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New Goodies Post!


Oh darling, do we have some goodies! 😀 Grab a cup of tea… relax… and enjoy the shiny, goodness of these goodies 🙂


Let’s start with the little brown box which is at the bottom of the photo (above) as I was waiting for this goody for agggges and I was so excited to finally receive it!


I stumbled upon Cap Beauty’s website some time ago, thanks to following a link from refinery 29. At that time they didn’t ship internationally, but I loved the aesthetic of their website so I signed up to their newsletter anyways (I love discovering little ’boutique’ online beauty shop, especially if they stock brands I have never heard of before) and low and behold they now ship internationally 😀 When i first saw this jar of cream on their site I couldn’t believe it. It’s an old-school pharmacy glass bottle – which I think is beautiful being the skin care fanatic that I am! *quick – prepare the horses!*  I obviously had to have it and I was in the market for a new night cream anyhoo.


This gorgeous cream is from the brand Dr. Jackson *I’m sorry Miss Jackson – I am for reeeeal* I have to sing that line when I saw the name LOL! The ladies from CAP beauties are lovely! When you sign up to their newsletter, you get a code for 10% off your first order and as the code didn’t work for international orders, they manually changed the price of this Dr. Jackson 02 Skin Cream for me, without any hassles what so ever. I’ve used this cream a few times so far and my first impressions are good 🙂 The cream is a touch expensive – $120 US – but the packaging wins me over without a doubt. Review coming soon!

Let’s look at the second skin care product I splurged on in the last 2 weeks – Medik8 White Blanace Click, Intense Brightening Serum.


I use two serums currently which should firstly prevent any new pigmentation marks (especially from the sun) and secondly, even out my skin tone and any other pigmentation marks I may have acquired. I use a vitamin C & E serum every morning (my favourite is the one from Futurederm but they are currently out of stock so I went back the SkinCeuticals C & E serum, but just for the mean time) and every other night I use a chemical exfoliant serum (Ultraceuticals Even Skin Tone serum). They most definately prevent any new pigmentation marks and generally keep my skin tone even, but I still have a few pigmentation spots on my cheek from old acne scars and I just can’t get rid of them! While they are very very small – I know they are there. So much so, that I always cover them up with concealer when doing my makeup, as I think blush and other coloured makeup products make them more visible.


I decided to try this Medik8 White Balance brightening system as a spot treatment for those pesky pigmentation marks. As this product works in a similar fashion to my Even Skin Tone serum, I will be using it in the mornings under my vitamin C & E serum (so yep, I will now be using TWO serums in the mornings lol but only as a spot treatment as I said). This way my skin won’t become overloaded with acids you see. What I liked about this product is that you get two small glass bottles (which are 10ml each) and this is so the product and ingredients stay fresh and potent for as long as possible. Interestingly enough, when you buy this ‘duo’ the active ingredients aren’t already mixed into the emollient serum base for you – the actives are ‘trapped’ in the cap and before using the product for the first time, you press down on the cap to release the active ingredients into the serum base. You then replace the cap with the dropper provided once the product has been combined. Will this product work? I sure hope so! It wasn’t the cheapest either at $98 (from Adore Beauty) but I decided to bite the bullet and buy it now as in summer it is definitely not recommended to over use chemical exfoliants and acids (as they make your skin super sensitive to sun rays). I’ve never used any products from Medik8, so I’m excited about trying this serum out!

Next up is another coconutty goodness treat – Frank’s coconut & grapeseed scrub.


This scrub contains coffee, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, brown sugar, jojoba beads and vitamin E. 200g for $17.95 (there’s no shipping fee if you live in Aus!).


Up next is a all natural deodorant. I don’t often buy into the hype of ‘all natural’ products, as I think it’s difficult to control the quality of totally natural extracts and they often use a lot of marketing based on fear (when a lot of natural extracts haven’t themselves been well researched) – BUT if I can find a natural based product, which actually works just as well as a synthetic counterpart, I don’t mind giving them a go!


I was always curious about all natural deodorants and whether or not they actually work. This one from Lavanila isn’t cheap – $25 schmakos – but it looks lovely doesn’t it? 🙂 I bought mine from Style Patisserie and I will do a review on it soon! 🙂

Now this next product is new technically because I haven’t yet used it, but I did buy it a while ago online. I wanted to use up a bunch of crappy lip balms before giving this famous French goodie a go 🙂


I’m talking about Nuxe’s Reve De Miel, which is their honey based, ultra nourishing lip balm. I bought this because it’s hyped up so much I wanted to give it ago (talk about being left out!) and I love Nuxe’s honey based hand cream A LOT. I haven’t tried it yet, but I love that it comes in a glass jar that feels heavy and looks like it contains a lot of product! I was able to get my hands on the ’20th Anniversary edition’ – the only difference between this one and the original is that my lip balm comes with a coloured cap lol! They were doing green, yellow and I think pink caps for their birthday.


On a whim this week I bought two Bourjois lipsticks from Priceline (that’s what Priceline is for right?). I have been so impressed with Bourjois’ makeup recently, that I thought their new satin slash matte lippies would be worth a try – especially since they share the same name as their liquid lipstick counterparts (Rouge Edition Velvet) which I love!


I bought a pink (number #35) and a coral (number #29). They are bother meant to be very long lasting (12 hours!) so we will most definitely have to put that to the test!


I wanted to do swatches for you because these colours are gorgeous. I needed to dim the brightness in the photo so that the swatches would reflect ‘real life’ – and the swatches really do come through in the photo below.


That wraps up my new goodies haul beauties. Do any of these goodies stand out to you? Have you bought anything lately which you are excited about? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂 There’s lots of reviews coming up as you can see, so join me on Facebook also and check out my Instagram so we can stay in touch! 🙂

Catch ya soon beauties!

Beauty Bee~

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