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New Goodies and Nails of the Day: Mojito Madness

I love discovering new little niche brands, especially when they are local and Australian 🙂 I think I stumbled upon Sea Siren Cosmetics by ‘accident’ when I spotted a picture of them on FB. I was drawn to their round nail polish bottles (which to me look like bubbles!). This local Sydney brand specialises in nail products, specifically nail polishes. So you know me with my ‘habit’ – I had to get a few colours 🙂 For a ‘little brand’ they have a surprisingly large colour range from brights to neutrals. And I just love their graphics, sea themed logo and product descriptions 🙂 Another major plus is that they not only have full sized nail polish bottles (which are the round bubble shaped bottles) but also mini bottles which contain 5ml of product for those of you who are commitment phobic 😉 I bought myself 5 mini nail polish bottles to try out and lovely Deb from Sea Siren Cosmetics sent me my parcel the same day the order was placed 😀



From left to right: Mojito Madness, Leucosia, Tranquility, Gossip and Motion of the Ocean.

How gorgeous are the colours?! These little bottles of polish sell for $6.95 usually, while the full sized polishes sell for $15.95. I bought my little minis for $4 each as they are having a stock take sale now!


The first colour I was dying to try on was Mojito Madness, for it’s crazy green fun-ness 🙂 Now I was expecting this colour to be a little difficult, as super brights almost leaning towards neons are – and I was right unfortunately. It’s still a gorgeous colour and if you have patience, you can make it work 🙂



Mojito Madness goes on quite sheer so to get an opaque, even coverage, you may have to paint on two or three coats. Three coats does leave quite a thick layer of polish on the nail so your drying time may be a bit longer than expected. The colour still isn’t as even as I would like it to be on the nail after three coats, but maybe that’s also because I was impatient to get all three coats ok. It is a little bit of a hassle, but hey, trust me to pick the most difficult colour to work with first 😛 The colour is tempting though isn’t it? 😉


Mojito Madness reminds me of mojitos (obviously) and some tropical paradise, that’s fun and energetic (Brazil perhaps?). On another topic – not that I’m going anywhere anytime soon – I finally bought my new camera! A beautiful Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX7 🙂 I haven’t played around with it yet as such, as I only received my memory card today in the mail, but rest assured I will let you know how much I love it soon 🙂

How has your start to the week been? Australian uni students are on break now, which means that I have a break from my teaching duties and will be coming up with exciting posts for you soon! This winter break comes just in time as I was slowly loosing it 😛


Do check out Sea Siren’s website and Facebook page and I will be updating you as I trial the other colours 🙂 Oh, I should also mention that Sea Siren nail polishes are ‘5 free’ as in, are free from Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate, Toulene, Formaldehyde Resins or Camphor AND are completely cruelty free and vegan 🙂 Do check out my Facebook page while you are at it to 😉

Catch ya next time beauties!

Beauty Bee~

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