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November’s Bellabox – Refreshing Beauty

This months Bellabox arrived a little late as they were waiting on some last minute goodies. I didn’t mind and surprisingly my box came yesterday (since when do parcels get delivered on a Saturday?). It did feel unusually light so I was a little worried that I would be disappointed – but I wasn’t! 🙂 Let’s take a look at what was inside!


Simple Kind to Eyes Eye Makeup Correction Pen – RRP: $11.99 – Full size. An eye makeup remover pen, which helps correct any eye makeup mistakes or smudges you might make. This could be really useful. I usually use a cotton tip dipped in makeup remover to remove any mistakes/eye makeup smudges. Only thing to keep in mind is that after every use they recommend wiping the tip of the pen on a wet wipe. I wonder if this will end up wearing the tip  down after a while, but in any case it should be useful and interesting to see how long it lasts!

Indio SOS Gel – RRP: $72.00 for 50ml – 10ml sample. This is a decent sized sample. It’s a gel which is meant to soothe stressed, inflamed, red skin or when your skins natural protecting barrier has been disturbed. It contains sodium hyaluronate and Vitamin B5 for intensive hydration. Also contains extracts from aloe leaf juice, mallow, green tea, calendula and honeysuckle flowers for a smoothing and softer complexion. While its a gel, I read online that it can be used as a mask. This will be a great addition to your travel skin care bag, as your skin can become more irritated and upset in changing conditions/environments. I will happily throw this into my weekend getaway luggage!

Wilde Organics E’Lustrous Shea – RRP: $39.95  for 150ml – 15ml sample. This is a little tin, filled with unrefined shea butter and organic virgin coconut oil. High in anti-oxidants and even antibacterial properties. It has a strange smell to it, but I’m glad that they didn’t add an artificial coconut fragrance to the balm. I’m never really sure what to use these multipurpose products for, but I guess you could use it on your lips, dry cuticles and skin, insect bites etc. I like products which come in tins lol not sure why, but I like this product already!

PureTan PureBronze Light-Medium Lotion – RRP: $29.95 for 200ml – 15ml sample. A streak-free self tanning cream containing green tea and aloe vera. It doesn’t say how quickly you can get dressed after applying the cream to your skin but you can apparently shower after one hour of application.  I just hope it doesn’t run off on clothes to much. I’ll give it a go since it is that time of year for sun kissed skin!

Caron Laboratories Bump Eraiser Medi Pase – RRP: $16.99 for 30ml – 2.5ml sachet sample. I have the Caron Laboratories ‘serum’ spray which helps prevent ingrown hairs after hair removal. If you use it regularly after hair removal, you do see a reduction in the number of ingrown hairs you might otherwise experience. It also soothes the skin. This is a paste form which is both for prevention and to treat ingrown hairs/bumps. I’ll also take this sachet with me when going away somewhere as they serum I have is in a small spray bottle and obviously takes up more space than a sachet.

And finally Bellabox Pout Pencils in Coral Me Maybe – RRP: $14.99 – full size. This was Bellabox’s star product of the month and I was lucky enough to receive the colour that I myself would have chosen, coral me maybe (that’s a first I think!). It’s more of a red coral, with only a slight undertone of orange. The colour is very pigmented and smooth. You can most definitely apply the colour to dry lips and then blot to achieve a stain. Otherwise it appears to be like a very pigmented lipstick!





What did you think of this months box? All in all I’m pretty happy with it as I think I will  find a use for all of the samples! That doesn’t happen to often 😉 Do you get any monthly beauty sample boxes?

Beauty Bee~

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