portofino

I mentioned in my first post of 2014, that one of my ‘resolutions’ for this year was to appreciate more of the makeup products that I own and try to rotate them around more often. We waste so much in general and while I think of my makeup as a ‘collection’, it definitely doesn’t get all the love that it deserves! I’ve decided that when I’m sulking about not being able to buy a new release item or when I’m trying with all my power to resist buying something – to find a hidden gem within my makeup collection and discover it all over again 🙂 Difficult challenge I know, but I’ll do it! 😀

So I started off my quest with great success by finding my Nars Multiple in Portofino. Let’s start off with a scene of Portofino, Italy, just to get a feel for what Nars was going for 😛



Ok – now I get what Francois Nars was going for!

The Nars Multiple is one of the main makeup products that Nars is known for. This is the only Nars Multiple that I own – and I doubt I will ever use it up! I probably bought it… I dunno, 6-7 years ago? We go waaay back girl! You get sooo much product – 14.2 grams to be exact – and a little goes a long way. I have probably used about 4% of the whole product LOL so I have barely made a dent in it. The colour is so gorgeous that I really have to make it my summer staple, otherwise it’s a crime to waste such a product! It’s a coral with a golden shimmer through it. I’d say it’s more of a warmer coral, which suits me perfectly as the cooler toned corals can really wash me out (even being pale and all) so its lovely both on paler skins and warmer skin tones.



It’s the ultimate summer coral, as it brings warmth and a healthy, rosey shine to your skin. It is quite shimmery (the photo doesn’t do it justice) – but the gold flecks are quite small so its not glitter like by any means (you won’t find it migrating to other places on your face). Shimmer done right can look great – just try not to use it EVERYWHERE at once. I think the secret to why Portofino looks so great is because the cream base the shimmer is suspended in, isn’t shimmery or metallic, it’s dry satin like rosey/peach/pink, so it balances it out. It brings a bit of fun into summer makeup and makes it more multidimensional. It now makes me think of eating peach gelato on the Italian coast *sigh…


I would describe this ‘multipurpose’ stick as a cream product which has a slightly dry texture. I personally really don’t mind this, as you can still blend out the product on your cheeks well (and build up the colour) and used on the lips (as long as your lips aren’t sahara desert dry) it leaves this dry silk texture. If it’s bothering me on any particular day, it still looks great paired with a coral or clear gloss on top – or even just lightly pat some lip balm over the top (clear obviously – you still want that gorgeous colour to shine and come through!) as well as wearing lip balm underneath the product.


In the above photo I am wearing Portofino both on my lips and cheeks. The colour is buildable but at the same time it’s quite pigmented so you probably don’t need a lot of product to get that perfect medium coral shade. I’d say that the colour is brighter on my cheeks in real life than what is shown in the photo. The colour on my lips is probably a better representation. Multipurpose products are great for making you look polished and pulled together – using the same colour on your lips and cheeks does that surprisingly well!

I kinda destroyed the packaging a few days ago – well not destroyed completely, but I made the signature black matt Nars packaging start to really fade in places (I decided to use nail polish remover as a cleaning tool – don’t ask) – boo 🙁 Luckily I hid this in the photos, thanks to my genius photographic skills 😛 And the product is still totally usable so it’s not a huge loss!

I have heard that some of the other Nars Multiples do go OTT with the shimmer, so it’s either about picking wisely, or for the occasion. I am excited to report though, that I just saw on Buzzfeed that apparently Nars are releasing a matt range of the Multiples <APPLAUSE> Yay! 😀 They look gorgeous to!


Do you own any Nars Multiples? What do you think of the matt range that is coming soon?

In the spirit of things, I also found some roses in my garden which I’m sure are Portofino-esque 😉




Oh – I bought my multiple from Kiss & Makeup NY as they ship world wide and have $10 flat rate shippping 😀

I hope you beauty bees started off the new year with a bang! Let me know how your beauty resolutions are going so far (or non-beauty for that matter)! Join me on Facebook also, if you haven’t already 🙂 would love to see you there!

Catch ya next time!

Beauty Bee~

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