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New Goodies: Bourjois Little Round Pot of Blush #35 Lune D’or

I did a post on Bourjois little round pots of blush as part of my beauty classics (check out that post here!) and I mentioned that I really wanted the colour Lune D’or (number 35) but that it wasn’t available here in Aus 🙁 What’s with that, seriously?! Well never fear, I found a trusted seller in Europe on ebay that stocked the colour and ta-da! It’s mine 🙂 and it’s so beautiful!



It’s a gorgeous pale pale pink colour, with golden shimmer. When swatched, it looks super shimmery, but luckily you don’t end up looking like a disco ball. It leaves you with a gorgeous highlighted/glowy look. I looked at some swatches of the shade online before purchasing it, and a few people commented that it’s more of a highlighter than a blusher, but I would disagree. You still get a light dusting of pink on your cheeks and you can definitely build up the colour if you need to. Perhaps if you have a very dark skin tone, then you could use it as a highlighter. For lighter, medium and even olive/tan skin tones, it should appear on your skin as it does in the pan.


It’s a little lighter in colour in real life compared to the photos above. It has the usual baby powder-rose scent that all Bourjois blushes tend to have (which I really like!). It’s a strong scent, but it disappears once it’s on your skin. To show you a comparison (so that you can hopefully see how much paler it is compared to other rosy shades) down below Lune D’or is on the right, while Rose Frisson (#54) is on the left.


Funnily enough, even when I layered this blusher on my skin and the colour is very visible and had a nice depth to it, the camera washed it out 🙁 does anyone know why that happens? I thought I’d show you what it looks like on, even though as I said, the colour is a bit washed out (actually, more than just a bit). I also layered it on top of a brown on the the outer corner of my eyelid.


It’s a gorgeous blush and I’m so infatuated with Bourjois blushes at the moment! And how could you not be?! If you are from Aus and you are after this shade (Lune D’or #35) I bought it from hogiesonline (an ebay shop) from the UK. Bourjois blushes retail in Aus for $20 and even with international delivery/postage from the UK, it cost me about $18 all up – so I still saved money lol! It’s crazy to think that something from the other side of the world could be cheaper than buying something locally… I received my blush pretty quickly (I waited about 2 weeks) and it was in perfect condition, so I can vouch for the seller 🙂

Have you tried any Bourjois blushes? What are your favourite shades? I would love to know, so don’t be shy 🙂 I have three shades so far, but I can see my collection growing 🙂 Also, join me on Facebook for more antics and beauty talk!

Until next time,

Beauty Bee~

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