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No Buy Challenge, October

I am back Beauties! You may have noticed I have been a bit quiet on the blog lately crickets signing in the background… this is because I went on holidays for 5 weeks and it was GLORIOUS! Unfortunately I had so much to do leading up to my leave (both at home and at work) I just didn’t have the mental capacity to also blog. Now that I am back and somewhat settled back into life again, I’ve been itching to do a post 🙂

Apparently people want to make life changes when they get back from holidays. Maybe it’s because holidays give you perspective on what you actually care about in life and what you would actually like to do with your time. I haven’t decided to do anything dramatic and won’t be quitting my day job, even though I’d like to LOL but I would like to make some small changes, and from what I’ve been reading, small changes post holidays can have the biggest effects because they are easier to introduce and stick to. I haven’t come up with many changes to be honest but one of them is to save more and buy less, including makeup and cosmetics as a result. I actually didn’t shop a lot while away, because I was with my boyfriend most of the time and I didn’t want to waste time shopping when I could be resting, exploring, eating or spending quality time together 🙂 The holiday really helped me to disconnect from the online world, so much so that I wasn’t following all the new releases in the beauty world, which usually make me want to buy things. Lots of things.

I didn’t actually buy any makeup or skincare products in Poland (where I was for most of my holiday). I had ordered some things online, which I then picked up from my friends place when I visited her. I did this mostly to capitalise on time. Being on holidays I also realised that I don’t need a lot. I was so worried some of my products which I had ‘de-potted’ into smaller containers wouldn’t last me that 5 weeks I was away for and yet, they did! I really want to capitalise on (pun intended! 😉 ) getting out of that mind set to buy things when I’m bored and just want a quick escape from everyday life. There’s nothing wrong with that kind of mindset per se (as long as you don’t go into debt and spend only money which you have), I’ve just had so many expenses pile up on my return (why is owning a car so expensive?! I had to pay for my car registration, insurance and service when I returned home) and should be saving for a wedding, so it’s about being more careful with money and appreciating what I have.

Ask why before you buy.

SO what does this mean for my ‘no buy’ month/challenge? When I’ve done these kind of challenges before, I’ve given myself $100 to just buy the basics, should some sort of need arise. This time, I’m going to try and buy NOTHING. I should be able to make do with whatever I already own and if I do run out of something, I have enough samples to fuel my car, so it should do for my face/hair or body lol It’ll be hard, but I’m going to give it my best shot 🙂 It’s not a do or die situation but its a great challenge to try and exercise some more will power. So are you with me Beauties? 🙂 I’ll keep you updated as I go along and will do a summary post at the end of the month!

Let me know if you do these types of challenges sometimes Beauties and what your thoughts are!

Beauty Bee~

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