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New Year Musings & the $100 Beauty Challenge (again)!

So I’ve been a little bit in denial about this new year. Not because I see dooms day approaching, but you know when you can’t see changes in your life occurring even though you would like them to appear? Well that was me in 2015. Very blah. I think I am ready however, to shake that off as best as I can! We definitely aren’t in control of everything that happens around us or to us (no amount of positive thinking will make every bad or disappointing thing go away) but those emotions and situations are what life is, isn’t it? I think that thought has really hit home for me and I do think we can make the best of what we have, to be surprised along the way. So  yes, I’m hoping to achieve some goals this year (I usually steer away from this, but writing it down on the world wide web may actually help!) and face new challenges with honesty, courage and as best as I can. So here are a few musings/goals/intentions I’d like to keep focused on in the new year!

1. Learning to Drive – I still don’t have my license, at the tender year of 27 (that’s how old I’m turning this January  *place shocked, blank face here *). There’s a multitude number of reasons why it hasn’t happened yet and a part of me is really happy that I’m not totally dependent on a car in order to get things done AND it’s environmentally friendly and all that, but it’s time. It is harder trying to get it done once you are a little older because of other responsibilities and what not, but here’s to action!

2. Eat Better – I need to nourish my body more and eat proper meals more often. I’m sure that would also help with my headaches and staying on top of work and other responsibilities. Again, this might be a very obvious grown up thing to do, but it ain’t always for me! I think this is actually a psychological thing with me, which I won’t get into because that’s not what we are here for, but I need to teach myself new habits and that is hard. If you haven’t gotten something from someone, then you need to provide it for yourself! This isn’t a weird diet either, like cutting out whole food groups, sugar (COMPLETELY) or who knows what else. A variety of healthy and nourishing foods is what I’m after.

3. Live More Simply – Spend less. Rely on technology less. Clean more. Be gracious and grateful. Live the lifestyle I want, without distractions (a little inspiration from Marie Kondo’s, the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up 😉 ).

I’d also like to get a full time job – working 2 to 3 jobs at any given time, for a few years is draining. In saying that, it’s not in the list because if it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen. It would be nice that’s all. I also need a holiday for said reason, as I’m pretty exhausted and I miss travelling (not the totally exhausting type of travel where you see 15 countries in 10 days – that’s not for me lol).


Soooo with that being said and with the super expensive purchase I made yesterday (I lost my mind for about 20minutes yesterday, you may have seen my latest post on Instagram!) I really need to do a $100 beauty challenge over the next four weeks. It really is enough time to regain some self control and realise how quickly those items ‘we must have’, we actually forget about pretty darn quickly. So how does it work? For four weeks, I only have $100 to spend on beauty goods (be it makeup or skincare) and toiletries. Since goods in Australia are pretty darn expensive I think this is reasonable (I know it may sound like a lot to some – but relativity folks). Presents of course don’t count, whether they are gifted to me or for others. Sometimes you may have to find substitutions if you can’t repurchase something you usually buy, but this is all part of the experiment. You may find something great which costs waaaay less than you expected. Broadening out horizons you see!  I also want to be in control of my finances, not the other way around. Now that is luxury if you think about it – no matter how much you earn in a year. It’s all about appreciating what you already have and helping ‘things’ serve their purpose (we live in such a disposable society). Once you build up that self-control, it feels pretty friken great!

Sooooo – would anyone like to join me in this challenge? You can of course, start whenever suits you! For me it’s starting today and in four weeks I will present my findings and purchases with you. If any major happenings happen in-between, I will of course let you know 😉

Here’s to a new year after all (albeit a bit late)!



Beauty Bee~

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