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New Goodies: Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet

I really need to ban myself from Priceline this month (for those of you not in Australia, it’s a drugstore – kinda like Boots) because look what I have done! Liquid lipsticks that dry matte and last for hours? I couldn’t resist! They remind me of OCC Lip Tars quite a bit, because they look satiny on application but ‘matte out’ during wear time. If you do a swatch of these in store, you will also notice that they will stain your hand – that’s how pigmented and long lasting they are! I bought so many because they were on sale you see… These babies retail for $24.00 which isn’t el cheap by any means. Priceline has been doing many promotions on these though and at one point you could buy all Bourjois lip products for $10 a pop. Currently they are going for $16.80, so definitely buy these when they are on sale and save your pennies.

I originally only bought 03 Hot Pepper and 06 Ping Pong because they were the only colours left at my local store (I also hate it when drug stores have messy stands or aren’t stocked properly – just a pet peeve of mine…). I bought them without thinking really as Hot Pepper is a firey red I wouldn’t wear. Ping Pong is a hot cool toned pink, which I am also a bit iffy about. Because I wasn’t satisfied with my purchases, when I could go into another Priceline store I bought more colours (even though the original plan was to only by 2 in total!). And here we are today lol I have 6 colours in total and I think there is 8 colours in this line altogether. I can divide my ‘collection’ into 3 reds and 3 pinks which worked out well lol I will most definitely be passing Hot Pepper onto a friend (who looks gorgeous in firey reds) and maybe Ping Pong also.

So first up, the reds <3



Frome left to right: Shade 01 Personne ne rouge (which according to google translate to: no red *confusion enfolds*), 02 Frambourjoise (I could not find a translation of this lol) and 03 Hot Pepper.


01 is like a classic red that’s neither too cool nor too warm. I think this would be a fab red for anybody. 02 is like a strawberry/raspberry red and 03 is a cool firey red. These ‘lipsticks’ come packaged in this tight plastic wrapping which is really difficult to get off. In the case of 01 the plastic wrapping pretty much melted onto the lipstick packaging, so it was almost impossible to get it all off (hence you can see some plastic still stuck to the edges grrrr I fought long and hard to get it all off!).

And now for the pinks 🙂



From left to right: Shade 05 Ole Flamingo!, 06 Ping Pong and 07 Nude-ist.


05 is a fuchsia pink while 06 is a hot cool toned pink. 07 is a nude pink – like a rosey tea brown (I’m not sure if that description makes any sense whatsoever lol).

Swatches from a different angle – 


The only colours I don’t have are 04 Peach Club (I can’t remember if I saw this one in person) and 08 Grand Cru, a deep cool toned red (I think). You can check out the whole collection on Priceline’s website here. If I use any of these colours for ‘makeup looks’ you will be sure to see them here 🙂


Do you own any of the Rouge Edition Velvet? Do any of the colours ‘speak to you’? 🙂 Let me know your thoughts!

Catch ya next time beauties!

Beauty Bee

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