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New Stationary; New Year!

There’s just a little over two weeks until the new year *gasp* which is just ridiculous! As cheesy as it sounds, the thought of a new year does bring along with it new hope and a new beginning. I always look forward to getting a new diary for the new year as I am a stationary junkie! There’s nothing like unmarked, clean, freshly printed pages, just brimming with possibilities! Just like last year, my new diary is from Swedish brand Kikki K. They have beautiful stationary – combining Scandinavian simplicity with creative flair. I studied in Sweden so it’s a bit of a soft spot for me!  I don’t get the weekly planners (I don’t seem to use most of the daily space available) instead I like to see what is coming up throughout the month, so monthly diaries suit me perfectly. This is the one I bought for 2014 –





And new stickers for my new diary of course 😛


I also have a brand spankin’ new wallet, so I thought I’d be a show off! The colour inside is just to die for, and it’s very much like the shade featured in my nails of the day post! Thank you Fossil 🙂



Are you beauty bees excited for the new year? Celebrating by purchasing any new goodies? I will probably do a post on what I would like to change in the new year, so I’d like to know what you think and if you have any ideas for posts you would like to see 🙂

Catch ya next time beauty bees!

Beauty Bee~

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